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  1. If anybody could tell me how to close the ad, that'd be helpful.
  2. Hey all. Just logged on after not being on for a few days. I ended up purchasing a new Vortex Diamondback 4-12x. I appreciate all the offers.
  3. This rifle will be used to hunt with, so something in the 3-10, or 4-12 range would be ideal. Thanks.
  4. I am in the market for an optic for my 308 AR platform rifle. Mostly interested in lower to mid-level magnification riflescopes. Thought I would check here before buying new. Thanks.
  5. So lets assume the floor joists are indeed perpendicular to the exterior wall and they are at least a 2x10, which Im pretty sure they are.
  6. Thanks for the input. One is a 26 gun Winchester (the one TSC sells) and the other is an older 30-32 gun Remington safe that is a lil more heavy than the Winchester
  7. Good point on which way the joists run. Id have to re-check, but I was under there a couple years ago and if my memory serves me right the floor joists run perpendicular to the exterior wall, not parallel. I am working with a crawl space, so ultimately yeah I could get under there to do some bracing if need be. FWIW the house was built in 06.
  8. Ok, since my brain makes me overthink things way too much, Im here for some reassurance. Would you all feel comfortable with this setup (see crudely drawn picture below lol). Two gun safes (both approximately 30 gun size) in one room in opposite corners along an exterior wall of about 11.5 ft in length, with NO floor reinforcements? Im hoping that since they would be along an exterior wall that the floor joists sitting on the block foundation of my house will be sufficient enough to hold the weight of both safes with no sagging or ill effect on the long term. Thoughts?
  9. Yep we have determined it is more than likely a log perch
  10. A buddy caught this fishing in a new river spot yesterday. We have never seen or caught one before and just wondering what it is? How common are they? Thanks in advance.
  11. It is a classic for sure. I really enjoy the watch and have received a few compliments on it while wearing it. Just time to change it up!
  12. Up for trade or possible sale is my Hamilton Khaki 44mm mechanical watch. The watch has been worn and carries what I would call light desk diving marks on the bezel. The crystal is in great shape with 0 marks. The watch keeps excellent time. The original Hamilton leather band could stand to be replaced, but IMO a well-broken in leather watch-band is the best! I have had this watch for a few years and bought it used myself, so unfortunately no box or papers. I am wanting to primarily trade this timepiece for another watch more suitable to my lifestyle. I am thinking maybe a Casio G-Shock of some flavor. From the brief research I have done (reviewing WUS and Ebay ads) this model Hamilton appears to be selling anywhere in the neighborhood of $250-500, Of course this depends on condition and whether or not the watch comes with original box and papers, which again mine does not. If you offer me a G-Shock, be prepared to make up the difference in cash if needed, depending on which model of course. I am open to other watches as well, in similar style to a G-Shock. I would also consider selling the watch outright as well. Will ship if needed. Thanks for reading and PM for more info or if you have any questions. Also, sorry for the terrible pictures. I'm no photographer nor do I own a camera good enough to capture fine enough detail for a watch ad.
  13. I am by no means a stranger to building my own rifles. Ive got two SBR’s I built from the ground up, and two standard AR platform rifles as well. That being said I have never built an AR 10 and was actually completely unaware about the potential for tolerance differences, part compatibility, etc. So thanks for bringing that up Garufa! I learnt somethin today!
  14. Wonder what the weight on that bad boy is? Lol. Nutnfancy seems to really dig the S&W M&P 10. He gave it a great review, watched it yesterday. The Sport version rings in at around $850. Not too bad..


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