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  1. Nothing about this situation is right. But, I hate to say it, it doesn't surprise me with the way our legal system works. Please stay aware and vigilant in protecting yourself and your family.
  2. My usual response is "More than some, less than others. But generally speaking, not enough".
  3. I would have pointed the barrels out, if it were me...
  4. And if you look closely at that above photo, on the left side of the joint (opposite of the crack) the bottom edge looks corroded out also.
  5. buck1032


    There is a brand new chainsaw on there now https://chattanooga.craigslist.org/grd/d/soddy-daisy-stihl-climing-saw/7317705463.html
  6. I would assume that they are speaking of SC card speeds. The higher speed the more they cost. I have been wanting to get a dash cam. So I am following this thread to learn as much as I can before I plop down the cash.
  7. I am sorry to hear this, shipmate. You are in my thoughts an prayers.
  8. When I came into the 375 doing some trading I told the wife it was for T-rexs. Granted I am not sure the 375 will do the job when they get cloned and run amok. LOL
  9. buck1032


    So you didnt go the VA?
  10. I have its slightly larger brother with a 6" barrel.
  11. No doubt that my Browning Safari Grade in 375 is a great caliber. It is also a safe queen. That 375 is rather spendy to feed. LOL
  12. My tiny big boys are 300 Weatherby Mag and 375 H&H Mag.
  13. I can not get past the "before" trigger guard. She did turn out beautifully. Great job breathing life back into her.
  14. Keep in mind there was a fire back in the late 60's or early 70's that destroyed some records, so temper your hopes that nothing may come of it. You should be able to get at a minimum his discharge paperwork, cant remember the form number and it was Pre- DD-214 days. With that said what we learned of my wifes grandfather, he was on a ship that was in the battle group that recovered an enigma. Pretty cool piece of history.


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