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  1. You're the one making the claim, I think you should back it up. I suspect it is completely true by the way. I suspect that there is no magical death pistol in existence. A goodly number? Minimal damage? I'll admit the study the guy did was flawed. But at least he had numbers and methodology. You've got opinion. If I want to kill someone I'd go with a rifle, or an ax. <br>That's kind of the whole point of my criticism. There are plenty of times in life where I have stopped doing something because I got hurt. Say i stepped on a nail. It hurts, blood pain and all that. If it were a l
  2. +1 for the advice to Bachman. Cracking me up.
  3. I don't think gang bangers are mythical. I'm sure they are real. And I think carrying a pistol is a fine thing. If it were easier, if I didn't have to go through a class (8 hours! of worthless crap from what I am told) and spend dough I'd do it. I still might do it. But I am going to feel compelled to speak up (it is a failing of mine) if the state video is wrong or something. I am, however, aware of one thing. Gang bangers, mafioso and so forth aren't crazed lunatics like the guy who shot up Va tech or the guy who went nuts in Arizona. Generally, if you are worried about gang bangers or the
  4. Yeah, I suppose. What's a blue million? You have a million blue examples of this to show me or are you talking about stories you heard, scarenarios and such? Wait, are smurfs being dragged into this? Yes, the elusive gang banger who wants to get shot, some kind of weird super warrior. I can't imagine two well placed wouldn't damage something, they've got skin, right? I imagine that two well placed rounds would at least puncture the skin. I would also imagine that blood would come out of the skin. I'm pretty sure I am able to post the stuff I find interesting as long as it is okay with
  5. As far as I know you need to worry about lead oxide not a lead slug in ya.
  6. Valid criticisms of the study to be sure. The research was "everything I could find" which is fine for the purposes of this paper but not valid for actual scientific conclusions. Problems noted, he left out a very important caliber. That is the 0mm or the 0.0X. You can load the zeros to any pressure you want and the results will be the same. I would wager that the zeroes stopped more attacks than any other caliber. And the zeroes are where the attack stops when the attacker realizes you have a weapon. You don't even have to shoot. I realize everyone wants to prepare for the worst case scena
  7. you're geting a lot of advice about the gun but I'll break form and say congrats on the adoption, and good for you for doing it.
  8. I don't care for frothy or Bachmann. I don't like their positions on freedoms and they both seem a bit slow to me. That said if what they want is a constitutional amendment then that is the way to go about it. I like guns and all that, I understand that some people don't. Here it is easy to deride the people that disagree but I will refrain, I will assume that they just feel that way after introspection. So great I disagree. What I disagree with more than their position is how they go about it. They are free to amend the constitution, if you want to take away or add a right that is how it wo
  9. You need a better camera. And some lights. There is no satiating the market for porn.
  10. Sorry that this is happening to you Mouse, best wishes for a speedy recovery.
  11. I searched and couldn't find this (though this is probably a redundant post) so apologies if it has been posted before. The disclaimer out of the way I found this study on stopping power interesting: An alternate look at stopping power As interesting as the conclusions is that the guy basically did his own study which means that if you're willing to invest the time deferring to experts (or personal beliefs) isn't always where the data points.
  12. +1 to that. There's already a way to punish people by taking their property if they are guilty it is called a fine.
  13. If you don't get angry about forfeiture laws you need to reread them until you do. That crap is insane.
  14. Sadly I believe this to be true.
  15. So which program are you guys going to cut:Defense, Medicare or Social Security? cause those are the only three that really matter. It is a tough choice, health care for old people, security or steal money from the people who paid it in. So which one do you choose?


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