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  1. Exactly my thought. I got to Singapore in 86 or 87 and a bunch of us went to Johnny Two Thumbs tattoo shop. If he would have been there my path probably would have been different. But he was semi retired and wasn't working. Several guys got tats and I just sat down with an adult beverage and waited on them to get done. I never really considered getting any ink after that.
  2. I am the non tattooed Harley rider and have ridden for 30+ years. I didn't get any tats in my 20 years in the USN so I see no need for me to get any due to the three Harleys that are parked here at our house.
  3. I haven't seen any 81's here in Cleveland. Granted I do not get out as much as I should. But I havent seen their colors here. Back in the late 80's I was living in Imperial Beach and had an 81 neighbor. Good dude, never a problem and we shared beers every weekend. With that said, I tend to give all 1% MC's a wide berth.
  4. It was my understanding TN was a DMZ for the major 1% MC's. So having a bunch gathered could be interesting to say the least.
  5. Absolutely no need to that way. I have one of your holsters that still just as good, snug and wearable as the day you sent it to me. I have no grand illusions (or delusions for that matter) about my life. I have had many conversations with people, my pastor included, and they say I have had a very interesting life. Things that I don't tell people about the Navy is the constant "forking" I tended to receive, especially being single. Being single is a sure way to get stuck on duty for all holidays. In my second command I was shore duty, but being single, I walked into work on Monday and was told I was deploying Friday for 6 months. The aircraft mechanic I was replacing wasn't deployable due to "marital problems". So fork me over for being single.
  6. Joined the Navy right out of high school. Was just about finished with my 20 years when I got married, single Sailor for 18 years. Got married in 03, retired in 05. That first year after retirement was fun, range time, riding our motorcycles, concerts, traveling and by the end of 05 the wife was pregnant. I have been the stay at home dad, homemaker and school parent volunteer ever since. Our son goes off to middle school this year so little to no parent volunteering and I hope to shoot more, ride more and actually take better care of our yard.
  7. There is no tire like retire. Sorry about the surgery and rehab. Just do what they say and heal quickly.
  8. I had a good friend in the Navy from Thailand. Yes Thai names sound strange to us English speakers so I have used his name a few times when I have to give a name for stuff like this, Boonchai.
  9. I too have been seeing "stuff" and ideas on some of the Navy sites I visit. I am not trying to bring about any tin foil hat stuff but the thought of the Filipino manned vessel and the very, very curious course the container vessel took. Add the fact that our Filipino brethren are dealing with Abu Sayyaf does make me wonder....
  10. Seems the missing Sailors were found in a flooded berthing http://www.c7f.navy.mil/Media/News/Display/Article/1217825/uss-fitzgerald-collision-update-1033am-jst-june-18-2017/#.WUXZvwAnLVQ.facebook
  11. We lost a shipmate overboard from the USS Normandy http://abcnews.go.com/US/wireStory/navy-sailor-remains-missing-overboard-47933877 Then the other supposed man overboard from the USS Shiloh, who turned out to be hiding. I will not speculate on the root cause there. https://www.navytimes.com/articles/surprise-cruiser-shiloh-sailor-presumed-overboard-and-dead-discovered-hiding-on-board Now we have an at sea collision with reported 7 Sailors missing. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2017/06/16/navy-ship-collides-japan-merchant-ship/405370001/
  12. That's rough! Sorry to see that, even though it looks relatively minor it is still a major heartbreak. Back in Nov we traded in our Travel Trailer and ungraded to a 5th wheel, a Keystone Cougar X-Lite 28RDB. Long story short, we brought it home and compiled a list of warranty issues to be corrected, 7 or 8 items nothing really major. We took it back to the dealer for work the 2nd week of April. Two weeks ago we got a call from the dealer stating a large tree limb fell on our campers roof during a storm and punched three holes. We haven't even camped in it yet.....
  13. I didn't step foot aboard the USS Ranger until 1986.
  14. I was on active duty USN, stationed at HS-8 onboard NAS North Island, San Diego. I was in the shower when the first one hit. I had the radio on and wasn't really paying attention, I just remember being a bit miffed they kept talking and not playing music. After I got out of the shower is when I actually heard what was going on. I quickly shaved and got dressed and watched a few minutes of news before I had to head to base. I saw the 2nd plane hit the tower. I knew we were under attack and knew full well getting to work was going to suck. It did, the base was locked down. It took till almost noon to report to work. I was sent home and told to pack my bags and be ready to be gone for a year. The next morning I was flown out to the CV that was conducting Carrier Quals to support the air suppression on the West coast.

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