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  1. This is exactly the reason I don't like to get below a half a tank.
  2. Mrs. DaddyO texted me just a while ago and said I better stop on the way home and fill up if I can. It's crazy in Williamson County.
  3.   This is no different or worse than being called a "homophobe" because one doesn't believe that same sex marriage is legitimate. Name calling is name calling, no matter what you believe. Suck it up and move on.
  4.   They did not post. Neither did Target or Chili's. They issued a public request that people not carry openly in their stores, and the only purpose it served was to shut the Xanax mommies up. You can still carry in all of those places.
  5. Since open carry of handguns is already legal in TN, there is no need to carry long guns to protest. Besides, not a single person was killed or injured by lawful gun owners during the OCT protests that I am aware of. Looks like their protests achieved the objective, because the state legislators and the governor listened and legalized open carry of handguns.
  6.   Do you have any understanding of why OCT was carrying long guns?
  7. They said the same about Frodo and Sam.... turned out there was nothing to it.
  8. As far as not deciding whether or not one is gay, there's this:   http://www.celebitchy.com/10740/anne_heche_says_she_changed_her_mind_about_being_gay_compared_it_to_opening_doors/
  9.   Yes, and not a single one of them involved a law-abiding gun owner being irresponsible or criminal.
  10. Yes, his choice, but just the fact that it takes someone so long to decide that they're LGBT makes it suspect.
  11.   One would think they learned their lesson with the first "guns in bars" bill that was overturned until it was rewritten and passed into law a second time. I truly hope they aren't THAT stupid.
  12. Brienne is probably my favorite character right now, but I am afraid that she will die an untimely and violent death before the series runs its course.
  13. And you're the only one here who's losing his mind over it. Get up and walk away from the computer and calm down. "Not now, Mom! Someone on the Internet is WRONG!"
  14. If some asking a simple question and then admitting that he didn't have all the facts is enough to set you off, it's a little troublesome to me that you wear a badge.
  15.   Did you even bother to see that I responded by admitting that I was not aware of that? Do I need to issue a public apology? Would that make you feel better?   I guess some folks just aren't happy unless they're beating someone else over the head while ignoring their own mistakes.
  16.   Who said anything about unarmed? I just think he could've done a better job at concealment if that's what he was trying to do.
  17. What I want to know is where to buy one of those automobiles that have no turn signals. It's silly to pay for something you never use.....
  18.   Saw a guy carrying exactly like that at the Cool Springs Five Guys one day. Don't understand why someone would carry that way.
  19. I also have the 530. It's one of my favorite blades because of the weight and slim profile. The 154CM blade steel is more than adequate for any EDC task.
  20. Devil's advocate here....   What if the guy was hearing impaired and was unaware of what was going on behind him? Did he have a criminal record?   Seems to me that this plays right into the anti-gun crowd's hands. They believe that ANYONE openly carrying a weapon should be run over or otherwise snuffed out by police regardless of any credible evidence that a crime is about to be committed, because we're all just about to snap at any moment and start indiscriminately killing people.
  21.   It's not like GoT went for 5 seasons before including gay love scenes. I'm not a fan of those, but I know they're part of the package, just like I now know that they're part of the package in TWD.  Don't care for it, but it's not going to keep me from watching it. What I find fascinating is all the ridicule of folks who hold the same opinion, and I'm not the only one.   Ah, but what do I know? I'm just an fat, old, white, redneck who has a natural revulsion to homosexuality and I don't apologize one bit for it.  :usa:
  22. The great thing about GoT is that you can watch it On Demand and FF through all that nonsense.


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