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  1. mhmd

    Wisdom teeth extraction and problems

    Blood onto the iris needs to be seen ASAP.
  2. mhmd

    Wisdom teeth extraction and problems

    If I read your post correctly, you probably have a subscleral hemorrhage. If your not seeing red (literally not metaphysically) from the experience or the redness does not cross into the iris (colored part of eye) this is probably your diagnosis. Subsceral hemorrhages generally resolve spontaneously within a few days without any specific treatment. Good luck with your recovery.
  3. mhmd

    Yellow Jackets!!!

    Having an old house, we will get a nest in the walls every year or two. Tape a shop vac hose right under their take off point, fill the shop vac with couple of gallons of water, turn it on and come back in couple of days to empty. Not as sexy as a gallon of gas, but the house still stands. We had one nest of bumble bees in insulation or kitchen. They would walk out to ledge in kitchen to take flight. A glue trap in their walk path for about a week finished hem off. Interestingly, the bees got smaller as the week went along. I suspect the last few days were the juveniles trying to find momma and poppa.
  4. “Just fyi, if you are getting lamps that work with ballasts (which I don't suggest) your ballast has to be electronic and not magnetic. “ Now maybe that is why they wouldn’t work for me. There are a lot of smart people on this forum.
  5. Tried two different brands. One was used with ballast in place. Second pulled the ballast and wired straight to the plastic clips. Neither worked or looked worth crap. Total of 28 fixtures so I really wanted it to work.
  6. Tried two different led bulbs. Then just bit the bullet and put up new fixtures. More money but much less frustration. Mark
  7. mhmd

    What are you listening to now?

    Dr Kamal Wagle speaking on “Innovative approaches to implement evidence based deprescribing practices in PA/LTC setting”. Saddest entry in all 68 pages I would wager.
  8. Did you clean that all mechanically or use electrolysis? They look great. Mark
  9. mhmd

    Remember those elm logs....

    That looks very good. I made mistake of showing it to Karen.
  10. mhmd

    Knoxville FFL recommendation?

    Knoxville tactical in Powell has been A+ to me.
  11. mhmd

    Guns brandished at Memphis Mall

    Dave, I hope you are correct. I’m just a cynical old grump. Mark
  12. mhmd

    Guns brandished at Memphis Mall

    They seem to have caught a little dose of liberal thinking toward the end of the article. If he already had several felony warrants, why would the “domestic felony charge” make any difference in him carrying a gun in the future?
  13. mhmd

    Need a break seriously

    ALPS in Morristown is a good source. Also, if dementia is of Alzheimer’s type, she might quality for hospice and they will often provide some of that type service. If it is senile, vascular, LB, etc, she will not qualify based on the dementia itself. Hospice is hard to hear but may be appropriate. If you go that route, good luck dealing with the siblings. The church congregation/ neighbor idea mentioned above is definitely a good idea. Good luck, mark
  14. mhmd

    free FREE walnut and elm logs

    Don't pay someone, sawyer coming back to house in a few weeks. Just bring them up here and let him get them while he's here. Mark
  15. mhmd

    Some Recent Leather Work

    It looks better without the blue gun but the picture does not do the holster justice. He does have some mad skills. Thanks again GJ. Mark

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