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  1. analog_kidd

    It happened in 1977

    One of my fondest childhood memories was the day we went to see this movie. We didn't have a lot of money, and so we never went to the movies. This movie was all the rage and everyone I knew was going to it. My family went shopping one evening, and in the shopping center was the theater, and I saw it was playing, and dreamed of a day when I might see it, perhaps for free on TV several years later. Well, my sister and I followed our parents down the strip mall, window shopping like we often did. When we came to the theater, my dad asked "You all want to go see this movie?" It was better than Christmas. I'm sure they must have been planning it all along. What an awesome surprise!
  2. analog_kidd

    It happened in 1986....

    I was in college, and working on the loading dock of a KMart in West Palm FL. We had a perfect view of the direction of the launch site, and would often watch the launches. You couldn't make out the details, but you could see the fire from the rocket, and easily see the contrail left behind. So, I recognized that this was not a typical launch and something went terribly wrong. The entire store ran over to the Electronics department to watch the news reports on the wall of TV's. That Y-shaped contrail is burned into my memory and I'll never forget it.
  3. analog_kidd

    Dick's feels the pain

    Yaknow, They could have publicly just said, "The guns and ammo sales aren't working for us, so we're going to phase them out of the stores." But instead they had to try and make a point and say, "Guns are evil and we hate them." The former would have accomplished the same thing without alienating a large portion of their customer base. We all know their prices were too high, and nobody would have given a second thought that they weren't making money on them, and getting rid of them was a good business decision. What was it, the Vegas shooting that started all this for them? America has largely forgotten about that by now, but we have not forgotten that Dicks doesn't want our business.
  4. analog_kidd

    Does Fiat still own Chrysler?

    I recently bought a RAM truck, and have been very happy with it so far. I really wanted the Toyota Tundra, but they are seriously proud of that truck and wouldn't budge on price. Plus they just laughed when they unashamedly said "Yep, it gets 13 miles per gallon". My RAM gets 18-20 with the Hemi V8. For way less money, I got a much nicer truck than what I could have afforded with the Toyota. The options I got on this truck would have bumped the price up $12-15k at Toyota. I was going to go Ford when I realized I couldn't afford Toyota, but the trucks I looked at just didn't get my juices flowing. The V6 they are pushing didn't seem to have the power of the RAM, and the interior seemed just blah. Plus RAM threw in a lifetime powertrain warranty. I told them that the truck I was getting out of was nearly 20 years old, and I plan on keeping this one even longer. So, for me that is a good deal.
  5. analog_kidd

    Anyone know anything about LED light strips?

    I put something like this (LED Light Strips) under my cabinets. I also got some wire and the connector clips to connect them together. Where there were gaps between cabinets, I drilled small holes in the cabinet corners and ran the wire up and over to the next cabinet. At first I bought the wrong clips and just made do by modifying them, and that was a hassle. I went back and found the proper clips and it made it much easier. They have an adhesive back, but I found that the adhesive gives and they pull away. I probably should have cleaned the cabinets with alcohol first. I ended up stapling the strips up afterwards, and that seems to have worked. I did notice that the end farthest away from the transformer is slightly dimmer than the end closest. I read that this is an issue with these as they lose voltage along the strip. It's barely noticeable, and if I turn the dimmer up all the way, I can't even tell. They do look nice tho. You just use scissors to cut the strips at the length you want, pull the backing off and stick them up.
  6. Hey, That's the little town I was born and grew up in. What are the odds?
  7. analog_kidd

    Music groups-Bands from 60's and 70's

    PInk Floyd Rush Yes Led Zeppelin Jethro Tull Extra Credit: Aerosmith Van Halen Black Sabbath Bad Company The Who AC/DC A lot of these bands have their roots in the blues. I realized several years ago that a lot of modern Electric Blues is really just Classic Rock, rebranded. If you like Classic Rock, and want to listen to something new, try the likes of Joe Bonnamassa, Buddy Guy, Ana Popovic, Walter Trout, etc
  8. analog_kidd

    TN Senate Preference

    I was showing a friend Basil's web site and some of his You Tube videos. All I can say is "WOW". We were nearly in tears laughing so hard. I think he is well intentioned, but WOW. I don't think there is a sentence on his web page that doesn't have a spelling error, or even makes sense for that matter. And you can't go to his old page, because that one was "stolen". He wears a badge around his neck in many of his videos, but he says don't be afraid of it because he's not a cop, so I assume its a fake badge of some sort or one of those HCP badges. It will be interesting to see how many votes he actually gets. I wonder if there is a way to find out the last elections vote count?
  9. analog_kidd

    Anyone converted their fluorescent lights to LED?

    In the couple of utility style fixtures I've done so far, it was really easy to re-wire to bypass the ballast. I wouldn't hesitate to just go that route. It took longer to get the ladder and remove the fixture, than to do the wiring. Plus you get the added bonus of additional power savings by not having to power the ballast. Once thing I do wonder about: Are there any stickers or some standard way of marking the fixture that it has been converted? What happens if you plug in an old style fluorescent bulb into a fixture that has been straight wired?
  10. analog_kidd

    Well, it's official!!

    Just picking numbers out of the air, $100k @ 8.25% is about $750 a month for 30 years. At 3.5% it's $450 a month, or $715 at 15 years. You will NOT pay that interest again. Given these made up numbers, at 8.5% you would pay an extra $170k just in interest on top of the $100k! 3.5% for 15 years you would pay only $28k in interest. Google "Mortgage calculator" and run your own numbers. I think you'll find you are unnecessarily throwing good money away. I would make it my new mission to call every bank in the county till I found someone that will loan me the money. Screw BOA, if they are the only ones you asked. Go to a Credit Union, they are a little more relaxed about loans. Trust me, if you sold your place, the people buying it would get a loan from someone. You can too.
  11. analog_kidd

    Well, it's official!!

    Not to derail the thread, but Holy Cow! You need to refinance immediately. What have you been waiting for? Interest rates have been lower than ever before and are now going to start getting higher, so this is your best opportunity. You can probably refinance to a 10 or 15 year loan and still have the same payment.
  12. analog_kidd

    Well, it's official!!

    I love how you asked him what kind of gun he owned. That was a genius response to him.
  13. analog_kidd

    Anyone converted their fluorescent lights to LED?

    I got my bulbs in yesterday. I converted the fixture just like in the picture @mike_f provided. I looked for a wiring diagram in my box, but did not find one. Regardless, there was a similar picture in the Amazon description, so I used that. It was very simple to re-wire the fixture. Did have to provide my own wire nuts, but I had plenty of those laying around. Once wired up, and rehung, the lights work wonderfully. I only put one bulb in each fixture, where there used to be two bulbs, and I think the light output is brighter than before. I only did the two fixtures in the garage, but the garage is very well lit now. The one thing I don't care for with these strip LED type lights, is they play tricks on my eyes. When I look up, or side to side, and my vision catches the light, I perceive the lights to jump around. I don't know if that makes sense, or if it happens to anyone else, but it is distracting. It does it to me on the under cabinet LED lighting I installed a few months ago too. Anyway, thanks to everyone here who offered advice and tips. I admit, I didn't even know these things existed till this thread. Just one more way TGO has made my life better. Thanks
  14. analog_kidd

    Any Mid-TN Electricians?

    It's easier than you think to wire that up. The hard part will be snaking the wire and making it look nice.
  15. analog_kidd

    Anyone converted their fluorescent lights to LED?

    Well, the ones I ordered on Amazon show a picture where the wires are connected at opposite ends. So it looks like I won't need to buy new terminals. I guess it depends on the style bulb you get.

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