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  1. I won't comment as to whether or not I will or have already voted until later, but thanks! Don't worry about the censored part, it really had nothing to do with you, I appreciate your input greatly
  2. Yea, but only that part really answered my original question as framed. I wasn't trying to be a dirty post****er or anything.
  3. Good points for thought, Astra. If Thomas Jefferson saw the way things are going today, I doubt he'd be thinking about voting.
  4. Suntzu, all good reasons to vote in general. Thank you for taking the time to actually answer my question. I still don't know if they provide a reason to vote tomorrow, but they're better than most of the attempts so far (which mostly amount to "'cuz ur dum if u dont.")
  5. That's exactly the point in question. Just because you have a right to do something doesn't give you a GOOD reason to do it. You agree with this, if not you'd be out burning flags (your right), protesting military recruiters (your right), and attending Obama rallies (your right.) Repeating your position is not an argument, nor does capitalizing the word GOOD make it so.
  6. What did you tell your son? Also, what have I said that makes you think that I haven't found out about the issues and come to a logical opinion?
  7. It is your right, but why post an idea on a discussion forum that you're not willing to back up? I think one of the biggest problems with society is peoples' tendency to accept things as truth without ever thinking about it.
  8. Disparaging words coming from someone that cannot articulate a position on why someone should vote.
  9. I guess we'll see whether or not that happens tomorrow, but I have a lot of empirical evidence that has convinced me that it won't.
  10. That is a good reason, but do you really believe that enough McCain supporters would do that tomorrow to turn the tide in Tennessee? If they do, then it will be an excellent reason to have voted and you can all ridicule me tomorrow evening.
  11. I'm not sure if anything more can be said about voting for president tomorrow no matter how one votes (in Tennessee, that is). I'd like for someone to prove me wrong, though.
  12. I'm not trolling for a reaction, I am seriously fascinated by the "responsibility to vote." If this were Ohio, it would be different, but its not. We all know that McCain will win Tennessee tomorrow whether or not we go out and vote. It's not quite as sure of a thing in Kentucky, so you're in a slightly different boat.
  13. Excellent reasons. They still don't address why one should vote for president, but if you're at the polling place already, why not? Can anyone give me another reason? The only good one so far is "you're already there voting in elections that do matter, so why not?"
  14. That goes without saying, but there ARE plenty of reasons not to vote. I just want to know if there is a strong position in favor of voting in an election in which the outcome is a foregone conclusion.

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