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  1. Great post! I have struggled with the same problem. I can draw my little Smith and Wesson model 36 3" and fire two rounds faster than any handgun I own. So that is what I carry at 3 O'clock. To deal with the 5 round capacity, I keep a P365 in a crossdraw configuration at 10 O'clock. If I had to pick just one, I would have to pick the wheel gun.
  2. Will Carry


    You cannot go wrong with a Glock 17. Complaining about a certain grip is a pass time of gun forums. I have read many after action reports by law enforcement. I have never read a police officers say "I sure am glad I have that custom grip or I would never have won that fight." Same thing with triggers. As a matter of fact most cops don't even know how many rounds they fired. That being said most shooters just shoot at targets and that is where a comfortable grip, nice trigger and sights come in to play. I have owned a few Glocks and still use the Glock 19 as my go to pistol.
  3. To the original poster: Those are 4 fine weapons! I agree totally with your assessment. I presently do not owned any of those pistols but I have in the past. Thanks for posting that.
  4. 1)Can I accesses this handgun quickly and reliably. (Grab) 2) Can I draw quickly and accurately (Yank) 3) can a point and fire quickly (Fire) Of all of my carry guns one stands out. I can draw and fire faster with it than any of them. It my old Smith and Wesson model 36 3" with the square butt grip. I didn't want to admit it so I tested all my guns again and Chief's Special still won. Five shots in today's environment is just not enough and speed loading a wheel gun during a gun fight is out of the question. That's why I back up my J-frame with a Sig P365 or other semi-auto.
  5. I recently purchased a Pitbull in 9mm short (.380). It is a 6 round revolver with a three inch barrel. I love it! I am used to a snubby in 38sp which everyone knows, it's a little snappy. The Pitbull shoots like honey, smooth and sweet. I think the trigger is better than my S&W Chief's Special. I have always wanted a Bulldog 44 special. All the cops used them as an off duty carry or a backup back in the day, but 44 special is hard to get and expensive. The Pitbull 45acp is on my list. I was going to get the Pitbull 9mm but I have a few sub-compact 9s. I like the fact that you don't need moon clips. I have never had problems ejecting the spent casing, if you do it like you mean it. Slap that puppy and all 6 will drop out. Then you have to call "time out" to stop the fight while you reload. That is why I carry a back up .380.
  6. Has anyone had any issues with Winchester White Box 9mm 124 gr NATO ammunition having light primer strikes? My SIG P-365 has had 8 light primer strikes in 450-500 rounds. The fellow I called from SIG said I was using cheap ammo and they couldn't help me. I had purchased 1000 rounds of this WWB and none of my other 9mm had any problem with it. I have never had a light primer strike with WWB but I did switch to Federal ammo and after 200 rounds have not had any light primer strikes (one failure to reset). Has there been any issues with WWB ammo that could support SIGs comments (FYI, SIG's customer service was terrible. The guy actually said "8 failures out of 500? That's not bad." He never even asked me for the serial number, just refused to help. I wrote SIG a letter and they have never bothered to respond)
  7. The talking heads keep repeating over and over that 95% of gun owners agree on this and 87% of gun owners want that and I was just wondering who on this forum was a part of a recent poll on gun control. They didn't ask me.
  8. I have a Bisley Vaquero in .357 magnum. I like the Bisley because the hammer spur is lowered so you don't have to reach for it with your thumb. It also has a widened trigger. The sights are not adjustable but how often do you adjust the sights on your handgun? The fixed sights are dead on. I used it to win the company pistol shoot a few yeas ago. You can shot hot .357 loads until the gun is too hot to reload. You can iron your shirts with it while you wait for it to cool down. What ever single action you decide on, you are going to love it. I like to put on my Stetson and my Old El Paso Cheyanne rig and run around the house in my underwear going "Yippi Ki aye Ki Yaye!"
  9. I was using muzzle energy as a comparison, which doesn't really equate to stopping power all the time. I am seeing 250 ft/lbs on some 380 ammo but that's taken with a grain of salt. I have seen claims that 380+p have muzzle energy upward toward 300 ft/lbs. Underwood 90gr +P claims 288 ft/lbs. Buffalo Bore has a 80 grain that claims 289 ft/lbs and their 100 gr +P is at 294 ft/lbs But you know what I have learned about the wacky world of ballistics?......
  10. I have a Smith and Wesson model 36. It is a great little 5 shot snubby. What's the biggest complaint from people after they shoot a snub nosed 38. "It's too snappy!" Enter the Pitbull 380. A six shot cylinder, three inch barrel and the patented ejector for ACP casings, plus the 380 has comparable ballistics to the 38. That was my justification for buying one any how. I picked it up this morning and had a chance to run a few rounds through it. I was surprised at how smooth the DA trigger pull was and the cylinder gap is next to nothing. The lock up could have been a little tighter but it is within my tolerance. The first shot I thought was a squib accept for the hole in the target. No recoil! It sounded kind of muffled too. Once I got the front site picture right I was able to make one jagged hole at around 5 yards in single action and keeping a nice saucer size group in double action. The recoil was so low I could crank out 6 rounds quicker than I could fire 3 rounds from my 38 special. I just cannot believe that this little low recoil puppy has similar stopping power to my 38 special but I have it loaded with 380 +P and will start carrying it. 380 +P, that sounds ridicules. Kind of like a .22 short magnum. My hope is that my wife will be able to trade in her 22 and use this little pitpuppy but I might just keep it myself. I have always wanted a Charter Arms wheel gun.
  11. A lady walks into court, accused of beating her husband with his guitars. The judge asks "First offender?" She said "No, first the Gibson, then the Fender." Ah Cha Cha
  12. Thanks for the replies! I purchased the Sig in October of 2018. The serial number is 66A220###. The ammo I was shooting was not Remington but Winchester 124 grain FMJs. I bought 1000 rounds when they were on sale. The three light strike rounds were recycled after I examined them and all of them fired on the second try. My local gun shop has excellent service. I bought the Diamondback 380 from him, it broke so they sent me another one, it broke so they sent me another one and it was unreliable so Clay at Fuquay Guns gave me $300 for it, even though he was selling them for $275. I put the $300 down on a …..Sig P238. That little pistol is a honey! It is what I carry most of the time with a S&W snubby as a back up.
  13. I have shot two boxes of Remington target loads through my new P365. That is 100 rounds. Of that 100 rounds I have had three light primer strikes and one failure to eject. WTH! I sold my Ruger LC9s when I bought t his Sig. My LC9s that has never failed to fire. My Glock has never failed to fire. My Colt 1911 has never failed! This is the worst experience I have had with a pistol since that Diamondback 380 (it should be called the Moneyback 380). Should I send it back to SIG or feed more ammo through it? If this pistol is ammo sensitive I will get rid of it.
  14. I wish we still had a battleship. I know they are obsolete but they still have a fear factor. I friend of mine saw the New Jersey firing broadsides off the coast of Viet Nam. He was on the Valley Forge, (a helicopter landing ship. It was the last US Navy aircraft carrier to qualify for shore bombardment with her 5 inch guns}. The Marines said the VC would scatter whenever the New Jersey sailed up.
  15. Go to Google maps and search for Shahid Bahonar Port. It is in the Straights of Hormuz. You can see their navy including their fast attack subs and a gaggle of midget subs. I tried to post the link but Google rejected it. I don't know where the got the midgets. Of course as soon as you do the search some zit faced kid in a sub-basement at Langley is going to flag you...….


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