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  1. Paper Form 1 (e-form got kicked back for an error on my part ) Filed 7/2/16 Approved 7/17/17 Received 7/27/17
  2. I live in Nashville. My wife loves shooting sporting clays, and for her birthday I would like to commission a custom leather shell pouch for her to include some artwork that would be meaningful to her. Do any of you have any experience with custom leather artisans that could do that for me in the middle Tennessee area? Ive thought about saddle makers etc, but would love to find someone who has some familiarity with shooting. If nothing locally, do you have any experiences with other artists in the country? Thanks so much in advance. Gray
  3. My Benjamin XP Trail likes Gamo Hunter. The "CharlieDaTuna" trigger makes a HUGE improvement and is really easy to install.
  4. I didnt want to break the bank so I bought a Benjamin Trail NP. (.22cal). Ive been very happy with it. Chipmunks at 50 yards are no problem. Maybe not the most elegant rifle, but worth the money. Put the "CharlieDaTuna" GRT trigger on it which made a world of difference. http://www.charliedatuna.com/ Check out http://www.pyramydair.com/ They have a lot of good video tutorials etc.
  5. If you are willing to work Gunbroker, I buy from Sportsmans Supply in PA. Good supply and variety of bulk ammo, no credit card up charge and FREE shipping. 1000 rounds of Federal 9mm for $230 recently
  6. Here is a link to a plethora of manuals for all sorts of firearms. The M&P Armorers manual is there as well as several versions of the Glock Armorers manual and Sig Armorers manual. Check it out: [url="http://stevespages.com/page7b.htm"]http://stevespages.com/page7b.htm[/url]
  7. Bye Bye deal. Now 19.95 for one, 17.95 ea for up to four. Still a pretty good deal but 12.95 was awesome. Mine came today,
  8. Is there an quality outdoor range in the middle Tennessee area (Im in Nashville) that can be leased to host a handgun training course. My wife and I would be very interested in bringing Vicki Farnam into the area for a Women's only class? Do the TWRA ranges lease out time? Additionally, John Farnam would likely also do a coed course. I suspect reasonable access to lodging and dining would be necessary. We've taken courses from both and they are both OUTSTANDING. Thanks for any input Gray
  9. Awesome find. They are double that elsewhere. Just ordered four. Thanks.
  10. I use the Recon Mountaineer TC3-v2 combat lifesaver bag with some extras. Below is just an example. Found mine on eBay. Price $199.95 Summary USGI Combat Lifesaver Bag TC3-V2 CLS Bag Full or Empty Buy Online More Sharing ServicesShare | Share on facebook Share on myspace Share on google Share on twitter Details USGI Combat Lifesaver Bag TC3-V2/CLS These are the very newest version and issued only to a few select medics in the US Army. The bags that are issued full are called the MES/CLS bag. The empty bags are just the CLS. Full bag NSN#6545-01-572-9963. Empty bag NSN# 6545-01-574-8111. VERY rare and difficult item to find. Very limited supplies. While supplies last the full bags are $199.95 (compare elsewhere if you can even find them for over $400!) and the empty bags are $99.95** (compare elsewhere for $139.95).** We also have a few of the full bags with all supplies but no sling strap full bags/no sling strap $159.95. The bags are the newest version (2009) with improved cargo-carrying capacity over the 2005 version (which was the TC3-V1). Bags in photo's are sample pictures of the (limited quantity) bags for sale here, not stock photos. **Currently out of stock of the CLS/No contents bag. This can change weekly. The patented TC3®-V2/CLS (or MES for supplied bags) are Combat Casulaty Care Bag version 2 and they were specifically designed by Recon Mountaineer®, LLC Products for the U.S. Army designated Army Combat Lifesavers. It was designed as a First Responder system that ensures the right amount and type of equipment is carried and utilized. Features and Specifications: "Sling' type strap/carry system that enables it to be worn around the waist or over the shoulder. Can be configured to right or left handed medics. Extra wide strap makes the pack very comfortable and secure to wear. Can easily be shifted or worn to front position enabling contents to be accessed with ease and speed. The four connecting points/straps enable custom configuration and positioning including, front, back like a fanny pack or right or left sling position as described above. (This is the strap that is missing on the packs listed under 'no sling strap but full of contents' that you may select as an option in your shopping cart.) Outside zipper, snap with velcro fold out pocket where scissors are often stored for easy access Four interior locations allow for careful configuration and ease of access to necessary emergency first responder supplies Two exterior locations Limited Supply of Full Bags includes the following contents: Blanket Survival Blizzard Pack Reflexcell Military Green Qty = 1 NSN# 6532-01-524-6932 Splint Universal Alum 36" O/A LG 4.25W Gray & Olive Drab Reuse Qty = 1 NSN# 6515-01-494-1951 Adhesive Tape Surgical Porous Woven 3" x 10 Yards Qty = .25 or 1 roll NSN# 6510-00-926-8884 Bandage Muslin Compressed Olive Drab 37 x 37 x 52" Traing. W/Sfty Pins Qty = 3 NSN#6510-00-201-1755 Blanket Heating Disposable 90 x 90 cm Water Repellent 8S Qty = 1 NSN#6532-01-525-4062 Leash Shears Trauma Black High Break Strength Qty = 1 NSN# 6515-01-540-7226 Tourniquet Combat Application ONe-Handed Qty = 2 NSN# 6515-01-521-7976 Pad Isopropyl Alcohol Impregnated NonWVN Cotton/Rayon White 200S Qty = 6 NSN#6510-00-786-3736 Marker Tube Type Fine Tip Black Permanent No Odor Dries Instantly Qty = 2 NSN# 7520-00-312-6124 Nasal Trumpet 28FR Sterile Qty = 1 NSN# 6515-01-529-1187 Shield Eye Surgical Fox Single Natural Aluminum 12S Qty = 1 NSN# 6515-01-449-1016 Needle Decompression Device 14GA by 3.12IN Qty = 2 NSN#6515-01-541-0635 Bandage Kit Elastic Qty = 2 NSN#6510-01-492-275 Dressing Chest Seal Wound 8 x 6" Rectangular Sterily in Poly... Qty = 2 NSN#6510-01-757-0300 Bandage Gauze Cotton y6 Ply White 4.5" Wide 4.1 yrds long Qty = 1 NSN# 6510-01-503-2117 Bandage Elastic Flesh Rolled Nonsteril 6" x 4.5 Yrds 10S Qty = 1 NSN#6510[-00-935-5823 Bandage Kit Elastic Abdominal Wound F/Trauma Kit Qty = 1 NSN# 6510-01-532-6656 Bandage Gauze Impregnated 3" x 4Yrd Kaolin Hemostatic Quick Clot Qty = 2 NSN# 6510-01-562-3325 Glove Patient Examining & Treatment Latex/Powder free Qty = 4 NSN# 6515-01-525-1975 Leash Shears Trauma Black High Break Strength Qty = 1 NSN # 6515-01-540-7226 Strap Cutter, Combat (includes case) Qty = 1 NSN# 4240-01-568-3219 Scissors Bandage 7.25" Lg Ang to Hdl 1.5" Cut LG Blunt Pts Crs Qty = 1 NSN#6515-00-935-7138
  11. Zero Tolerance 303. Big but fits my hand really well.
  12. I've learned that women learn differently than men do, especially shooting. My wife is interested in taking up sporting clays. Anyone know of any good female/shooters instructors near Nashville who teach women the art of the shotgun sports? Thanks Gray


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