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  1. analog_kidd

    FBI agent has negligent discharge at nightclub

    I read that the bar is giving the victim free drinks for life. That'll come in handy so as not to tap into the millions he'll be getting from the FBI. Not sure why the bar feels they need to make that restitution, tho.
  2. analog_kidd

    Emojis Not Working

  3. analog_kidd

    What are you listening to now?

    This one popped up in my play list today:
  4. Years ago I worked for a company that paid their mileage reimbursement separately from my pay check. Their account was at BOA, and I liked to just cash that mileage check to have a little spending cash. I would go to the drive-thru, and they would hand me an ink pad make me put a thumb print on the check. They would always say "If you open an account here, you don't have to do that." Then one day, they said, "Sorry, the drive thru is for account holders only, you have to go inside." I go inside and they say, "we need your thumbprint. Oh, and if you are an account holder you don't have to do this." Then one day I go inside and they say they have to take my picture when I cash that thumbprinted check, for security reasons. But, account holders don't have to do that. The last time I have ever darkened their door, I went in, thumb and mug at the ready, and they told me there would be a $5 charge to cash it since I was not a member. I about lost it. I'm really surprised I didn't get escorted out by the police. I really made a stink and everybody in the bank was looking at me. The manager came out and told me that if I were an account holder I wouldn't have to do any of this. I told him "Why would I want to be a member of a bank that treated guests so badly?" I told him I wanted my full check amount in cash, or else I would spend the weekend on their sidewalk with a sign, and call the news company. Eventually he conceded and gave me the money, just to shut me up and get me out the door. Wouldn't hurt my feelings in the least if Bank of Amerika went out of business and closed every location.
  5. analog_kidd

    Honeybees...you ever seen em do this??!!?

    I got some more bees this week. Here is how they came in the mail. I had to go get them from the post office. That's a can of sugar water that I removed from inside the containter. To the left is the queen; they keep her seperated in the "queen cage" until the rest of the bees get used to her and accept her. This is actually my 2nd package of bees in two weeks. The first one came in and about 75% of the bees were dead in the bottom of the container. Not sure what happened, but the company I bought them from send out a replacement. I put what was left from the first package into a hive, just to see if they will survive. So far it looks like they are doing ok, but there are very little worker bees in the hive. This one was much better, with just a handful of dead bees. Here they are in the hive after I dumped them in. You can see them gathering around the queen. There is a plug of candy on the end that the bees will eat through. It'll take them a few days to get all the way through, which will give them more time to get used to her. After a few days, they'll eat a hole all the way, and she'll make her escape, and hopefully go to work making baby bees. The hive is ready to go. The part with the screen on it is a feeder with sugar water to help them get started. They are bunching up on the outside, and several of them were flying around doing an orientation flight to calibrate their internal GPS. It's been three days since I did this, and already the bees are coming and going pretty steadily, and bringing back pollen and nectar. I need to check on them this weekend and see if the queen is out of her cage yet.
  6. analog_kidd

    Porn star gives up her gun

    Meh, as long as it's not an irreplaceable relic of some sort, I love hearing about stuff like this. The way I see it is that this is a common gun, that has been bought and paid for. If she didn't want it, she could have sold it at a used discount to someone else, and nobody profits monetarily (assuming she paid more than she sold it for). If she has it destroyed someone down the line who wants one can ever buy that gun, which means one more new gun has to be produced and sold by a manufacturer, thereby helping to keep that company in business. These people are unwittingly keeping the gun industry in business. And I don't get her logic of "I'm destroying a $1500 gun, and then taking that $1500 and donating it to charity."
  7. analog_kidd

    Five days canoe camping on the Eleven Point River.

    That is exactly my experience with the kayaking community. I'm not in any of their forums (BT is just intolerable), but even in personal interactions i get looked down upon with the few people who know. Most of them i boat with would pee themselves if they discovered the pistol in my backpack. And, it would be the last time I ever would be allowed to boat with any of them. So, I just keep quiet about it, and have a policy of not talking politics with any of them.
  8. analog_kidd

    Emojis Not Working

    Not that it is terribly important to me, but I thought I mention it anyway... I can't get emoji's to work in posts. I tried faces and animals and I get this message: "The value entered includes a character that is not allowed such as an Emoji". The legacy ones at the bottom of the list seem to work, however.
  9. analog_kidd

    The Garden Thread

    We planted our garden this weekend... TWICE We had bought some veggie plants from Home Depot a week ago, and they really needed to be planted, so I got motivated. I had tilled a week or two ago, and our free-ranging chickens loved scratching around in the freshly turned dirt. The wife and I were concerned about them messing up the plants, or digging up seeds, so we added a layer of plastic fence netting to the existing electric fence. They are usually unaffected by the electric fence, as I think their feathers must be a good insulator. Anyway, we got the garden all set up and everything planted, and went out to dinner. Later that evening we got home and I went up to the barn, and glanced over at the garden. Every single plant we planted was pulled up and thrown aside! I was dumbfounded and thought someone was playing a mean joke on me. I guess a chicken had gotten in under the fence somehow and just went to town. So, there we were, just after dusk, replanting our whole garden. Needless to say, our chickens are no longer free-ranging.
  10. analog_kidd

    Five days canoe camping on the Eleven Point River.

    Very envious of your trip. I just did an over night kayak trip a few weeks ago. We went to the Big South Fork area and did Clear Fork, which at the confluence with New River becomes the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River. There were a couple of small rapids, but mostly a lot of flat water. But, we had a great time. The camping was awesome, and like you, we were oblivious to any form of civilization. It was the first time in a couple of decades that I had overnighted a kayak trip. I used to do it all the time in Florida on the Peace River. I'd forgotten how much fun it was.
  11. Maybe it won't mean anything to their bottom line, but what if all gun and ammo manufacturers joined together and did it? It certainly would hurt their sister store Field and Stream. I went in one of those last year, and they had a pretty good sized shooting section. The "Field" part of their name basically means hunting. Shutting off all gun supplies would eliminate half their sales Then, what if like-minded, 2nd Amendment loving, fishing tackle companies also joined in? There's got to be some parent companies that own gun related companies, and other "sporting" companies. Cut those lines off too, just like CamelBack got the boot from REI just because they were related to a gunn company. This is what the left wants to do... put honest gun shop owners out of business, by doing things like getting credit card companies to stop allowing sales. We actually have more power than we know, if we just joined together. We need to give them a taste of their own medicine.
  12. analog_kidd

    Stumped bad!!!

    You may also need a tuner to pull in the signal from the antenna. It depends on your TV - the guts in it and how old it is. Back when they forced tv stations to convert over to digital, most TV's wouldn't get the signal. The USGov was handing out rebates if you went out and bought a special tuner. It was kinda like a cable box you hooked to your tv; it got the signal and passed it to the TV over the cable input, or an HDMI connection, or whatever. They stopped with the rebates a long time ago, but if memory serves, those boxes are about $50. If your TV does not have a digital tuner built in, you'll need one of these boxes. You should be able to test your TV with just a set of rabbit ears. They should be strong enough to pick up at least the closest station. If you like projects, look up DIY TV antennae's. There are bunches of them out there, and you can make them literally out of scrap you have around the garage, and a $2 connector from Home Depot. I've seen ones that use coat hangers, screws and a 1x4. And they perform as well or better than a store bought one.
  13. analog_kidd

    Gun purchase monitoring through CC?

    Credit companies are a huge money maker. I've heard it said that Ford Motor Credit makes more money than Ford the car company. That said, I've been thinking the NRA should start a credit card company. Every gun shop in America would take it. NRA would have another revenue stream. We would have a way to make firearm purchases. And, we stick it to the existing credit card companies.
  14. analog_kidd

    What are you listening to now?

    At first I was like "What the Hell is this?" Then I was like "That was pretty cool" Whoever did that, did a pretty good job putting it all together, and the Zep riff all the way thru tied it all together nicely.
  15. analog_kidd

    Dick's Sporting Goods anti 2nd A

    This whole stunt does absolutely nothing for the Anti's cause. Sure it makes them feel like they have done something, but it's not like the guns are outlawed and they took them off the street. The gun manufacturers are probably thinking, "Awesome, that's a gun the store already bought. Now a customer can't have that one, and we'll have to make another one to sell to him." It actually HELPS gun manufacturers. But, with lefties, it's always about feelings, and this makes them feel good. Idiots! They'ed have been better off discounting them and selling to law enforcement.

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