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  1. If you were in Memphis I would be there already.
  2. Not a Huskie but my toro has three safeties that will do what you described, seat switch, blade engaged and parking brake.
  3. Three bay with a lift. Someplace to store the toys.
  4. I would be interested. I have met a few folks through transactions. There is also a cigar and bourbon get together most every Wednesday in my shop out back.
  5. Good luck man. Had mine done a few years back. Best advice I can give is find some sweat pant shorts and practice removing and reinstalling with one arm.
  6. Still available. Got an aimpoint pro? Santa forgot to bring one.
  7. https://www.etsy.com/listing/193232598/edc-pocket-organizer-leather-sheath-edc2 Well then, bushgear has some nice stuff
  8. https://www.amazon.com/Custom-Leathercraft-1104-Multi-Purpose-Holder/dp/B000CP0SSC
  9. Thanks Tom. Good meeting you.
  10. Any other trades? I'm on a 308 phase right now. AAC?
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