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  1. congrats and enjoy her.
  2. Nolensville isn't on here, I thought for sure a town of 8000 would make the list.
  3. I'm sure you'll get plenty of information on here, but check out projecthealingwaters.org - they have programs with vets.
  4. Verizon has a product they sell that may fit your needs. I think it's called HUB or something. That and the app so text don't work while driving would be the minimum for my older daughter. Second oldest hasn't caused me to do anything besides the no text app, part of me says she learned from her older sister and I'm being bamboozled.
  5. I wish that I actually had the confidence to use iron sights - I prefer a scope for humane reasons and doing my research based on the information provided.
  6. Had medical training at my unit and got to talking about hunting and what not. Explained how I hunt with a muzzle loader at TWRA sites since I didn't have land. The NCOIC says that i was welcome to hunt at his land, I don't know if I'll take him up on the offer since I wasn't sure if he was serious or just being nice. Either way, I've had a Marlin 30-30 for almost 9 years that I'd like to get set up for hunting. I'm hoping he and I cross paths again so I can feel him out about the offer. But I'd like to see what y'all prefer as far as scope and rings, ammo (I've read where leverlution ammo was
  7. When I was there in '04 a few of us would participate in the "Operation Pencil Box" where we went to villages and gave school supplies and sports equipment to kids. I really respected the fact that my Seniors understood that most of the population didn't give a dang if Hussien, US Soldiers or any other people were there, they just wanted to survive till the next day. It was a great opportunity to talk with village elders and general population. It's funny that I couldn't recall where any of the combatants that received my teams lead or we captured were Iraqi - the SIR reports almost always sho
  8. I know and am friends with a few LEO's in different counties and generally they tell me that they decide if they will give a ticket before they get out of there vehicle so as to be impartial. But it's not uncommon to change their mind one way or another depending on how the interaction goes.
  9. I honestly thought the G20sf was what I would get, but the way you and others have liked their EAA, I'll have to find a store that rents them so I can give it a whirl.
  10. There may be more than one perp, you should test to see how many times it'll work.......
  11. Why do I envision your dad in the movie Roadhouse? You are blessed to have that knowledge/expertise around.
  12. Not to hi-jack, but since your talking about a lever gun, would you use these same brands on a 30-30 for deer? Coordinated some stuff for training and was invited to hunt on private land.


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