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  1. mhmd


    This is an interesting read. They wrote a follow up article which I have copied and pasted below. I will attempt to attach the link but given my level of technical proficiency..... well we will see. “ We understand that some people are citing our Perspective article (published on April 1 at NEJM.org)1 as support for discrediting widespread masking. In truth, the intent of our article was to push for more masking, not less. It is apparent that many people with SARS-CoV-2 infection are asymptomatic or presymptomatic yet highly contagious and that these people account for a substantial
  2. Those are further along than ours at the moment. They are hard to harvest. I know I pick several gallons just to get enough for a pie or two. The same thing happens with strawberries.
  3. @Lumber_Jack , all of our catalpa trees are around creek bottoms. Google doesn’t say that is a requirement. Is that just a fluke of our farm? mark
  4. I think Kevin Collins works Blount county. Google lists him as Collins land surveying. 865-577-1140. He has looked at multiple sites for me and has been quite helpful.
  5. Santayana would be proud @DaveTN
  6. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/04/21/838794281/study-raises-questions-about-false-negatives-from-quick-covid-19-test a quick little read to entertain you this morning.
  7. It should not be assumed to be a false negative. It is all in the context of the situation. Rarely do we (humans) make a decision based on a single point of information. The test is just one point of information. Symptoms, disease activity in the area, timing, and yes our own experiences all combine to form a picture. Do we get the picture wrong sometimes? Absolutely! However, when you see this number of deaths congregated, most likely you have a common cause. Have some of these deaths been from something other than covid. Probably. “Tens of thousands” is highly unlikely. Stay
  8. I think you have come to the wrong conclusion. The goal of social distancing is to slow the spread of the illness. By itself, it will not halt the spread of the illness. Now, as to how this could occur, there are multiple possibilities. Coronavirus is a large family of viruses. Although most common colds are rhinovirus; coronavirus, parainfluenza, and rsv are all fairly common agents as well. It isn’t clear if he has covid-19 or one of the other coronaviruses. Any test will have a false positive and false negative rate. Recently, the cdc has said perhaps as much as
  9. A shout out to @GlockSpock and @Lumber_Jack for their efforts in getting the wife and I some new old tunes for the turntable. I appreciate their efforts. Mark
  10. I am not an electrician. Does that mean they have a shared neutral?
  11. Local guy there by name of bill Andrews. Run like the wind AWAY from him!
  12. TNT tactical in New Tazwell had a matched Anderson set Thursday.
  13. Blood onto the iris needs to be seen ASAP.
  14. If I read your post correctly, you probably have a subscleral hemorrhage. If your not seeing red (literally not metaphysically) from the experience or the redness does not cross into the iris (colored part of eye) this is probably your diagnosis. Subsceral hemorrhages generally resolve spontaneously within a few days without any specific treatment. Good luck with your recovery.
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