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  1. Sorry I had to size it down for this damn forum it screwed it up. Let me try again. RP
  2. Game camera pic., do you see the cougar stalking the elk? My apologies, posted from phone and didn't realize it came out so small. Scroll down there is a larger version. RP
  3. Didn't know about the regulations, just personally thought it a bit smallish, but like you said I'm sure it's been done... more than once. Just like the 22 lr & 22 mag. Let me see if I can get this Pic. to load. My .32 cal. Squirrel rifle and my .36 cal. 1851. RP
  4. I have a CVA Squirrel .32, it's pretty accurate and like you haven't shot it in a couple years. Very fun, but as you say a pain especially compared to the .50 and .54. Never thought about deer hunting with it though. RP
  5. I'm with ya on the Polaris, had one, and Never again. Honda's are hard to beat. RP
  6. Saw all that this morning and the reason for the question. Was looking for some who may have visited, or live near by. Looking for a centralized local for a long weekend gathering of shooters from around the eastern states for some shooting eating and bs'ing. RP
  7. Back atcha you ole coot... yourself. Been doing pretty over here, Big Al left us over there. How have you been? Possum trot is north west of Knoxville. Scott County. RP
  8. Looking for info on the place. From anyone who lives near or has ever visited the place. I'm working on a gathering for next Spring, for some friends from around the country. It says they have a couple ranges, 25, 50 ,and a 200 yarder. Anyone been there or live near, what are your thoughts on the place? Or do you know of somewhere similar that may be a better place. Thanks. RP
  9. I have 5 now, 3 Marlins and 2 Winchesters. RP
  10. Ok, "one" of my favorites a 1975 made 336 Marlin 35 Rem. Shortened to 16.5". RP
  11. I've seen 3 or 4 of them around here, $249- $259, and all with the black grips. I like those wooden ones there downtown. RP
  12. My first car, 67 Mustang RP
  13. I hunt with all kinda different rifles, if I buy something new, well it goes to the field. I have blooded most of my rifles, mostly one of three 35 Remingtons, then a couple 30-30's, a sporterized 1903 30-06, 444 Marlin, 308 Marlin Express, a couple different 223's , a Rossi 357, heck one year I took a young one with a 12 ga., and then there's the handguns, a couple different 44 mags, a 41 mag, and even once with 44 cal. BP revolver. Still got a few to try and use before I pass. RP
  14. What Greg said. We're lucky we have good neighbors, and try to be good neighbors. I do occasionally make a little Loud noises off the deck.....ifn ya know what I mean. RP
  15. If asking about the buddies purchase, it was a 95 also. RP
  16. One of the first semi-autos I ever bought was a P95, I still have it. A buddy of mine bought one back in the Summer. RP
  17. I stand corrected. They sure aren't much to look at though , are they?? RP
  18. Well, they must think my yard is a deer haven, as that's where I check mine in at for the past upteen years.. Actually this year it was shot from the backyard, of course he was standing about 100 yds. due north on the farm next door. But I've had permission to hunt it for some 20+ years now. RP
  19. Just so ya know Bolivar is in Hardeman county, about an hour north of Shelby county. RP
  20. SE corner of Madison got some damage, lots of trees and power poles down, and quite a few still out of power. Ours was out till around 7 this morn., not bad here, but just north of us a few miles is the worst for the area. RP
  21. I didn't know I've been away for a while, like I said. They can remove it, my apologizes. RP


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