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  1. The green followed by yellow put off the brightest light. I keep about a half dozen 4 inch green's in the truck at all times. Plenty of light to change a tire at night by and unlike a  flashlight no dead battery's. I also buy them in bulk for my parents. Since they live in an area where the power goes out alot. They can put them anywhere and not have to worry about a fire hazzard by leaving a light in the bathroom and such.
  2. Have to be made before 1988 for no safety. Marlin 39's seem to hold there value pretty well if it's in nice shape and you don't mind the crossbolt safety I would say low end 350 to as much as 500 or so. Really depends on how much you want it.
  3. I am a carry over from the old car board. David knew I was into guns and invited me not long after the board was stood up. I read alot more than I post as you can tell from my join date and present post count. Member Since 09 Jul 2007  
  4. Depends on what you want to do with a .22 personally I have just never gotten into the whole tricked out 10/22 thing. But if you want a gun that is like a lego set of .22's then the 10/22 is your gun. You can buy just about anything under the sun for one. I tend to keep everything I have simple so it just never appealed to me. And stock there are several .22 rifles out there that will outshoot a 10/22 for less money.
  5. A good .22 rifle thats overlooked alot is the Marlin model 60. I bought one used many years ago and could not even guess how many rounds have been through it and it still runs like a top. New they run int the 150-160 range and used are normally a bargin I have seen then less than 100 bucks. Henry lever actions are also nice guns for the money new they can be had less than 200 new. Your hard pressed to wear out a well built .22 rifle. I would say your shotgun pick is not bad. Well built gun at an attractive price. For a handgun I would not overlook used trade in guns. Sometimes you can get a ve
  6.     Are the underbarrels marked with proof markings? If there are no proof marks it was made before 1893 if it has the marks after that time. 1893 was when germany started requireing the proofs. 38/55 and 12 Gauge is a good combo It would be worth having someone look it over for value but I don't think it's going to bring huge money. Other than guns with alot of engraving they all seem to settle in the 1000-3000 dollar range. But it is a cool old gun and will always start a conversation.
  7. Depends alot on the rifle caliber and 12 or 10 gauge if it's one of the more popular rifle rounds like 45/70 it will be a little more desirable. If it's one of the more uncommon rifles then it's a mixed bag as to value. Look under the forearm and see if it has any proof marks under the barrels. I collect side by side doubles but only have one drilling in 10 gauge over 45/70 made by sauer and sons. Remember Daly is only the importer of the gun it's probably from looking at the pictures a sauer and sons if I just had to guess. But the proof marks will help identify it. I woud not even
  8.   You are talking about a Lewis lead remover. It's a good tool to have if you shoot alot of cast bullets.   http://www.brownells.com/gun-cleaning-chemicals/patches-mops/lead-remover/lewis-lead-remover-prod21587.aspx
  9. I think Yeager is getting exactly what he wanted out of this video. People are talking about him and that seems to be important to him. He's nothing new a lot of people over the years have made a job out of being controversial in the training arena. And after he fades out there will be others to take his place. And I will give it to him the internet tough guy and the I’m a dangerous man attitude I’m sure sells a lot of training and video views.
  10. Saw this on one of my cowboy sites and thought I would post it here.   Tuesday, December 11, 2012 Butte, Montana, USA Bob Munden Has Died Bob Munden, known perhaps equally as a fierce Fast-Draw competitor who was recognized by Guinness World Records as The Fastest Man with a Gun Who Ever Lived, as an exhibition shooter of the highest order with all kinds of firearms; an entertainer as well as a master gun smith who developed groundbreaking methods of customizing to...perfection the beloved .45 caliber single action revolver and other guns, died Monday of heart failure. Munden’s
  11. I have a Beretta Storm in 9mm takes the 92 mags. I like it alot had it several years with no problems. Pretty accurate gun and I like the build quality.
  12. [quote name='Tennjed' timestamp='1354049009' post='851521'] Thanks guys. It is interesting about the differences in the 357 and 45. I reload for both. I was thinking the 45 would have more power, but now I may reconsider the 357 [/quote] If you reload for both your in a good position. I have several carbines in .357 Mag myself but it's just the caliber I happen to be a big fan of. There are alot of loads out there that mimic a 30/30 pretty well. And having the ability to throw .38 in the mix it becomes a very versitile platform.
  13. Personally I would not go beyond a 20 inch barrel in a pistol caliber lever gun. Your not going to really gain anything velocity wise, the sight radius will be a little better but the shorter barrel is going to be much handier. Since you already load for 45 it would be a fine rifle for you. Many deer sized game have been taken with both the .357 Mag and .45 Long Colt so as long as you use good judgement in your distances I see no problem at all. As for using it as a house gun/general purpose gun I don't see any problem at all with the .45 it's a proven round and since you handload you
  14. [quote name='TankerHC' timestamp='1353040318' post='846375'] Mine too. At nearly a buck fifty a round the thing costs more to shoot than .50 AE. [/quote] But remember it will also shoot .45 Long Colt ammo just as well. I am a big fan of the .454 its a great hunting round I have taken many hogs with mine over the years.
  15. [quote name='gregintenn' timestamp='1351875835' post='837824'] Most auto parts houses should have it. [/quote] I have always been able to find it at NAPA.
  16. I would take it to a gunsmith it may be a simple fix. The locking mechanism uses a spring to keep the locking bar engaged could be that the spring is weak or broken. I have seen this is CAS shotguns where people try to lighten the spring to much to speed up reloads and go to far.
  17. I have seen a few at Academy and Dick's in Cool Springs. Normally they will order you any caliber you want for no extra charge. You just have to wait a little bit while they get it from the distributor.
  18. I have the Marlin 1894 CSS I like it alot. The stainless looks good and makes it very good all weather gun.
  19. I would say the carrier is not fitted correctly and it's holding the bolt from going into battery. The fact that you can push the bolt forward and it goes into battery leads me to think it's just a interference issue since the bolt is not locked back. To check that you have enough spring pressure with the streched tube spring swap the stock carrier back in and fire a few rounds through. If your spring pressure is good and shells are feeding from the tube well then your problem is the aftermarket carrier. I have never seen a carrier like the one you linked that was a drop in part. Most of them
  20. I have several lever actions in .357 Mag. The Marlin 1894c is my personal favorite the action for me is bit smoother and I perfer the side eject. I have a Rossi trapper length that has turned out to be a real smooth gun after I did a little polish job on the action and replaced the springs. Rossi's from the factory have some really heavy springs in them. I bought one of the Rossi Mare's Leg's kind of on a impulse buy. It's a fun little gun to play with not real practical as either a handgun or rifle. But I have this past summer kept it on the tractor loaded with snake shot and with a one hand
  21. I have it on the DVR for tonight. I have high hopes that it will be good. At least the scenery will be nice. It's supposed to be based loosly on a book series.
  22. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/946246/dewey-slotted-tip-17-caliber-5-x-40-male-thread But if they run that dirty I would used the foaming bore cleaner first. I shot some nasty .22 the other week and a buddy let me try some by birchwood casey and it worked like a champ.
  23. I have one and its a good shooter. I had to change out the sites to be SASS legal for a long range match. Its a well built little gun not as nice as a sharps reproduction but then again I was out the door for about 400 bucks and a low end sharps is way more than that. It was the cheapest way to see if I liked shooting SASS long range. I run a lace up leather covered recoil pad as the gun really does need a little more weight to soak up recoil. But with mild handloads it's a lot of fun.
  24. Looks nice, how do you like the SGS compensator? I have been toying with the idea of getting one for one of my 92's.


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