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  1. Good on them. The ones they had were enough, even if just, and it beats not having them at all. They're alive to have a lessons-learned thankfully.
  2. I've been to that restaurant a number of times, a lot of the folks there are regulars. Sad to hear, RIP
  3. Do I really want a Red Dot Sight RDS for carry?

    I believe my next setup will be a G19 MOS with Shield RMS red dot. The included low profile mount allows cowitness with the stock iron sights (suppressor sights not required) and the side battery tray allows it to be swapped without removing the sight.
  4. No problem! If you guys are having an event in the middle TN area and I'm not at work I'd be glad to swing by and get some shots for you, no payment needed, though I'd never say no to burning through a little ammo
  5. Had a lot of fun! The staff and hosts were great and let me fly!
  6. Baby Eagle Compact

    Finally found one! Lucked out at a pawn shop, looks almost unused as well. I really prefer the frame safety but will take what I can get. Hopefully shoots as sweet as its big brother
  7. I've looked everywhere and can not find the subcompact Jericho (all steel, no rail, frame safety) even on auction sites. The Canik Shark C and Tristar T100 look similar aesthetically, does anyone have any experience with them?
  8. I'm not a drinker, so I've never really thought about it before, but got invited out to have a couple of drinks after work which is what got me thinking about it. How does that work? Is it an offense to have a firearm in your car (not carrying) and have a drink in a restaurant and drive home later that night, within legal BAC limits naturally? Or is it one of those things where you'd better stop by the house, drop it off, and then go out?
  9. Bill of Sale

    Most people are upstanding citizens, but I want a receipt showing the agreed upon amount (or trade) in black and white as well as a disclaimer saying there's no warranty and both parties agree the firearm is as-is. So I do require bills of sale, signed by a witness, and we both get a copy. I respect that some people don't want to do that, which is why I mention it in the for-sale ad -- so there is no surprises and if it's not something they're willing to do, they can simply pass and neither one of us wastes our time. I like this one, nice and simple
  10. Kel-Tech P3AT .380 ACP

    Sold one, regretted it and bought another... I use the kel tec pocket clip along with a MIC holster to protect the trigger and carry it IWB around 3:00. Easy to put on, take off, you can load and unload without ever exposing the trigger which is nice (though not necessary). It's like a pocket knife for me, put it on and forget it's there.
  11. Glock 43

    I think the shield is an excellent value for your dollar and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to people looking for a first gun. Small, reliable, and relatively inexpensive. For my purposes it had no place though. I carry IWB, and I wanted something with a shorter grip than my XD9sc (roughly G19 size) in hopes of printing a little less... and honestly even the XD didnt print that much. Very rarely would anyone notice. I tried the shield thinking the thinness would help but it really didnt, grip length was the determining factor for me (ymmv). Lost a lot of capacity. Enter the G26. Double stack but shorter grip. Uncomfortable to hold, and I would have been turned off to it had I judged it based on that alone but I shot great with it though and printed less for my carry method. So I'm glad they made the 43 grip shorter than the shield for when I want an even more minimal carry. It conceals better than the shield when I need it to (flush magazine) and when I dont need to worry as much about it the finger extension lets me use all my fingers and is every bit as comfortable in the hand as the shield... I like options.
  12. For fun? American 180 .22LR
  13. Canik TP9 SF 9mm

    The HS2000 reference is exactly what I was thinking too. I bought a used Jericho 941 from Buds when they had them on sale for ~$239, so I was looking for information on them, spare parts etc (which are hard to find even for those), and came across the Canik 55 Shark and the Tristar t120 which are basically clones of the Jericho, they look almost the same, but I had never heard of them before then. Nothing but positive reviews so far though... and so I'm sure the price will just keep creeping upwards to the point where I might as well buy one of the more well known guns (Glock, M&P, etc) like it did with the HS2000 / XD line. Like you said, if only parts were more readily available....
  14. Need a chuckle? A lot probably have seen already...


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