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  1. Staying at the team room is an awesome benefit of training at TR.
  2. Brandon at Direct Hit is as cool as you can get. Very accommodating, highly recommended for transfers, trading, or outright sales. His prices are hard to beat.
  3. The red camp is proud to welcome another member!! Enjoy yourself, and be SAFE!!!
  4. Quote: How long does it take you to change loads? Mugster, the quick change turret die plates are so dadgum cheap, I have one for each of the calibers I load for so I never have to take out my dies....just a 15 second change. I also have an identical powder measure for a quick change, and a Lyman 55 for some versatility and convenience. So I guess the answer to your question would be just as fast as you can swap out the powder measure, die plate/dies, safety prime system, load up the powder, primers, and you're ready to roll.....About a 5 min ordeal from beginning to end.
  5. I can easily churn out 200 rounds an hour on my Lee classic cast Turret. They are reasonably priced, built to last, and they are the perfect compromise to the single stage/progressive dilemma. Ive loaded about 2000 rounds on the Pro1000, and all Ive got to say is that you'd better make sure you have a good working knowledge of the process. If you just HAVE to have a progressive, I believe the Dillon would be a little more user friendly for a novice starting off. But all in all I can just about guarantee your happiness with the classic cast setup.
  6. The site goes down from time to time for different reasons......it should be up and running soon.
  7. Whats up guys....I was wondering if anyone out there has any lead in any form laying around looking for a new home. The casting bug took a bite out of me so Im on the lookout for some Pb. Holler at me if you got any leads. Thanks, Dave
  8. You hold down the east side of the state, and Ill hold down the west . small dings in the brass doesnt phase me much, just as long as I can straighten it with a rifle case and the sizing die.
  9. There, I fixed it for you. I think 1 day wouldn't be enough.....A week would probably be enough time for folks to get acclimated to seeing a good portion of our population open carrying. I'm a proponent of CC but a PROTEST of ridiculous Gun laws is what this country needs. They took our Right to bear arms away and replaced it with a PRIVELEDGE, sounds like good ole fashioned Bull ****e to me. Count me in Rabbi
  10. This is from the Tn dept of safety: Effective July 1, 2005, all new handgun permit applicants must provide proof of U.S. Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Residency unless such applicant has already provided this proof and it is documented on their driver license record. Acceptable Proof of Citizenship or Lawful Permanent Resident Status Documents Remember: No photocopies will be accepted! * Official Birth Certificate issued by a U.S. state, jurisdiction or territory (Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Northern Mariana Islands, American Samoa, Swain's Island, Guam); * U.S. Govern
  11. You need to get the original copy with a seal/stamp on it.....For Idientity verification......Congrats on the class!
  12. That's pretty awesome man.....Everyone Ive ever met that has had back surgery was miserable for weeks/months after it was over.....a few never really recovered from it. If I ever need my back torqued I need to look up your Doc!
  13. Hey Pokey, First off the only Glocks that came with 1st Gen frames were the 17, 17L, 18 and the 19....Looks like you have a 2nd gen 21 on your hands. Id wouldnt pay any more than $400 OTD for it myself.......Shove $375 in his face and see what he'll do . Good luck, youll love it.
  14. Wish I could join you KC but alas....I work every weekend so Im relegated to the range Mon-Thurs
  15. To all of you Members/Associate members of the FOP.......See you tonight at the Dinner.
  16. DeeZee

    Gun help!

    The question is, what do you want the firearm for??? If its gonna be for carry, you're gonna want to practice with it. If you're gonna practice with the 357sig round you're gonna wish you had a .45 cause .45 ammo is cheaper. If its a super fast light projectile you're looking for why don't you just go for 9mm+p or better yet +p+. You need to take what the rest of the world says with a grain of salt my man and go with what works for you. All I know is that when you were out on the range with me that G22 fit you like a glove.....and you could hit with it.....WELL. I can understand why yo
  17. DeeZee

    Gun help!

    For real Tung... BTW Glock, .357 sig will be real expensive to play with on any sort of regular basis. You should have just stuck with the 17 . I was calling you that day to offer you a 92fs for that 17, such is life.....I need to hold on to the Beretta anyways! Good luck with the trade bud.
  18. I have 2 crossbreed IWB's and all I can say is that the only drawback IMHO is that they're not the prettiest things to look at. As far as IWB's go Crossbreed makes an extremely comfortable and durable package that wears like a champ for 14+ hours a day. I bought my 1st with adjustable cant so I could get the exact height and cant I needed for a comfortable ride and maximum concealment. When I ordered the second for a different piece I just let Mark know exactly what I wanted and he put it there with rivets. I can also tell you that Mark will do what he has to do to make a customer happy
  19. Id recommend Shanes class to anyone, You'll have a great time there man.
  20. Toy4x4 is partly responsible for my recent AK spending spree ......Welcome aboard man.
  21. First off Id like to state that I served from 89-93 in the USAF and the only firearms training I received was qualifying with an M16....Ive got my National Defense ribbon and I don't think folks look "silly" for wanting to train for whatever personal reasons they might have. I was no GI Joe in the Military, so does it make me a Marine or Army "wannabee" for wanting to learn new things now? Are people who compete in IDPA wannabees? Are the cowboy shooters?(OK bad example ) I guess what I'm getting at is people do things for many different reasons, who are we to judge them? We are all her
  22. Well we spent a little while polishing and sizing some brass, then we hit the range. The ATF was out there for a little while blowing stuff up with their 223's and .40's....then they made way for the real shooters . It ended up being 4 of us out there for about 3 hrs.....we had our fun from about 76yds in to 7 yds.....couldnt have painted a prettier day. Now Ive got 2 to clean fore I hit the sack, 3AM comes early here in Jackson. Talk to Y'all Monday! Dave
  23. I dont know what it looks like in your neck of the woods today, but its picture perfect here in Jackson again.......Gonna have to get out there and piddle around on the range again.....Come with me yall!
  24. The weekends arent as fun as they used to be....but thank God they go by quick! Only bad thing about being off all week is the opportunity to spend money, youve got to be really careful. On the plus side, we do get out to the range twice a week most of the time.
  25. I relayed your question to my wife Shay, and her reply was "We're just not that in to it". My wife has her HCP and if shes awake shes carrying, she even hits the range with me a few times a month. But when I start in on any defensive training talk for her, she will give me the look . I guess you can equate training schools and the different fighting pistol/rifle classes with higher education, and I think you'll agree higher education in any field is daunting to many people. I believe the more the General population becomes comfortable with carrying, the more and more women you'll see traini


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