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  1. 10mm hard cast from underwood will impressively penetrate greater than 64" in 10% ballistics gel, over 5 feet! Should be a viable choice for protection from wildlife anywhere in North America. As an interesting aside, 9mm hard cast also exceeds 64" penetration (plus the benefits of follow up shot split times and capacity)
  2. Refleks

    Trunk gun

    All the humidity, wish we at least had a beach to go with it!
  3. Was down there for recovery operations Tuesday with our fire dept, it was amazing to see how many people came to donate and help.
  4. Mine used to be a bag full of outdoor woods stuff, but it's mostly just transitioned to a bag capable of living out of for an unexpected trip (non outdoor oriented) for a few days. It does have a few items still but they're mostly relegated to a small pouch. I do still have a different daypack for hiking in case of an unexpected overnighter on the trail but it's a different focus. I would say take a hard look at ultralight hikers, check out their forums and groups on FB and see if there's anything useful you might be able to incorporate into your own planning. These people crush miles... for fun. My pack isn't ultralight, but by incorporating some of the lessons learned I've been able to lighten the essentials enough that I can bring other things I want (such as firearm, solar panels, etc) and still be light enough to enjoy the trip - or if it's serious, at least not gas myself hiking a few miles.
  5. A friend of mine was asking about how old you have to be to own a handgun, and how old to keep it in the car, but it's been so long I can't remember the details. My understanding was that it was legal to own a handgun at 18, but you have to be 21 to purchase one at a gun store, and (if not in military) carry, but what about having it in the car? If the car is considered an extension of the home would an 18 y/o be able to keep it there as long as they don't leave the car with it? Or would you need to be 21? Regards
  6. Now we just need to get them to remove the force of law from a no-gun sign (Presently Class B misdemeanor, fine only). The result would be it's not inherently unlawful to carry past a no-gun sign into a private business, but if they see it and ask you to leave, you must or the force of law applies at that point (trespass). If this was signed on the 8th, when does it take effect?
  7. I want one! Now if only they would release their PDR concept in 300 blackout...
  8. A couple years ago after an emergency call on the river, I decided to find an emergency shelter I could carry in a cargo pocket in case I fell into the water and had to wait out help. I keep a bag with plenty of gear on the boat, but since I'm not wearing it there's a chance I could become separated from it. This isn't a new idea and I didn't come up with this, but you can set up a palmer furnace small enough to fit into a cargo pocket. The idea is that if you're out unexpectedly in the cold, you can put the poncho on (made of heatsheets type material, not as flimsy as Mylar, more like a trashbag but still has the reflective coating), inflate the seat cushion, sit cross legged up against a tree or pack or something and light a candle between your legs to create a warm microclimate. You won't be getting any sleep but it'll get you through the night in a pinch. In my testing the outside temp was right above 32f and drizzling, there was no wind (thankfully) and I had on regular street clothes and a light jacket inadequate for the temperature. Inside with two wicks burning got up into the mid 80s. Only cold spots are what was touching the mylar like poncho. After about an hour and a half my butt was going numb from sitting that long and I was ready to be done, but I was warm. I'm 5'7 and around 170 and would have preferred the poncho be about a foot longer. If SOL would make an XL version of this poncho it would be perfect. You can of course use a regular poncho, USGI poncho, etc but would end up being bulkier in your pocket. The rubber bands are to keep the arm holes of the poncho closed. I threw some matches in mine, and if you preposition some fluffed up tinder quik to the candle wick you can use a spark from a ferro rod to light it, since it's probably not something you want to futz around with when freezing I've since purchased a couple of these inflatable vests to test out, with the assumption that if I was soaking wet I'd want to doff and ring out my outer clothes and it would at least allow for some insulation and stand-off from the poncho to reduce cold spots on my core. IIRC they recommend putting it under a jacket or something, but I'll say this -- if you've got a bigger frame than me or wear a slim fitting jacket, that's not gonna happen. This is one size and is basically a S/M, it would barely close around me (it would be one and done anyway thanks to double sided tape it uses to close) definitely could use a L / XL size. They're silly expensive for disposable items, but I couldn't find anything else comparable out there.
  9. I've been meaning to experiment with setting up two UV-5Rs as a repeater and lofting it with a drone, but flight times would be extremely limited (~10m) unless some sort of tethering system can be devised. The commercial tethering solutions are silly expensive.
  10. Same boat, took the NRA Basic pistol instructor course but can’t afford a range, don’t live out in the county where you can shoot and the ranges I know of already have in house instructors.
  11. Refleks


    I had the opportunity to shoot a desert eagle .50 for the first time thanks to a generous person who brought one to the range. The recoil reminded me most of shooting a P3AT. Personally I am fond of the little guns, along with NAA’s selection.
  12. The admin was planning to do it from the start. Apparently legislature cannot meet during COVID19 so he's used the Canadian equivalent of executive order to push his agenda during a crisis. This does nothing to prevent another incident as the gunman used illegally obtained firearms. Nor does this prevent a mass shooting with the weapons that remain legal after this. They don't have a 2nd amendment. They'll grumble but comply, following in the footsteps of other commonwealth nations.
  13. Up until now I'd been using a micro dot + 3x flip to side magnifier, because when I selected it years back LVPOs weren't as popular as they are now, were still quite expensive, and I had no idea how durable they were -- so I didn't pay much attention to them given my budget. They've become more trendy and less expensive as of late though and so I finally pulled the trigger on the Primary Arms 1-6x FFP based on reviews suggesting it's an outstanding value (and durability) for the price, and I liked the ACSS reticle. The 1x power isn't really 1x, and it's noticeable if you're shooting with both eyes open. It does have noticeable fisheye distortion at 1x indoors, but this is my first LVPO and I don't remember any reviews really emphasizing that, so I guess that's par for the course. Front to back eye relief is generous and forgiving at 1x. Having 6x zoom is definitely nice, and the eyebox understandably gets tighter as you zoom in -- front to back is okay at 6x, it didn't seem any worse than my 3x magnifier, but there's zero tolerance for up / down / left / right shifts (even pressing your cheek harder or less hard into the stock), it just goes from perfectly clear to blacked out right away. Again, maybe that's normal, I don't really have any experience with other magnified optics to compare it to, but it does feel very tight. For a primarily HD gun that you'd like a little magnification on to reach out and tag things out to 300m or so, I think the red dot and magnifier is more than adequate, and probably better up close and indoors. For a rifle with the ability to reach out to the capabilities of the gun and shooter, but can still do up close in a pinch, the LPVO seems like it's a good flexible all around option. The impression I get is a lot of shooters tend to find themselves at the max or minimum zoom without spending much time in between, to the point where some competition shooters add an offset red dot like RMR and pretty much just keep the LPVO zoomed in.


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