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  1. this is what I did years ago to protect my how to pics so someone else couldn't take credit
  2. is there anywhere that I could look up who teh supporters of this where??
  3. so true, or the fact that they can be bribed to pass whatever non sense some rich person is willing to pay them to do
  4. I looked but didn't see any other posts on here about it. it's unbelievable the stuff they try to slide thru
  5. there are some new so called anyti piracy laws being pushed called SOPA and PIPA. this I am afraid will only lead to internet censorship similar to what exhists in china. I can see it happening if this passes, there is a investigation into government corruption and it gets published online and they will remove it from the internet from under you. IMO this is another way to whittle away our freedoms one small step at a time. I am not sure where to go for he best link or info, so I will let someone else post that
  6. can a person rent a battery powered stair climber dolly rig??? I have 3 different sets of steps, 2 sets are 6 steps, and another is 3. all are 90 degrees from the next.
  7. ok, I dunno when I will be moving but it might be soon. any advice on who or what I could rent to move my 500lb empty weight safe and 500 wood stove. I have stairs on my porch too
  8. still available, call me 454-4361, as I do not have regular internet access at this point in time
  9. money is slow to come in so I am selling a backup pistol. I am 2nd owner and ths has at most 65~ rounds thru it, this is the blackened stainless, not blackened regular steel. comes with 2 mags as they did when new. I am located in n knoxville. 454-4361. 270 obo. fyi this has been replaced my a sig p238
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