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  1. I ride my motorcycle to Texas every year, well except this year, and ride around the Hill Country. The rule for DPS is 10 percent over you will get ticketed. So we usually run 88 mph on our bikes.
  2. Of those 51.6 percent of us Tennesseans I would venture a guess that at least half of those have what would be considered an arsenal. And at least 25 percent of those would have an arsenals arsenal. I would fall into one of the later categories depending on the criteria used to determine said arsenal. LOL
  3. It could just be an AR pistol. Granted I do not know and do not pretend to understand the ATF's rulings on pistol braces, but that could be bought and sold as a pistol with a brace.
  4. Its been a Sprung Monkey sort of day
  5. I lived in IB and South Bay for 12 years then moved up to Temecula, then back to TN in 05. Still listening to SoCal bands, Sprung Monkey, Unwritten Law, RFTC, etc.
  6. And improvising awesome gear as well.
  7. Tom, To be honest, I have yet to think of a scenario where I would have to ditch the camper. What runs through my mind in this scenario is when we have towed our camper to Fort Wilderness Campground, which is Disneys campground. We drive through Atlanta usually around 8 or 9 pm. You cannot maintain a single lane and get where you want to go as the roads are constantly exit only, so I have to keep moving further away from the edge. And Atlanta traffic precludes leaving any out, via distancing while driving there. As I was once told by a California Highway Patrol motorcycle officer, "Nature ahbo
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