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  1. How is a US Army supposed to be fighting civilians in this country? I thought there were safeguards to protect civilians from the military being turned against the civilian populace.
  2. Residential neighborhood is a little ambiguous. Typically, outside the city limits and reasonable responsible shooters should be able to do what they please. There are things known as property rights and in the city limits the city usually takes excessive advantage of their power to restrict. I wouldn't want to be shooting and interfering with my neighbor if he's very close, but a little politeness and notification plus being responsible should be enough.   There are too many different versions of the word safety out there to suit me. Some folks are a bit emotional.
  3. That's just asinine. If it has anything to do with liability, it is even more ridiculous. Take them back and auction them off to someone who wants them, not be stupid and destroy them.
  4. But Robert, I was talking about the time that you lose all your rights and become a puppet, or slave, and didn't take the time to think about the trap you fell into. How about those Jews in that Alley in Germany? I wonder why they fought back? There are other examples of people fighting back against tyranny. One even in Tennessee, years ago.   In a perfect world, one shouldn't have to think about such things, but we live in one far from perfect. Utopia only exists in books and dreams. Man, once corrupted, becomes the seeker of that absolute power a famous person wrote about. That corrupted man needs to be sought out and broken.
  5. Yeh, the people in CT made several bad choices along the way, but does that mean when they decide to wake up and see what they have done everyone else forget about them? How to win friends and influence people. Uh huh! Turn your backs on people because don't work things out at the same pace as you and you will be a lonely person in the end.  
  6. I can promise anyone right now that, if that day ever comes, it will take more than just the ex-military and the however many active military and police to defend from the kind of action that is slowly working its way toward us. And, if one doesn't realize the threat they are blind, and they haven't read much history.   An aside, but there is a pretty decent mini-series I am watching on Netflix from PBS of all places. Made in Britain of all places, and it is about Big Brother. Worth watching. It's called "Last Enemy". Funny thing about it is that if you live in England you are already being looked at with a microscope. It's really too late over there and they put a show like this out.
  7. Why I asked that was not for any casual scrap, but for when you are back against the wall and haven't realized it, yet. Your family's survival would be a reason to engage. I'm not trying to propose anything more. It appears too many are not thinking something like that could happen. If it ever got to the point that the state went for passing and enforcing my right to own and came looking for me to hand it over it would be pointed the correct way. None of those laws are valid and the latest round in CT would make me do something I would consider worth the resistance.
  8. So one should base his desire for constitutional authority and action on his economic standing? Oh, okay.   Sorry, but that is about as lame as can be. I hope that isn't what some of you are meaning.
  9. What problem? Make a pile, get a big cutter or torch. Those people would be glad to do that, just like every other regime that has done it.
  10. Like all those guys back way when didn't have jobs and were free to just go out and start a revolution.   BOGUS!
  11. And we can't print our own money, like someone else can. But that should be more reason to pick at the scab.
  12. It's a pitiful way to get a law changed, but it may be the only way.


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