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  1. Just placed an order from CH precision weapons for one.
  2. I just ordered a Holosun 507c v2 green from Kenzie’s, they had it in stock and best price to my door that I found.
  3. You don’t happen to know a discount code for kenzies do you TGO David?
  4. I have a lower 1/3, I just need new screws, mine are stopped out. Kip12, you need screw or just the 1/3 mount?
  5. Wish I had my covid19 check, I would snag this up!!
  6. Im looking at purchasing a holosun 507C-V2 for a Sig 320 X Carry Pro, but I will need an adapter plate. I could go with the Delta Pro Point or Sig Romeo 1 pro for a direct fit, but i like the holosun better. Im having trouble finding an adapter plate, anyone know what adapter plate will work for the holosun? I looked at Springer, but couldnt find one for the x carry pro that works with the holosun..
  7. Keep this in mind, if it’s a legal issue that would keep you from intervening, then that should not be an issue. You have a right to defend yourself, family member or an innocent bystander. If your carrying a firearm and innocent lives are being taken right infront of you and you do not help then that’s a decision you will have to live with. I personally would not hesitate to eliminate the threat. Be a good witness, yes if that’s what’s needed, but when lives are being taken, it’s time to step up and take the threat down with over powering force with the quickness.
  8. I have a son that shoots right handed but is left eye dominant, he refuses to shoot left handed. I shoot and carry my pistol right handed, with right eye, but i shoot a rifle left handed and use left eye to aim. Something that to this day is odd. When I went through basic training back in 93 my Drill Sergeant was really messed up when he was giving everyone a test to determine which eye was dominant, my turn came up and first time went left eye, second time was left eye. This went on for multiple time until he finically just gave up and said fire however I felt comfortable n
  9. Really? Kinda surprised by that. I see the 17, and I would have went with the 19 as well. But the 45 surprised me. Not one of my favorites by a long shot.
  10. kellyII

    Remington R51

    I stand corrected after a little research, it is the polymer turd you speak of. But, it’s not an EDC, it’s just another collection to keep in the safe.
  11. I have a luthar mba3 on my 6.5 m, it rattles a lot unless you tighten the adjustment screws down and if it’s collapsed all the way down you can’t pull the charging handle all the way back. It has a lot of issues that I don’t like, but I have it adjusted where I want it and have the set screw tighter up and when it’s like that, it’s a good stock but these issues may deter some from buying one.
  12. kellyII

    Remington R51

    Yes pretty sure it is
  13. kellyII

    Remington R51

    Recently received quite a few handguns from a good friend that passed away and one of them was a Remington R51. Curious to find out if anyone owns one and has any opinions on it? I haven’t shot any of them yet. The design is most definitely different from any others that I own and some features I like and others I don’t. Not a fan of the safety on the rear of the grip.
  14. Off topic here, but tnhawk, your avatar pic of a prior unit you served?
  15. I purchased a G45 and a 19x, I personally didn’t care for the 45 so I gave it to my son. It just didn’t work for me, for some reason the grip and sight alignment felt off. I do like my 19x though.
  16. I too purchased a X carry pro and I purchased a 320 X-VTAC, first impression following a trip to the range was that I was very please with both. I really like the grip angle more than that of my Glocks. I love the ability to swap out slides, grip modules etc. I think Sig nailed it woth the Modular 320 line.
  17. They are one of the very few blue label Sig dealers in the state.
  18. Milan arsenal in Milan TN.
  19. You having trouble locating one at the gin store? Curious because my LGS has quite a few
  20. If I wasn’t broke as usual and already had a 17, I would take that off your hands. That’s a sweet looking 17

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