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  1. One day, I can only hope when I grow up I too can be just like OE.
  2. That is my thoughts, exactly. I am not looking for another gun at this time, but at that price if I happen to run across one don't think I wont jump on it.
  3. My take on these solvent traps, is they are traps. While I do my fair share of law breaking, I like to cruise 2 to 3 over on the interstate. I want no part of anything that could be construed as an automatic weapon, suppressor, or parts there of. Too many if's, and's or but's when it comes to these bits and pieces that some one in authority at the ATF could write a memo and make that part something that would send me to jail. I am just too soft and cuddly for that madness.
  4. The last episode of the season was much better than I thought it would be. Quite a few twists and turns and that kept it interesting.
  5. Wow, that went South quick! I am glad the Officers survived. I couldn't tell in the video how, when or where the cop got control of the suspects weapon, but if that's how it went down, kudos to the cop for his quick thinking and rapid action that most likely saved his life.
  6. Very sorry for your loss. Prayers are offered for you and family.
  7. I would love to squeeze in a ride or three. However my riding time has been limited to rarely these days. I am not complaining, just explaining, I have put my family (wife and son) first. So we do many family outings instead of me riding.
  8. I do understand you point of view. I have had many friends from up North while I did my 20 in the Navy. They too never went back to their hometowns. They went to freer and greener pastures.
  9. ReeferMac, I have been reading through this thread and I have to say one day I hope to meet you, buy you and your bride a cup of coffee or three. Your response and attitude is what we like and want in this state.
  10. And milk, don't forget the milk. How would you ever survive without the 3 extra gallons of milk?
  11. Let me preface this by saying, I am not, never been a SEAL. I never applied, went to or graduated BUDS. I was an Aviation Machinists Mate who got lucky and did a tour at the Navy SERE school. I got to work closely with some of the SEALs (we called them fish eaters). This was in the late 90's and the SEALs went through the regular SERE training tract. These days they have a SERE school tailored for them so they do not attend the school I taught. I also taught DEST (Desert Environmental Survival Training) and Team 3 was keenly interested in that course. I had a student from Team 3 and he and I hit it off. We were students together at another course. As I moved up in the DEST program I started hooking my contact up in Team 3 to make sure his guys always had a billet. As such I got to use some of their stuff. I ensured his Team had a slot and I would call him up and see what stuff and gear he could loan me. The gear these guys had and the budget, even then, was mind boggling. I came from aviation and its standard run of the mill to not have money for parts. I called him one day asking if he could loan me some weapons and "stuff". I needed them to be outfitted for simunitions. He and his team went overboard. I drove away with, well lets just say an amazing amount of stuff, gear, weapons, ordnance, and other fun things. As they were loading it for me I asked my buddy where do I need to sign for custody, he just laughed and said he knew where I worked. LOL I ended up deploying with that guy in 01 and when he came aboard he shunned the normal Navy brass BS and hung with me in the mech shop. He stayed in and went on to bigger and even better things. So to bring this derailment back on track, all these Ft Lbs measurements make my largest caliber seem down right wimpy, the 375 H&H Mag which can get upwards of 4,500 ft lbs
  12. Since my last reply on this thread we have updated our truck. I did like the hard undercover one that was on the Dodge, but it had its limitations. As other have said if you load, haul or move tall stuff its a not one for you. While removing and reinstalling isn't too painful, it wasn't the easiest to do alone. We have since gotten a 2016 Chevy 2500 and installed a 5th wheel hitch. As such the one piece hard cover wouldnt cut it. We went with the fold up cover from Truck Gear by Linex. I am overall happy with it as it locks (as long as your tailgate locks) and is easy to fold and secure. With that said there are limitations with it also. The Undercover tonneau had something like a 500 lbs weight limit placed on top, which meant I could stand on it and walk. The fold up one we have now would not hold up to even my 10 year old son walking on. LOL
  13. When Michonne said she was eating another I laughed and told the wife she wouldn't have a bowel movement for several days. The Dear Wife commented that in this case that would be a good thing.
  14. As interest wanes I may as well toss out my thoughts on last nights Keystone Cops episode. While Rick and Michonne were gather weapons I kept telling myself they should also have been gathering all the available body armor that was there at the carnival. They are about to go to war and to me the body armor would be high on the list of stuff to procure when available.

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