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  1. My wife and I took ours at different times and at different places (about a year apart). the 5/7/15 yards is what we each had to do. I had to shoot at a standard silhouette and had to get all counted shots inside the rings. For her, they used an IDPA block man (or whatever they are called) target, and a hole anywhere in the cardboard counted. I've heard that some places even allow do-overs. The instructors are generally 2nd amendment loving folks, so they are usually eager to pass testers, as long as you are not an idiot. Regardless, an hour or two on the range sometime before the test generally will get even an amateur in condition to pass the test. My wife was really nervous about it until I took her to the range and ran through it once, then she realized how easy it is. And, they don't care what gun you use for the test. My wife used our Ruger 22/45 with a 6" barrel. That thing is a tack driver that even the greenest of shooters can hit a tin can at 15 yards.
  2. Knoxville FFL recommendation?

    Fighting Sheepdog on Edgemoor Rd, is right around the corner from me, and their $10 transfers can't be beat. They are good folks, and will talk to you about AR's as long as you want. I did just get an email from them this week that said they are moving the store to the machine shop, to consolidate buildings. Unfortunately, the email neglected to say where the machine shop was located. Might be worth a call to find out where your gun will be if you are having it shipped.
  3. Quicken Premier 5/years free

    I'm done with Quicken. I'm tired of paying $100, or so, to get their software, only to find that in about a year or two an update intentionally breaks things like the ability to download bank statements. Then they tell you if you want to continue to be able to download from banks, you need to buy the latest upgrade. Nothing has changed on my bank's side, it's all about them wanting to get money for an update. It's infuriating. And, their updated software adds nothing of value to me. All I want is something that can go out and download all my various account info and present it in one program. This basic functionality is all I need, and if they didn't cripple it, quicken 2005 would probably still work for me. Their latest scheme is to now go to a subscription model, where you pay yearly, and always have the latest updates. Problem is, the yearly subscription is as much as the upgrade was. Where before I could shell out $100 every two or three years until they crippled that version, now I have to do that every year just to keep it going. Not to mention, I am always troubleshooting why it won't update my accounts properly. I had years of data in my file that I had to abandon Jan 2017, just because I could no longer get consistent account updates, and the file was so slow it was nearly unusable. Here I am a year later, and already my file is doing the same thing. I recently started using Personal Capital. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of Quicken, but you can't beat the price of FREE. It does mostly what I want... gets all my account balances and displays them in one screen. In fact, in some ways it does a better job, as it was able to go get my mortgage balance, where Quicken could not. The only thing it won't do that Quicken did was allow me to reconcile my bank statement, and do some of the Landlording stuff. Personal Capital is an online only program. Everything is done from a web page. I was skeptical about entering all my account info onto some web page located who knows where, but then I realized Quicken took all my info to the cloud anyway when it was syncing. Just install the Quicken phone app and sync to your account, and what do you know, there is all your data. So it's all out there anyway. PC is also a little more adsy... they are always trying to get you to call in and talk to a financial guy. That is where they make their money, so I get that. If you ignore the alerts you can just drive on and use the software.
  4. Cheap AR Lowers

    I keep getting emails for $29 lowers. Thought about picking up one or two for investment purposes. If (when) politics swings back the other direction, I thought it might be nice to have a couple stockpiled. I don't need one right now, in fact I have a nice Spikes lower that I have not finished putting together. And I keep thinking my next build would be a 9mm, so the cheap ones wouldn't work for that either. What do you all think? Am I just wasting my time?
  5. I signed up. Used a HotMail account at first and no confirmation email. I changed it to a Yahoo address, and the email came right away.
  6. In urgent need of security camera suggestions

    My first thought about the phone camera is to take some sandpaper to the lens. It'll ruin the camera, but it is your phone to ruin. I would also look at the logs of your router to see if that gives any indication of her Internet activity, or if there are unknown devices connecting, such as a contraband cell phone or tablet. Every router I've seen has a list of connected devices in it somewhere. You can even set allowed MAC addresses, which will block everything else. See about pointing your router's DNS lookup to one of those safe site only DNS services. It'll block known bad sites, and should work for everything that connects to the WiFi. I used host files on our home PC's to reroute sites like Facebook to, or even better, some other site. Then play dumb when the page won't load. Most definitely lock down the router password. Nobody but you and the wife should know the password. And change it every so often. Don't forget about the guest network too. And look to see if the neighbors have anything that can be connected to, especially like the Xfinity or ATT guest connections. Not as relevant today, but when my kids were young, the only PC with Internet access was in the living room, and there was a password on the PC. Kids did not get to use it unless we were in the room. As long as they are acting out, a child needs to have no expectation of privacy. Search her room whenever you want. A friend of mine removed the door from his son's room for a while.
  7. It's Frickin' Freezing....

    Coldest I've ever been was a white water kayaking trip to the Tellico River about 20 years ago. The bank clock in Tellico Plains said 9*, and that was down in the valley, it was colder up on the mountain. Weather station said with wind chill it put it at -1*. Water in the rapids would splash on to our dry suits and freeze. Every time you moved your arms the ice would crunch. Those of us with beards had icicles hanging from them. Still makes me cold just thinking about it.
  8. Recommendation for Photo-Editing Software

    Yeah, it might be helpful to know what kind of editing you are wanting to do, and what programs you have considered. If you want to touch up and crop some photos, that's one thing. If you want to do graphic art, that's another thing altogether.
  9. Computer Problem

    I think what you are looking for is built right into Windows 10. I swore the next time my dad needs computer help, I'm gonna try Remote Assistance, but I've not used it yet. https://www.technipages.com/windows-send-remote-assistance-invitation Following those instructions, you should be able to see and control a remote computer.
  10. Computer Problem

    I was wondering if perhaps your monitor got out of whack? Can you still see the Start Button on the bottom left, and the clock on the bottom right? Does it appear as though you've lost things off the edges of your screen? If so, then you may need to try and adjust your monitor. First off, power off everything... the PC and the monitor. Then power it all back on. If that didn't fix it. then look for some buttons on your monitor. Every one is different and the way you adjust them are different. You'll have to experiment with them to figure out the menu system, but buried in there somewhere is a way to adjust the width, height and position of the screen. This functionality is also build into the display driver of some video cards. Without knowing your PC model, or your video card type, I can't tell if yours is like that or not. Regardless, look for some software that might be related to your video card. Sometimes it's hidden in the little tray area to the left of the clock on the task bar. Click the ^ button and hover over the icons that show up and see if any of them are graphics related. If you find one, click it or right-click it and poke around.
  11. So We Sit and Wait.....

    The thing I would like to see is that we blow up everyone of his test missiles as he launches them. It would give us good practice at shooting down ballistic missiles, and it would show KJU that we can do it. As soon as one of his missiles crosses outside of NK airspace, whoosh, off go our interceptors. He'll pitch a fit and call it an act of aggression, and we'll say we were taking defensive action against his aggression. Once we show him we can take out his ICBM's he will have no leverage against us. That, and we need China to cut off all their oil and gas. That will cripple them.
  12. The Force was strong with this one!!!

    Welcome to the TGO family, Obie Wan <Stupid Double-tap>
  13. The Force was strong with this one!!!

    Welcome to the TGO family, Obie Wan
  14. Earlier this year, my wife's phone broke. Insurance provided her with a new Galaxy S7 ~ 32GB as a replacement. A couple of months ago I got a 2 for 1 deal on a pair of new S8's, so the barely used S7 needs a new home. This phone is in perfect shape. I also have an Otterbox case, and a wallet-style case to throw in, as well as the high speed charger. The phone is currently on the AT&T network, but I recently applied for and received the code to unlock it. The instructions say to insert a non-ATT SIM card and enter the code when prompted. I don't have a SIM other than AT&T, but I will include the code with the phone. I have the phone up on CraigsList for FourHundred, but will let it go to a TGO'er for $350. Not really interested in shipping it, prefer face to face in the Clinton / Oak Ridge area.
  15. Computer Problem

    First of all... Have you rebooted? Many times that fixes the problem. Do a full power down, not just a reboot. However, my money is on what Garufa said. It sounds like your resolution got wacky. The place to find that is different based on the version of Windows 10 you have. They do O/S updates all the time now, and move settings every time. As Garufa said, right-click on an empty part of the desktop and select "Display Settings". Depending on your version, you may see a link called "Advanced display Settings". If you see that, click it. If you don't see it, you are probably already on the screen you need. Either screen, you are looking for another pull-down menu named "Resolution". Pull that down and select the "Recommended" setting. It should change the view and ask you if you want to keep that setting. If it still doesn't look right, you can experiment with other choices.

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