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  1. Ruger LC9 with 2 magazines and XS Big Dot night sight. Fewer than 200 rounds fired. Located in East Nashville. FTF, cash only. $240. Sold
  2. I am fully aware the capabilities exist, but how much quality we lose to corporate greed is my concern.
  3. Probably still out of my price range. I hope they're awesome though, craftsmanship is rare these days.
  4. Nice rifle! Here's some reloading info for the M1 Garand. http://web.archive.org/web/20000620055732/home.att.net/~Masterpo/M1load.htm Watch your thumb when loading that thing.
  5. Not bad. I'm finding it hard to want a G26 with the 48 out now.
  6. I just buy Amazon gift cards with them. That's where I do most of my shopping anyway. ETA: Guess I should read the whole thread
  7. Morton salt girl is on there because a salt rifle.
  8. I've severely bent the clip on my Embassy a couple of times. Took it off and bent it back without issue. Fingers crossed.
  9. That's where I'd go. They're backed up about a month right now.
  10. I got the Dewalt 20v impact driver in a kit with a drill. I didn't think much of it, thought it was just an overgrown screwdriver. I love that little driver, definitely gets the most use out of my power tools.
  11. That's awesome, looking forward to progress updates. Maybe one day I'll have a big pile of cash to burn for something like this.
  12. At $1300 you've got a lot more faith in Remington than I do.
  13. Deer hunting just doesn't feel right if I'm not freezing my ass off.
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