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  1. We stayed there a lifetime ago, and really enjoyed it. My son actually moved there a year or so ago, and they love it. When we went a long time ago, we stayed at a bed and breakfast. It was in a really old house in the historical district. They had bikes to use, and we would ride them all over town. It was great. If you have never done a B&B, you really should try it. You won't forget it. There is a horse drawn carriage ride that leaves from the Fort and drives all around the historical section. We really enjoyed that. It's all along cobblestone roads, so you get the clack, cla
  2. In 5 minutes or so of poking around the Internet, I didn't really find any plug and play kits, but I bet there are some out there somewhere. That link you posted is NOT what you are looking for. That is for a digital display that you add to your Raspberry Pi to give you status update. Totally not needed for a Pi-hole setup. The novelty of looking at that display would wear off in a couple minutes. There is a website built into the software that is much better for getting stats. Something like this RasberryPi 3 on Amazon would be what you need. That plus a 16gb or so MIcro SD card is
  3. If you are a little tech savvy and want a fun project, put together a Pi-Hole DNS server for your home. It runs on one of those raspberry Pi mini computers (they are just fun to have no matter what) that cost maybe $50. You don't even need the latest greatest Raspberry Pi either, it will run fine on previous gen hardware. Here are the basics: The Internet runs on IP addresses. We humans can't remember them, but we can remember words. So for example, XYZ.com has an IP address behind it. We use DNS servers to convert friendly words that make up a website name into the ip address that is beh
  4. Been listening to this couple all afternoon. They have some good stuff. Little Hurricane
  5. I checked out NewsMaxTV today, and I gotta say I was happy with the content. It's obviously a conservative leaning outlet, but it seemed less drama-tastic than Fox News. The guests were thoughtful and well spoken, and one thing I really liked is they seemed to give them plenty of time to talk. Not like other stations where they bring someone in, give them 30 seconds and then say "We gotta leave it there", right in mid sentence. I'm not aware of any carriers that broadcast it, it's not on mine, but we use Streaming devices to watch TV and they have an app. The app is well done, and easy to
  6. These guys are definite up and comers.
  7. You mean I have to be a grown up and choose for myself whether or not I want to read / engage a poster, without someone moderating that viewpoint or censoring it all together, or telling me what is a good or bad things to say / read? No Thanks!
  8. I still laugh that the Knoxville Dicks is on Peters Rd. Everyone I know calls it Dicks on Peters.
  9. On the bottom of the laptop will be a service tag number. Go to Dell.com and click support, and enter that number. It will take you to a downloads page. You may find an option to download a recovery boot image. If it is there, you can download that, and install it to a thumb drive and boot from it to reinstall the OS. If there is no recovery image, you can probably go here https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 from a different PC and download the actual Windows 10 installer, and create a boot thumb drive. Since you have already activated your license, Microsoft will
  10. We currently have a Boxer. All you people saying they don't live long just need to shut your mouths. She is probably the best dog I have ever owned. Very smart, loving and playful. Never once even looked funny at the grand kids, no mater how much poking or pulling. But, be a stranger and she will puff up and growl and put herself between them and us. We have a Dachshund too, who is suffering from severe doggie dementia (that is another story altogether) and the Boxer takes care of him just like in the video. She puts up with his crap, and is always gentle and kind with him. Sticks
  11. I can't be too critical... My generation is responsible for the Valley Girl way of talking. Like, Oh Ma God, gag me with a spoon, those were bad times.
  12. When I was young, and first married and absolutely stupid about money, I asked my dad for advice on what I should be doing. Sadly, the only advise he had was to go get some life insurance. I did just that, but bought he wrong kind (Whole life, not Term) , and did nothing with investing. I had a 401k at work, but didn't really care to understand it. All I cared about was they were taking money out of my paycheck that I couldn't spend now. Around my early forties, I woke up and got interested in what I was doing financially. We took a Dave Ramsey class and that set us on a much better path.
  13. Yeah, that is exactly what I'm talking about. Something that has it as part of the fund as a collection of different stocks, I could probably play dumb on. I might be able to do the investing from my Wife's IRA. Not sure if they would even care, as long as it wasn't in my name. Not sure I want to chance it either.
  14. So, I'm really interested in cannabis stock. Whatever your feelings on the product, it's gonna make money and it's gonna be here to stay. You can either be in on it or not. That said, I hold a government clearance, and they do background checks. I know how they feel about using weed, but not sure how they would feel about investing in it. So, I would like a stock that would be legit on the open US market. Maybe a mutual fund that has cannabis as a major percentage of it's holdings, but has other stuff too. Any recommendations?


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