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  1. kirkosaurus

    beer snobs

    Home brewing is what turned me into a beer snob! I can make great beer cheaper than I can buy miller lite. As for Chimay I prefer the white. The others are too sweet for me.
  2. Yes, they opted out. No, you cannot carry in a city park in Davidson County.
  3. Well, I did have the shortest barrel gun out there.
  4. They definitely should have made it to cover the trigger. You've seen the Aholster kydex holster for my G26 and it covers all of the trigger guard.
  5. Had a blast shooting my first IDPA match. Now I realize the importance of shooting more. I suck!
  6. Lifeproof case. Nice. Bought one in pink for my wife's iPhone (4 year old plays with it all the time). Too bulky for me.
  7. LOL, after commenting on this thread I had a dream last night that I was a detective in a movie and my partner was played by Matthew McConaughey. He was randomly trying to grab my gun from its holster to prove the "gun grab" theory. He could never grab it as my hand firmly locked it in every time. At one point he even picked me up off the ground trying to remove it. I remember vividly thinking in the dream I was gonna post that on TGO. Wow, I need to stop eating spicy food before going to bed.
  8. Think about it, if a bad guy knows you're armed he will most likely choose an easier target. That's called defense. The "element of surprise" is an offensive tactic. You want to be on the defense and deter the crime before it actually happens, not try to "surprise" the criminal by looking like every other sheep so you can attempt to dig your gun out from under your cover garment and try to shoot him after he already has the jump on you.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. This guy is paranoid fear mongeror. He uses the same reasoning as the anti-gun people: If it CAN happen it WILL happen every time!!! Starting with his first point. He states that "Open carry will cause hassles". No, OC may cause hassles. And just because something may happen we don't stop doing, especially when the benefits outweigh the chance that it will happen. The chance that you will ever have to use your concealed firearm in a self defense situation is almost zero but that doesn't mean you should just leave it at home. Same reasoning as the Brady bunch. His scenario of a person calling in a "man with a gun OMG!!" call could just as easily happen with a concealed carrier when he bends over to get that can of green beans on the bottom shelf and the grip of his gun pokes out from under his shirt. Paranoia: "The armed robber (who has his gun concealed) will just shoot you in the back of the head before moving on to take the cash. Or he might do worse…what if he takes your child hostage and orders you to give up your gun?" Yeah, cause that happens all the time! Paranoia: "Think about this for a second. You are open carrying a gun on your right hip. I walk up to you and engage you in casual conversation…something like “Hey! Don’t our kids go to the same school?†As you are trying to figure out who I am, I move closer and I grab your right hand with my right hand and pin it to my chest. You struggle, but because I’m stronger, you can’t free yourself. As soon as I have the arm controlled, I grab your holstered pistol with my left hand. How are you going to stop that?" Yeah, cause tactical ninjas are always following you around everywhere you go trying to steal your firearm!!! Fear, fear, fear. All fear mongering. It's his job. Is it possible you will scare people? cause a hassle? get your firearm taken away from you? "Get shot first"? Yeah, anything is possible. But the facts are this is so rare it just doesn't happen. Is it possible you can have your concealed firearm taken from you? Yep, it is possible: http://www.komonews.com/news/local/71002412.html?m=y&smobile=y&c=y So by this guy's rationale we should just all leave our guns at home!
  10. Yes, hyporcritical indeed. Caster, you have been involved in many OC discussions in past threads that clearly explain to you the benefits of OC yet you continue to ask this question. Either you are purposely trying to stir up crap, you have a short term memory or you are plain stupid. I can't figure out which one.
  11. And they have the right to fire him for being a racist bigot.
  12. I'd like to know how you think he is "scary". Ron Paul is the most constitutional conservative we've had in a long time.

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