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  1. Been there half dozen times for F class. They had the TN State F class match there last year in Sept.
  2. I went last April and there was as much as every other year.
  3. Shoot for a velocity in the 2850 range with the 250g and after you find the seating depth and neck tension it likes, should shoot pretty good.
  4. The .338 is really suited to 250-300g.   The 250g works pretty nice out to 1,250 yards. Might want to use 300 beyond that.
  5. For F class I use Whidden sizing and Wilson seating dies. The Wilson seating die is perfect as it gets.
  6. Here's 2 different one's for .308 that have shot .5 MOA out to 600 on a good day with an accurate barrel and shooter. Provided good brass prep, bullet and case sorting etc. Ditto on seating depth and would add, you need to chrono for everything. OCW, COAL and neck tension. Find what the rifles likes. After all that, both of these have worked very well for me:   175 SMK - 42.5-43.0 g IMR 4064 (all purpose load)   185 Berger Jugg - 43.5g Varget (F class and 1,000 yard load)   BR2 primer on both.   *The Berger 185 is much better @ 1,000.
  7. I'd stick with the .308 for F-TR. I only know one person that used .223 with success in F-TR and they have since went back to .308 and have done even better.
  8. GP11 for surplus is great.   I have measured bullet concentricity and weighed powder and cases. Pretty amazing for the time and being surplus.But then again, they make some amazing watches. :)


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