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  1. Buddy, I have a Saiga 410 available. I keep it in my safe in Waverly, TN and a long ways from you. I want $700 for it. It has a lot of extra mags included if you are interested. I can arrange to meet you in Nashville If you wish. I have had this import for a long time and I believe it is compliant.
  2. On May 24th I received two emails regarding "TFA Friends and Family Promotion - Enter Contest for chance to win a Ruger 10/22 Rifle!."   Two links are in the email:  "go to join.tennesseefirearms.com and take care of that today."   The link does nothing but give you an error.   Often there is a problem to donate or join on this site!  
  3. As there are more than 20,000 gun laws in this country you are just about certain to break one you do not know about when you buy, sell, or whatever. 
  4. That is very considerate of you MacGyver. I am wearing a catheter so I will not be able to walk very far or long. I hope the vendors do well with this added fee blocking some attendees.
  5. What's up with this $5.00 parking? It costs $8.00 to get in the show and $5.00 to park. This takes the enjoyment out of it for some. I am thinking this over.
  6. I was charged with (Federal) violation of attempted transporting of a weapon on an commercial airplane over 10 years ago. The case was dismissed but I am still unable to purchase a weapon because of a background check. The charge is still shown as pending. Copies of the federal dismissal order has been sent to the FBI etc but I cannot clear it up without going to court and spending the money to resolve this matter. I have not been charged or convicted of any crime in over 70 years. (life long) I would say from this experience that it is not likely that your friend can find this easy. Ex
  7. About an alloy: I was selling a pistol to a fellow here in TN and he asked me if was an alloy frame. I told him that I certainly hoped so. He said he was not interested. i tried to explain but he was not interested. I believe most people do not understand the word alloy. Look it up! So called steel is usually a compound or blend of two or more elements. it's not worth a hoot trying to make it from iron by itself. I would focus on the where metal meets metal such as slide to frame. Some alloys form special (undesirable) properties when subject to heat. Unlike alloys may present addit
  8. God bless you and welcome to this place. Good folks.
  9. I have a Ultra Ten II compact, stainless. I bought it for my wife and she does not want a .45 cal. to shoot. She now has a .38 and .380 to shoot. If you want to shoot it to see if you like it, we could work something out. I am not trying to sell it although it has not been shot very much. I told that most Kimbers need 500+ rounds to break in as they are so tight. I may have got this to 400 rounds and it shoots pretty good. I had early problems with some mag safe ammo hollow point. I have not tried any of the mag safe since then. I have a G36 and I cannot see why the Kimber (1911 styl
  10. Would any of these posts support a search warrant issuance?
  11. Tungsten: Thanks for this info. It has me thinking about spotting bad guys.
  12. OK.....I have one for you. I have seen AR's on a M4 platform go auto. It was related to one extra drop of oil placed specifically on the bolt & carrier and a gentle finger pull. No mods to this rifle or others that this took place on. This information first came out of South Carolina. Does anyone else have information about this? I own several AR's and this made me uncomfortable. (no M4 platforms)
  13. If you do not mind me asking, what kind of ammo are you using?


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