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  1. Carrying like that is a good way to give yourself a vasectomy.
  2. I had Lasik about ten years ago  at age 50 and did need readers as soon as the bandages came off. No change in my vision since then. Well worth it, think I've saved the cost in eye exams and contacts.
  3. The smokehouses I saw as a kid had the fire on the outside so there was minimal heat on the meat. They just wanted the smoke to flavor and help preserve the meat, not cook it.
  4. Maybe the general public doesn't notice tip offs to concealed carry so your setup may be ok. Since you have your HCP it really doesn't matter.  But the flap on your belt and the belt sag on that side scream  "I am armed with a gun in my pants".   I make a game of it out in public by trying to notice who is armed to increase my awareness. The biggest problem with IWB holster is the belt attachment that is a give away. Some are small and work with a .380 which I usually carry. Business attire is required at work so a smaller pistol is in order. I have almost went fulltime to OWB with a light jacket or fashion vest most of the time.  Again, not one of those photographer's vest, they also are a tip off to going armed.
  5. The flap over your belt and the sag of the belt on that side scream concealed carry.
  6. I don't think open carry is all that good of an idea but I don't like to see a citizen get his second amendment rights violated.   http://www.mlive.com/news/flint/index.ssf/2015/07/open-carry_christmas_eve_gun_s.html
  7. I used to go to those gun auctions at Powell. Most guns were bringing more than you could buy one on Gunbroker.com for.This is before the buyers premium and sales tax. Made no sense whatever so I quit going as there were no deals to be had.
  8. The combat pistol courses like they would be worthwhile, I may give the first one a try.  Don't see a lot of need for the expensive sniper courses.
  9. Thanks for the replies. I'll give Tactical a try.   Al
  10. Haven't been to an indoor range in a while and want to go this weekend. Live in west Knoxville so the Lovell Road location is most convenient for me. Has the new ownership changed things at Tactical Advantage or is it the same surly employees with terrible customer service? Last winter day I was at Frontier Firearms it was colder on the range than outside due to the fresh air system. Have never been to Gunny's in Maryville. Recommendations?  
  11. Don't confuse conservatives with Republicans, in most cases they are totally different animals. In Tennessee, the country club Republicans (they are the ones in charge) are the lap dogs of big business interests.
  12. Don't know, I didn't file a claim with the insurance company.
  13. I haven't done anything since I got the initial report straightened out. I took a couple of times to get the correct numbers in the system. They were fat fingered on two of them, so they have been active in the NCIC system since then. 
  14. I figured the same but it would make good business sense to do it. Now they are out whatever they gave for the Walther.
  15. I asked the same question and the officer said it was.
  16. Back in 2009 may home was broken into and three pistols stolen, a Glock 34, Glock 27 and a Walther P22. Of course I had the police investigate and supplied then the serial numbers of the three pistols. I have several copies, both paper and electronic, of all the firearms with serial numbers I own.    The Glock 34 was recovered in Chicago in 2010. After the convicted felon that possessed it pleaded out, the police there shipped it to Knoxville police and they returned it to me.   I got a call Saturday from an officer with  the Kingsport Police Department asking about the Walther P22 I reported stolen in 2009.  Here is what the officer told me. They had a gun show in Kingsport recently and Craig's Firearms had a table there with my Walther on it for sale. A guy wanted to buy it and it came up as stolen when the background check was ran. This was reported to the police and they confiscated the gun. He needed to confirm my birthdate and address to complete his report. I asked him how a gun shop could have a gun without knowing it was stolen. He didn't know.   He gave me the name and number of the guy in the property division to make arrangements to pick up the gun from.  I'll call later today and get the details.    Maybe I'll get the Glock 27 back too at some point.                                               
  17. Corker edged out Alexander by one percentage point for the most liberal voting record. 60% to 59%. We have a couple of loser liberal senators.
  18. Alexander is a hopeless case, he is a liberal in bed with the Democrats. The only cure is voting him out of office. Now that Joe Carr is opposing him in the primary he is worried about re-election. Plus the guy is age 73 and has been on the public teat his entire life.  You might want to check our Carr's website, I will be supporting him.   http://www.carrfortn.com/
  19. Check the link. Joe Carr, who is running in the primary against Lamar Alexander, points out that Alexander has almost the same liberal voting record as Cooper. He has the links to prove it. Notice also that Coker is a liberal.   http://tnreport.com/2013/08/26/carr-alexanders-record-more-liberal-than-coopers/
  20. If you read the court ruling, the guy represented himself at the appeal. His story about why he was at the park at 3:00 a.m. sounded really thin too. The questions he asked at the appeal trial did not go into whether he was under the influence other than he was not arrested for public intoxication.   The two big mistakes I see is the admission to the police he had been drinking and not using a qualified attorney at the appeal and maybe the trial. The ruling footnotes he had an attorney, now deceased, doesn't say if he represented him at the trial.   The odds are stacked against you in court. The only way they get fines and court costs is if you are convicted. I think he could have won with competent representation.
  21. I'm thinking of buying a Remington 700 25-06. I think it would make a good multi-purpose gun depending on bullet weight. Plan on using it for deer in Hickman County and maybe coyote there and here. Also thinking about hogs too. Opinions?   Al
  22. I am using a Sig P226 with the .22 conversion kit and a Sig Red Dot sight for Steel Challenge. Shot several times at ORSA, although my times are slow it has been a lot of fun. Great people who give advice and try to help new shooters improve. I'd like to use a holster so I don't have to carry the bag up to the line. Any ideas on what I could use or someone who makes custom holsters, preferably in Kydex. Cross posted this on the Handgun forum, hope that is not a no-no. Al
  23. I am using a Sig P226 with the .22 conversion kit and a Sig Red Dot site for Steel Challenge. Would like to have a holster so I don't have to carry the bag up to the line. Any ideas on what I could use or perhaps someone who makes custom holsters? Al
  24. Does anyone know of a cover that works to stop the camera from picking up your plate? Have seen several that say they will reflect light and white out the number. Then another report says they don't work. Don't want to buy several and run red lights just to find out.
  25. As a cancer survivor 2 1/2 years out I agree with your post.


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