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  1. Computer Problem

    I think what you are looking for is built right into Windows 10. I swore the next time my dad needs computer help, I'm gonna try Remote Assistance, but I've not used it yet. https://www.technipages.com/windows-send-remote-assistance-invitation Following those instructions, you should be able to see and control a remote computer.
  2. Computer Problem

    I was wondering if perhaps your monitor got out of whack? Can you still see the Start Button on the bottom left, and the clock on the bottom right? Does it appear as though you've lost things off the edges of your screen? If so, then you may need to try and adjust your monitor. First off, power off everything... the PC and the monitor. Then power it all back on. If that didn't fix it. then look for some buttons on your monitor. Every one is different and the way you adjust them are different. You'll have to experiment with them to figure out the menu system, but buried in there somewhere is a way to adjust the width, height and position of the screen. This functionality is also build into the display driver of some video cards. Without knowing your PC model, or your video card type, I can't tell if yours is like that or not. Regardless, look for some software that might be related to your video card. Sometimes it's hidden in the little tray area to the left of the clock on the task bar. Click the ^ button and hover over the icons that show up and see if any of them are graphics related. If you find one, click it or right-click it and poke around.
  3. So We Sit and Wait.....

    The thing I would like to see is that we blow up everyone of his test missiles as he launches them. It would give us good practice at shooting down ballistic missiles, and it would show KJU that we can do it. As soon as one of his missiles crosses outside of NK airspace, whoosh, off go our interceptors. He'll pitch a fit and call it an act of aggression, and we'll say we were taking defensive action against his aggression. Once we show him we can take out his ICBM's he will have no leverage against us. That, and we need China to cut off all their oil and gas. That will cripple them.
  4. The Force was strong with this one!!!

    Welcome to the TGO family, Obie Wan <Stupid Double-tap>
  5. The Force was strong with this one!!!

    Welcome to the TGO family, Obie Wan
  6. Earlier this year, my wife's phone broke. Insurance provided her with a new Galaxy S7 ~ 32GB as a replacement. A couple of months ago I got a 2 for 1 deal on a pair of new S8's, so the barely used S7 needs a new home. This phone is in perfect shape. I also have an Otterbox case, and a wallet-style case to throw in, as well as the high speed charger. The phone is currently on the AT&T network, but I recently applied for and received the code to unlock it. The instructions say to insert a non-ATT SIM card and enter the code when prompted. I don't have a SIM other than AT&T, but I will include the code with the phone. I have the phone up on CraigsList for FourHundred, but will let it go to a TGO'er for $350. Not really interested in shipping it, prefer face to face in the Clinton / Oak Ridge area.
  7. Computer Problem

    First of all... Have you rebooted? Many times that fixes the problem. Do a full power down, not just a reboot. However, my money is on what Garufa said. It sounds like your resolution got wacky. The place to find that is different based on the version of Windows 10 you have. They do O/S updates all the time now, and move settings every time. As Garufa said, right-click on an empty part of the desktop and select "Display Settings". Depending on your version, you may see a link called "Advanced display Settings". If you see that, click it. If you don't see it, you are probably already on the screen you need. Either screen, you are looking for another pull-down menu named "Resolution". Pull that down and select the "Recommended" setting. It should change the view and ask you if you want to keep that setting. If it still doesn't look right, you can experiment with other choices.
  8. Sooo.....I was looking for a dog

    My folks have one of those Carolina Dog / American Dingos. It looks just like the picture above. Now, let me say that I am a DOG LOVER, and I can't find a single redeeming quality about this particular dog. It is annoying as all get out. Barks loudly at everything, is not fun to be around, bites kids, thinks the world revolves around him, sheds horribly, stinks. Plus, he won't eat meat. What kind of dog doesn't eat meat? If my folks were to pass and I inherited the dog, I would take him right back to the pound. OK, maybe not, but I would immediately find a new home for him. Besides, my wife actually hates him, and if I brought it home to keep, the dog and I would be sleeping outside. From my limited experience, I would stay away from that breed.
  9. NFL - Politics

    Is anybody going to join the boycott and NOT watch the NFL today? Even tho I'm a big fan, I'm thinking I can find something better to do today.
  10. The news this morning was calling them AntiFAIL. Said they were mostly no-show protests that petered out quickly.
  11. Another maniac

    I doubt that it will ever happen, but on the talking head channel they were bouncing around the idea of expelling the rest of an attacker's family when they all come over on a visa like he / they had. The idea is that it would be a deterrent to a would be attacker to know that his wife and kids would not be able to stay in this wonderful country that he hates so much, once he would be caught / killed. And, who knows, they are likely of the same mindset anyway, so we should not want them. Is it fair to the maybe unknowing wife and kids? No. But this is war, and you don't take chances with people in war. If there is the slightest chance they are a threat, you get rid of them. Of course, a policy like this would make leberals' heads explode. I think Israel has a similar policy: You get caught being a terrorist, they bulldoze down your family's house.
  12. Do you tip your barber?

    I have a quirk, in that I like to crunch numbers in my head sometimes. I'll catch myself counting the number of customers someone has, and then figure what my tip at 15% or 20% would be and multiply that by the customers. Often, I'll see a waiter at say a sit down casual restaurant, where I know that the bill for my wife and I will be about $50. That's a $10 tip. Times the 5 or 6 other tables they are waiting on, that comes out to $50 or $60 an hour, on top of their wages. Understandably, they won't have 5 tables an hour all day long, but still should have 2-3 or so on average. I'll still tip, but I admit when I do this kind of math, it will be the standard 15% unless the service is phenomenal. That percentage goes up as my bill goes down.
  13. TWD Season 8

    All in all, I really enjoyed the opener. Feels like our good guys are taking control again. I was wondering if the RV was the same one that has been around since the beginning? I was also hoping that they would have gone to the junk yard people first and taken out a little easy revenge. Their double crossing ways deserve some retribution. And it would have been an easy way to take out a good part of Negan's army, and get back their guns.
  14. Do you tip your barber?

    I started going to this little place down the road when it opened up a year or so ago. It's just one gal running her own business, and she can set the price. She set it at $10, which I think is too low. I always toss her some extra money when I pay. I had been going to a barber shop in Oak Ridge That had bought out the shop I had been going to for years and moved it to a new location. I really like the atmosphere. They play "guy movies" all the time, have guns and tobacco signs on the wall, they even put in a pool table for folks to use while waiting, or even if you wanted to play after your cut. The one thing is, is they are pricey. I went there one time and a new guy cut my hair. He gave me such a good cut and went way above and beyond the normal haircut experience, like a steamed towel on my neck, talcum powder finish, straight razor to the back of the neck. It was great, and I tipped him well. The next time I went I asked for him, and all I got was the basic quickie. I got the feeling that nobody ever tipped him, and he just said "why bother". Now all that said, I think the tipping culture we have here in America is ridiculous. I feel that it's awkward, you never know what the expectations are, and a lot of people don't do it, even when the service provider counts on it to supplement their income. I would much rather we go to a system where you tell me what you want to get paid, and that is the price. For everything.
  15. Do you carry cash?

    That is actually a really good idea. I might have to start doing that. However, on many an occasion, I've been known to check my account balance as I'm pumping, and use that as an opportunity to round my checking account to a nice whole number. I'm weird like that

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