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  1. Now we just need to get them to remove the force of law from a no-gun sign (Presently Class B misdemeanor, fine only). The result would be it's not inherently unlawful to carry past a no-gun sign into a private business, but if they see it and ask you to leave, you must or the force of law applies at that point (trespass). If this was signed on the 8th, when does it take effect?
  2. I want one! Now if only they would release their PDR concept in 300 blackout...
  3. A couple years ago after an emergency call on the river, I decided to find an emergency shelter I could carry in a cargo pocket in case I fell into the water and had to wait out help. I keep a bag with plenty of gear on the boat, but since I'm not wearing it there's a chance I could become separated from it. This isn't a new idea and I didn't come up with this, but you can set up a palmer furnace small enough to fit into a cargo pocket. The idea is that if you're out unexpectedly in the cold, you can put the poncho on (made of heatsheets type material, not as flimsy as Mylar, mor
  4. I've been meaning to experiment with setting up two UV-5Rs as a repeater and lofting it with a drone, but flight times would be extremely limited (~10m) unless some sort of tethering system can be devised. The commercial tethering solutions are silly expensive.
  5. Same boat, took the NRA Basic pistol instructor course but can’t afford a range, don’t live out in the county where you can shoot and the ranges I know of already have in house instructors.
  6. Refleks


    I had the opportunity to shoot a desert eagle .50 for the first time thanks to a generous person who brought one to the range. The recoil reminded me most of shooting a P3AT. Personally I am fond of the little guns, along with NAA’s selection.
  7. The admin was planning to do it from the start. Apparently legislature cannot meet during COVID19 so he's used the Canadian equivalent of executive order to push his agenda during a crisis. This does nothing to prevent another incident as the gunman used illegally obtained firearms. Nor does this prevent a mass shooting with the weapons that remain legal after this. They don't have a 2nd amendment. They'll grumble but comply, following in the footsteps of other commonwealth nations.
  8. Up until now I'd been using a micro dot + 3x flip to side magnifier, because when I selected it years back LVPOs weren't as popular as they are now, were still quite expensive, and I had no idea how durable they were -- so I didn't pay much attention to them given my budget. They've become more trendy and less expensive as of late though and so I finally pulled the trigger on the Primary Arms 1-6x FFP based on reviews suggesting it's an outstanding value (and durability) for the price, and I liked the ACSS reticle. The 1x power isn't really 1x, and it's noticeable if you're shooting with
  9. I don't have a 10-22 yet, but I bought a ZK-22 kit just for fun in anticipation of finding a Ruger on sale for a song one day.
  10. If they change their stance on braces then I think AR based pistols will still have value since the buffer tube is integral to the design -- you can manage to shoulder a plain buffer tube in a pinch and just bear it for the duration even if not particularly comfortable. The value of AK based pistols would simply plummet overnight though...
  11. Yes Well... yes. In the end, that accomplishes the same task. If you're sick and don't know it, it mitigates the chances that you will spread it to others. If you're not sick but everyone else is wearing source control, it reduces the chances that you will become infected. Tackling this problem from both ends. The approaches aren't mutually exclusive and work best together. That's why health care providers wear N95 / Eye Pro / Gowns / Gloves / Practice hand hygiene / Minimize contact time / Practice social distancing..... AND put a mask on the patient. Source contro
  12. If a silver lining can be found in all of this, it is that perhaps those who have adapted to become utterly dependent on the state for their well-being now has a healthy skepticism about their competence and a more realistic assessment of their limitations, and take it upon themselves to share at least some responsibility for their own well-being going forward, at least to give the Government time to gear up their response and shake the rust off. This would result in a healthy mix of responsibility and a far more resilient populace with a robust ability to absorb hardship whether it be throu


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