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  1. Wish you well then, and a speedy recovery. RP
  2. Yeah, the wife went earlier to get just a few things, and she there was no paper anything, TP, napkins, paper towels Crazy RP
  3. Ours here don't. Sure there are some calibers you don't save a lot on but then there are others that you can save a ton on. In my case, 41 mag., 444, 25-20, 32 colt, and 45 colt. Maybe not so much on the other dozen or so calibers, but if I need a few rounds I don't have to go anywhere to do so. But like others here I enjoy my time at the bench. Not sure if I load to shoot, or shoot to load. RP
  4. Morning Grunt, RP here, have ya made it to the range with it yet? As to their multiplying in the safe I'm up to three. RP
  5. I have an old S 55 12ga that I like it for the occasional pheasant hunt. Maybe a little lite for a day of sporting clays though. RP
  6. Oh well, maybe she's worked it out. Been a while since I was last here. RP
  7. I understand, didn't know of the problem. I had noticed that it wasn't working any longer and was just inquiring. Thanks for the info. RP
  8. Well, He77, then I guess that explains it . Sure was A LOT easier to post pics. than the PC. RP
  9. Yeah I have been trying to log in on tap a talk for over a month. Always gives some bs about network error. Funny all the others work except this site. RP
  10. That looks more like something Taylor's and Co. would do. If Remington made I'd want to hold it before I bought it for sure. Just sayin RP
  11. I'm not biker per-say, I do ride a bike and my hair is long. And sure there are stoopid bike riders also. Seen them first hand. I just saw this and thought it could bring some light into who alot of those that are, and what they are about. Heck none of us are perfect. This weekend I rode in a charity ride to help a young lady that has cancer. Thanks for reading and posting your comments. If you ride, ride safe and watch out for the cell phone users. RP
  12. Dave, I also have a C&R, but how does this help? I have had mine several years, and still have been denied a few times. Not on the C&R eligible items but others. RP
  13. I hope you take the time and read the whole thing. Thanks. JUST A BIKER I saw you; hug your purse closer to you in the grocery store line. But you didn't see me put an extra $10.00 in the collection plate last Sunday. I saw you pull your child closer when we passed each other on the sidewalk. But you didn't see me playing Santa at the local Mall. I saw you change your mind about going into the restaurant when you saw my bike parked out front. But you didn't see me attending a meeting to raise more money for the cyclone relief. I saw you roll up your window and shake
  14. Henry started making one a couple years back. I got one of the first 250, a real shooter, mine has only seen cast boolits. Would be nice if Remlin could finally figure out the lever guns. I still wouldn't buy one I couldn't touch first. RP
  15. The Rem. model in the 35 Rem. chambering would be a nice addition to the stable. RP
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