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  1. Knoxville FFL recommendation?

    Knoxville tactical in Powell has been A+ to me.
  2. Guns brandished at Memphis Mall

    Dave, I hope you are correct. I’m just a cynical old grump. Mark
  3. Guns brandished at Memphis Mall

    They seem to have caught a little dose of liberal thinking toward the end of the article. If he already had several felony warrants, why would the “domestic felony charge” make any difference in him carrying a gun in the future?
  4. Need a break seriously

    ALPS in Morristown is a good source. Also, if dementia is of Alzheimer’s type, she might quality for hospice and they will often provide some of that type service. If it is senile, vascular, LB, etc, she will not qualify based on the dementia itself. Hospice is hard to hear but may be appropriate. If you go that route, good luck dealing with the siblings. The church congregation/ neighbor idea mentioned above is definitely a good idea. Good luck, mark
  5. free FREE walnut and elm logs

    Don't pay someone, sawyer coming back to house in a few weeks. Just bring them up here and let him get them while he's here. Mark
  6. Some Recent Leather Work

    It looks better without the blue gun but the picture does not do the holster justice. He does have some mad skills. Thanks again GJ. Mark
  7. FL to TN

    Welcome to Rutledge. If you don't want a Walmart, we are your kind of town. got a good hcp instructor here to. Mark
  8. 458 socom

    http://www.bangitammo.com/store/#!/Black-Butterfly-SECONDS-No1-Standard-Velocity-458-SOCOM-305-315-gr-Lead-Free-Frangible-CTX-Migration-OVERWEIGHT-SECONDS-250-ROUNDS/p/68099316/category=14035014 Seconds due to being over weight by few grams. Comes out to be $400/250 rounds.
  9. Skid steer

    i use both tractor and skidsteer. As with anything there are advantages and drawbacks on both sides of the equation. For moving light pallets (<1000lb) short distances, skidsteer hands down. For medium (1000-2000 lb) tractor seems to work better for me. Now little uneven playing field as the tractor is 55hp and weight is about 2x that of the 42 hp bobcat. I wouldn't buy the 4 wheel drive tractor. If it is a place I can't get my 2 wheel tractor in, I don't need to be there. Cleaning brush with bobcat with grapple bucket to load the wagon is piece of cake. Leveling dirt, give me the tractor. Digging post holes, skidsteer will run circles around tractor auger. Loading rolls of hay on wagon, bobcat faster. Putting rolls of hay in barn, ground level, bobcat. Putting them in the loft, tractor as you can see so much better. If you are not going to do your own service, where is the closest service center. Will they make house calls or do you have to haul it to them? Bobcat cylinder specs are just little different than anyone else's. If you need one, get ready to bleed several Benjamin's Good luck mark
  10. Qustion about Bud's In Sevierville

    If you think you may use their range, pack a pair of foam ear plugs to go under ear muffs. They have horrible acoustics.
  11. "We Miss You!" Email

    1/22/17 1236
  12. I'll take leather lcr holster. PM inbound
  13. Show and tell - Secret Santa 2016

    Cj0e, rip'em my 0.02$
  14. Don't you need a scatter gun in case someone has a new thrower under the tree?
  15. Show and tell - Secret Santa 2016

    Mine got here today. Yeti tumbler and Walmart gift card. Would love to post picture but I've never learned how to do that. Thanks SS. Got a road trip tomorrow and going to give the yeti a workout. Merry Christmas, Mark

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