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  1. Okay, I'll throw in the banana
  2. Replaced with a Sig P365 so this has been collecting dust. Maybe someone can give it a good home! Asking $400 firm, Face to Face in Clarksville, TN Area only. Must be willing to sign bill of sale. Banana for scale Includes: -Glock 43 (~400 rnd count) -3 Magazines (one with factory pinky extension, one with Magguts +1 spring and follower) -IWB Holster -OWB Magazine Carrier Not Included: -Banana Please Note: Finish has some holster wear (see pictures), but in otherwise perfect working order.
  3. Nice! Sweet shooting guns. The old school 941fb (compact slide, compact grip, 1911 safety) is one of my all time favorites
  4. Anyone have any experience with these? The price on the lowers is a little steep, but I kinda like them aesthetically. Without being able to try one out though I was wondering if the ergonomics felt right or if it was just awkward in practice. Came across this modified one a while back (I think it was on ARFCOM). I don't remember who the person was, but it sure came out awesome!
  5. 12g Shockwave with Sig Brace and Minishell Adapter? Gives you 9+1 with the Aguila minishells Runs about $275 for the shotgun (Usually on sale $250 or less especially near holidays), $129 for sig brace kit, and about $20 for the minishell adapter. Recoil is mild
  6. It's right up there with a metal shop being able to produce something like a Sten... the hysteria about it is disproportionate to the actual risk because of the media. That being said, the technology is getting less and less expensive and I look forward to the day where you might have a Metal Sintering printer in your garage alongside your belt sander and drill press... it would be incredibly useful for creative inventors who couldn't otherwise turn their dreams into reality. For example, before the FLIR Breach was released, I designed a monocular for a FLIR Boson core so I could use it at the fire station for search and rescue calls. The FLIR core could be removed and then mounted on a drone A more practical use of current generation 3d printers wouldn't be to create the firearm itself, but a blank that could be used in a mold (there are lost PLA techniques similar to lost wax techniques).
  7. Those are sweet! I've only been brave enough to try it once (it was an already bubba'd mosin)
  8. Definitely more attractive than the original! Interesting... and the rail built into the receiver is neat... serving as an attachment point, it would make a future aftermarket ZK-22 style bullpup conversion kit a rather straightforward thing to design from an engineering point of view...
  9. We ended up looking at and getting a used Taurus 605 at a local pawn shop here. Shot it a bit today with some .38 special and she seems to be pleased with it with regards to the recoil, so I'll probably sell off the little Tomcat. Thank you for all the advice! I was planning on getting her a crimson trace laser grip for the Taurus, and she was fond of the idea as well -- while she is a proficient shooter on a static range (post-it note sized groups at 5 yards slow fire and good hits at 7), she doesn't get out to practice nearly enough and never under stress, so my theory is that in an actual encounter she will end up being target fixated and point shooting, so I'm thinking it could help, especially in low light and combined with aging eyes. Not that it should be relied upon 100% of course (and she'll practice with irons as well). Unfortunately, they apparently only fit the 605 made prior to 2014, and this one was made in 2017 so looks like that won't be an option. The pawn shop had a Model 36-2 lady smith that was also steel for $140 more, and it looks like it might be easier to find a laser grip for that one, so I'm considering it still
  10. I was under the impression that in TN if a shoot was justified and you were found not guilty of wrongdoing in criminal court that you could not be sued in civil court? Was I mistaken or what does this add to that?
  11. Thanks for the recommendations! I had never heard of the 32 Mag or the Federal so I need to do some more research. She didn't have a problem with the double action trigger, but originally said the Armscor didn't feel right in the hand and it was hefty, but after the LCR she preferred heavy to the perceived recoil of the lighter gun. Long ago her father let her shoot one of his old revolvers and so we did a google image search to see if she could remember what it was, but we weren't able to narrow it down. Probably an old Smith and Wesson of some sort. I think maybe a grip replacement might do it, but first I'll take her to some of the gun stores and let her handle some of the others recommended here
  12. I purchased a Tomcat 3032 for my mother thinking the tip up barrel would allow her to load and unload without having to rack the slide, which she has significant difficulty doing due to age (nearing her 70s), as well as grip and arm weakness from spinal surgery and arm surgery. I took It out to the range and unfortunately out of four magazines I had two stovepipes. Maybe mag related, or ammo related (they don’t recommend hotter ammo because of their reputation for cracking the frame) but either way it turned me off to the thing because she won’t realistically be able to clear a malfunction under stress with it, so I plan on revisiting revolvers, which she seems to like and be more comfortable with. Prior to this I had gotten her an Armscor M206, simple, ugly and no frills but it worked. She shot well with it, but wasn’t entirely happy with it so we tried a Ruger LCR, but because it was so light it was quite unpleasant to shoot. She’s not carrying it (for at home) so in retrospect the heavier revolver was the better choice in this case but we had already sold it before trying the LCR unfortunately. So back to the drawing board. I’m a semi auto guy so I don’t know a whole lot about revolvers, was just going to see if I can find another Armscor and be done with it, but thought I would ask here what revolvers are decent for the money and ideally have a little heft to them that would be worth considering. She prefers shorter barrel ones.
  13. Hell, stick a snorkel in there and that's a safe room!
  14. Good on them. The ones they had were enough, even if just, and it beats not having them at all. They're alive to have a lessons-learned thankfully.

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