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  1. I didn't read all of every post so forgive me if I repeat and also if my question is stupid but:  I assume the mace is dept. issue and there is an inventory just like ammunition.  Would he not have to explain where the can was used and why?  Not that with the video being out there it would be any secret that could be covered up.
  2. I began planning for my managing my parents affairs when age started affecting their ability to take care of themselves.  Long story short I used Monica Franklin who is certified as an elder care attorney.  She and her staff prepared a "Life Care Plan" and  their services are included in the cost for life. It's probably the Cadillac of estate planning and I'm sure they could provide what you might need on a per item basis.   
  3. I was watching a Duck Dynasty repeat a few days ago and SI was at the gym swimming pool.   On the show he encounter this sign and replied that he has diarrhea so often that he will never be able to use the pool.    
  4. He is wearing a UPS shirt which makes me assume UPS is his employer.  I wonder if UPS has some sort of policy against wearing their Logo in a situation they consider to be detrimental and if so if they will try to discipline him.  
  5. I stopped at a local market about an hour ago for a bottle of juice and as I was walking out a man was walking in and he was open carrying what appeared to be a single action revolver.
  6. Wife just spent an hour sitting in the parking lot of Willow Ridge Nursery on the east end of Oak Ridge Turnpike because an officer pulled into the driveway, blocked it and would not allow any one to exit the parking lot.  It was 45 minutes before the motorcade passed and the officer didn't clear the driveway until 15 minutes after the motorcade was gone.   
  7. Although Oak Ridge is only a small portion of his route and not his destination its costing us $5,000 to provide City personnel  
  8. LOL & what whitewolf said. It was 7 @ 7:15 when I left home and my wife called me 5 minutes later to tell me the power was out (like I could fix it).  Fortunately I filled the wood stove before I left but the blower won't run without power. Turned out it was out all the way from west side of Oliver Springs to Kingston to Harriman for about an hour.  House cooled but didn't get cold.
  9. Bubba0031

    Kahr CW9

    I have a CW9.  Its not my favorite to shoot but it is just right size (for me) so I use it as my EDC.  I usually carry it IWB with a  small (single clip) Crossbreed holster however it will also fit in my coat pocket.  I've very pleased with it.   
  10. Related question.  I've lived in my house, with a septic system, for 15 years trouble free.  I basically know where my tank is located and had a large gate installed when I built my fence in the event I ever have to pump it.  What I don't know is exactly where the access door/hatch is or how deep.  In other words how do you know where to dig to avoid to digging up a large area to fine a small hole?  Also does the cost of pumping including exposing the access?
  11. I saw it several years ago when it was new and it left such an impression that I still recall it.  Kevin Bacon did a wonderful performance.
  12. I try to maintain as small a cyber footprint as possible.  I've never had FB and I don't tweet.  I guess I'm just too old for all of that.
  13. I'm going to play Devil's advocate and offer another view, or question.  If you bought it in Sept 30 days after they started offering the rebate then I assume they began offering it in August.  You put it on lay away in July 60 days before the purchase and 30 days before the rebate.  My question is was the rebate advertised in July?  In other words did you purchase in July expecting the rebate and/or did you even know about it?  They may view as being similar to purchasing an item in Sept and then it goes on sale over the Holidays and someone asks for the difference af
  14. My wife grew up in Daytona Beach.  The Allmans were her next door neighbors. She played with them as a kid.
  15. Cars have become generic.  I recall when you ordered a car and there was a list of options with everything from tires and wheel covers to radios and seat covers.  Now you have two chooses and order a GL, GX (or whatever) trim package and have to take what is included meaning you may have to buy the sunroof to get a good sound system or nicer wheels.   I agree with the OP sometimes I look at a vehicle just to try to figure out what it is.
  16. From a logistics stand point the engineer in me can't help but wonder how much planning and how many takes it took to get the video shots.  From a personal stand point it would be nice to be that young, physically fit and have nerves of steel again.  Thanks for sharing the video.
  17. I was in a Wal Mart in Huntsville Al on the afternoon of February 17, 2001 when I noticed a guy at the next register with a sleeveless shirt and a large 3 tattooed on his left arm.  The arm was red and irritated so it appeared the tat was new.  The 3 was, of course, Dale Earnhardt's number.  I remember thinking I hope he doesn't change car numbers but tragically he was killed the next day.   Having said that I've seen some really fine art on people but I just don't know of anything that is so important that I want it written or drawn on my body
  18. I have 2 of the in car gun safes that use a steel cable around the seat frame.  I bought a 3rd cable and have run it through the liner in my suit case and wrapped it around the frame work for extending handle.  I just disconnect the safe from the car cable and attach it to the cable in the suit case.    Last week while flying out of Key West with 2 bags the agent, who was very friendly, make sure that the correct luggage tag got on the bag with my firearm.  I asked what the difference was and he showed me where the tag for the bag with the firearm had the acronym "CA
  19. I'm a civil engineer also.  I didn't start school (college) until I was 35 and am the poster child for the community college system.  Also amazing how much better you do spending your own money instead of your parents.   I'm spending my college money from them for their nursing home care and am thankful it's there.   Good Luck, going back is the best thing you can do.  BTW The PE exam is a B*&(!H.
  20. http://www.youtube.com/embed/qKHeXC7L85s?rel=0
  21. My daily carry is a Kahr CW9.  It's not particularly fun to shoot but it's perfect (for me) to conceal carry.
  22. My part time job while I was in College was as a flight instructor.  Taking someone's child for a ride was a common request.  I just charged the normal rate for plane & instructor and would let the parent decide where to go and for how long. Over flying the family residence was common.  I would always put the child/student in the left seat and after getting to altitude would let them manipulate the controls.   It was also very common, in the fall, to have requests to ride the entire family over Cades Cove and the Smoky Mnts.  
  23. I can't add to the advice on cooking methods your guys covered it pretty well but sure made me hungry.  I personally do 3-2-1 in a smoker.


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