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    mosin nagant M44

    Yes they are. They are also less common than the Russian M44's. Most I've seen have been in rough shape.
  2. Hello All, I was hoping to get a few opinions about all the hype around Gold and Silver as an investment. A. Sell - Do you think precious metals are currently too expensive? B. Hold - The price is right where it needs to be. C. Buy - It is still a good deal. It seems to me that there is a lot to be gained by companies who sell bullion. What to you guys think.
  3. Hi guys, My buddy just sent me this article. Gun Digest - Izhmash: Russian AK Maker Bancrupt Summary The Russian firm Izhmash (Izhevsk Mechanical Works) holds the patents for the AK-47, and it is going broke because of all the illegal copies of its weapons being produced worldwide. Izhmash is having little success in trying to force companies in Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Israel, China and the United States to pay licensing fees for the AK-47s they produce. The typical defense is that it is a much improved rifle, with only a superficial similarity to the Izhmash AK-47. Some claim that Russia abandoned the AK-47 design in the 1970s, when they switched to the 5.45mm AK-74. Actually, the original AK-47 design was replaced in 1963, at least in Russia, by the similar (in appearance) AKM. Izhmash is 201 years old, and was originally founded by the Czarist government as a state arsenal, for the production of military weapons. During the Soviet period (1923-91), there were patent laws on the books, but these were generally not observed, especially when it came to foreign technology. The Soviets would respect patents when it suited their purposes (that is, it was cheaper to get help from the patent holder to implement a technology, than it was to just steal it and figure it out), but generally the concept of intellectual property was ignored. Having allowed that kind of thinking to gain some traction, the Russians have had a hard time enforcing rights to Soviet era Russian inventions in a post-Soviet world. Read more Source: strategypage.com Collectors: Values Could Rise How will this affect the availability -- and resulting collectible values -- of genuine AKs, Dragunovs and Saiga shotguns? According to the firearmblog.com, "If you were thinking about buying a Saiga rifle or Saiga-12 shotgun. I suggest you buy it right now." Dan Shideler: Izhmash bancruptcy won't necessarily make their guns more collectible, but AK prices could rise. According to Gun Digest's very own Dan Shideler, who edits the Standard Catalog of Firearms and Gun Digest 2010, values of Russian manufactured arms could rise, but there are other factors to consider. "This is one of the risks run by companies that fail to police their actual or intellectual property rights zealously," Shideler said. "A similar situation occurred here in the USA several years ago when Colt sued a company that was making a clone of the Single Action Army. Colt held that their "trade dress" rights -- not an actual patent or trademark, which Colt did not hold on the SAA -- had been violated since the other company's product so closely resembled theirs. The court didn't sustain Colt's opinion, which is good, since if it had, it would have stopped production of virtually all other single-action revolvers (Ruger, EMF, Uberti, USFA, etc.) unless these manufacturers paid Colt a licensing fee. "As it turns out, the court's ruling did not substantially damage Colt, which had various other product lines and a great brand name to fall back on. Izmash is well-diversified, too, so they must be suffering from other serious internal problems as well. "Would the bankruptcy of Izhmash make their guns more collectible? Probably not. Will it make prices for AK's rise? Possibly, if other manufacturers can't pick up the slack."
  4. Helpful discussion guys. I guess I will have to get a HCP.
  5. Hello All, I did a google search and am still confused. I am wondering what TN laws say about a Truck Gun? (pistols and rifles). Thank you.
  6. I have shot my friend's Polytech several times. They are pretty sweet and seem to be going up in price. I would check gunbroker to see what the going rate is for them. My buddy warned me to always check the gas tube before I buy one. He said that he has seen some that have shown corrosive changes.
  7. Thank you all for the warm welcome. Yup, I got it from TGC. I think they were supposed to get some more in soon. I can see how the Mosin's can become addictive.
  8. Hello all, I joined a few days ago but I have been reading the interesting threads for a while. I live in the Clarksville area and enjoy shooting and collecting C & R type rifles. I recently just picked up my first Mosin Nagant 91/30. Thanks, 7.62

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