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  1. Blade looks funny to me, but looks like a decent deal on a Ka-Bar http://www.knifecenter.com/item/KA5703/KA-BAR-5703-ZK-Zombie-Killer-Knives-Death-Dagger-Fixed-8-12-inch-Black-Double-Edge-Blade-Interchangeable-Handles?utm_source=Knifecenter+Newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Friday%27s%20Sale&kcno=123
  2. Nice! Forget the chickens, I'd live in there. :-)
  3. Great job! Started keeping them myself last year. Gutter and small rain barrel helps with watering . I piped in some nipple waterers so they can't get it dirty. Also, hanging feeders are great and start thinking about keeping the water unfrozen. Gave me a fit on those 9 degree days last winter. I'm also currently looking into buying coyote urine to keep mice at bay.  
  4. I don't think I'd trade my Wave for this, but it's a neat idea and kinda boss looking. A bit pricey at $150-$200 MSRP, however, Leatherman makes great products and actually stands behind them so more power to them. http://www.engadget.com/2015/01/22/leatherman-tread-bracelet/
  5. Well that wasn't so bad. Good thing it's supposed to look old. That covered up the fact that I've never worked leather before. Thanks again for everyone's help.
  6. Dolomite, I just picked up a belt blank at the local hobby shop. Think it will work nicely. I didn't think I'd be able to lay my hands on the stuff so easy. I really appreciate the help guys!
  7. I'm not so worried about color. I might opt to replace them both Anyway so they at least matched.
  8. I'm restoring an old trunk and I need to replace one of the straps. The existing strap is 1/4" thick x 1-1/4"wide x 9" long. Anybody know where I can get such a small amount of leather?
  9. That was fast!    I've googled this to death already looking for old ones. I don't think this was a production piece so they may be one of a kind. There is a place in town that collects this kinda stuff I may check out, but the odds of finding 4 alike......   I think casting is probably going to be my most practical solution. It would be a handy thing to know in the future too! Thanks for the link, Omega. Lot of good info here. I knew I could count on you guys.   :up:
  10. I wanted to see what the minds here could come up with. Any help is appreciated. I would really like to duplicate these keyhole covers. I have 4 and need 4 more. They are about 1-1/4 square and .03" thick. Aside from the outside shape, the interior design is embossed or engraved. I had some ideas, but I tend to over complicate things. :-) http://i571.photobucket.com/albums/ss154/warchild84/IMG_20140828_104409_805-1_zpsacakxht0.jpg
  11. Autos don't do much for me so I just ordered a big 'un. Condor Hudson Bay (not my pic)
  12. That was quick. Been waiting on my renewal for about 7 weeks.......supposedly shipped a week ago. Someone must be walking it down from Nashville.  :waiting:   Congrats!
  13. I know some people that would if they could, but this one works just by peeing on your phone.  :jester:

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