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  1. I like the TV series. I have lung cancer, and have no energy to do much but watch TV. So, I usually watch it every day. So, I don't post much. My cancer is inoperable, so I'm doing a clinical trial of some new stuff. For those of you who pray, please mention me in your prayers. Marshall
  2. What is that long-barreled revolver carried by Chief Gillespie in "In the Heat of the Night." ?
  3. I have enjoyed this web forum very much. I've not been posting recently, due to serious illness. I have malignant melanoma stage four in my left lung. Lots of doctors to see. Lots of needles. Lots of this and that coming up. Not much fun. I'll look in from time to time, especially if I begin feeling stronger. Blessings to all. Marshall at Mouseguns.Com New Index (soon to disappear)
  4. Good for you. It's always nice to get a good deal and be happy with it. And we probably all have made bad deals and had some regrets.
  5. Russian SKS are rare. But for $400 it should have all matching serial numbers, the wood should be in good shape, and the bluing should be good, as well as the bore. It ought to be a really nice gun.
  6. Does anyone know if there are any pawn shops or gun stores in the Chattanooga area that have new PF9s in stock?
  7. Clean and oil it, and buy a new mag, and try again.
  8. Congrats! Good deal, for a good Russian.
  9. If you have the cash, go buy it right away. In the long run, you won't be sorry. You can always enjoy it for awhile, and then sell for a profit.
  10. I'm thinking that if you piled up tinder around the cartridge (sans bullet), and hit the primer, then the powder would ignite, and also ignite the tinder, starting up a fire. Might even work in damp weather.
  11. If you were in the woods without matches, but you had a couple of cartridges in your pocket, could you start a fire by pulling out the bullet, and hitting the cartridge with a rock?
  12. Mav, you are a marksman! On taking it apart: taking it apart took about 2 minutes. Putting it back together took me an hour. The parts fit tight, and I was not aware of the importance of the barrel fitting back far enough on the receiver to allow the bolt to come up through the whole gizmo without too much trouble. (You all have gizmos in your Ruger don't you? )
  13. I picked up a nice Ruger MkIII Target all in stainless today at Shooters Depot in Chattanooga. They had it marked at $429.99, but let me have it for $440 out the door. Not a bad deal. Purty gun! I took it apart and cleaned and oiled it, and put it back together. It was really already clean, but I always take them apart before I shoot them.
  14. Here ya go. But it now for only $1600....A Springfield Springfield Armory M1 Garand .308 Springfield Armory Rifles > M1 Garand for sale, gun classifieds or gun auction from Killian. Buy or bid on this Springfield Armory M1 Garand .308 in the category Guns > Rifles > Springfield Armory Rifles > M1 Garand
  15. We recently had cracks in our church pews repaired with epoxy resin. They are holding well, in spite of our heavy weights sitting on them weekly. The repairman said the e.r. was stronger than the wood being fixed. So, I second ILIKEPIE.


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