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  1. I found this video to be more captivating than the song. This one is actually #3 in a 10 song series that details several generations of the fictional Sparks family. If you go back and watch them all, it plays like a mini movie. It's a good time-suck for about an hour of your day if you choose to go down the rabbit hole. The story is a tragic telling of the horrors of addiction.
  2. I can't stop listening to this. What a great cover.
  3. Larkin Poe is my favorite new group this year. So many good songs. Here is one of their latest.
  4. Recently went on a camping trip and a buddy only had Tyler Childers on his phone, and played it on a loop. Kinda got in my head. This video is totally trippy, but the song is cool.
  5. Buy the gun you want, and drop it off at a friends house. A few days later they come by with the gun and say "Thanks for loaning me the gun, sorry I kept it so long." The wife will just think it's a gun you already had.
  6. According to this comparison matrix, that lists what networks are on what service, Fox News is available on Hulu Live, AT&T, YouTube TV, and Fubo. We use YouTube TV, and I can't tell the difference between it and Comcast for Fox News. There are a couple of extra remote control clicks you have to do to get to it, but once you do it a few days, it becomes second nature. I'm certainly willing to do an extra click or two to save $80. We tried using the Fox News App to watch the news. If you have an active Comcast account, you can watch it using the app on a Fire Stick. However, every
  7. For those of you on the fence, wondering if you should cut the cord, or how to go about it, I would say take each of the services for a test drive and see if it works for you. All of them give you a free week just to kick the tires. All you need is some sort of streaming device, either a Roku or an Amazon FireStick, or a smart TV with one of the apps already built in. The Roku's and FireSticks are on sale now and can be picked up for around $25. Once you have a streaming device, try out each of Hulu, YouTubeTV, Sling, ATT, Fubo. See if you like the interface and if you could see yourself
  8. I finally had enough of Comcast charging me $200 for Internets and crappy TV, so we took the plunge and cut the cord. Knocking off the TV part of my service, and just using Internet brought my bill down to $70. We settled on YouTube TV for $50 a month, so that is a total of $120 for both, and a savings of $80 a month. With the YouTube TV, I get all the channels I ever watch, and I can't really tell much of a difference in quality. We can DVR the shows we like and fast forward thru the commercials. We are already bought into the Amazon Alexa ecosystem, and already had a FireCube on ou
  9. In the Samsung Smart Things product line, they sell a water detection sensor and a water main shutoff motor. You can link them together thru the app to shut off the water if any water is detected.
  10. I have been using the free AntiVirus that comes with Windows for years. Not sure if it is still supported on your Win7 O/S though. (Why didn't you do the free upgrade to Win10?) The free MS Antivirus works well, and I've never gotten a virus while using it. Of course, I'm not one to go willy-nilly clicking any link that pops up in my browser. I have a few trusted web sites that I visit, and I'm not likely to get a virus from them. I also am a big fan of using host files to block unwanted sites. You need to have a (very) slightly better than average set of computer skills to set it up. You
  11. What are these Dick's Sporting Goods stores you speak of?
  12. Last year I calculated what I thought we would be saving in taxes, and we used that savings to sign up for a new truck payment to replace my 18 year old truck. I would not have gotten a new truck had it not been for that tax savings. But just like the Pres said, people would spend the money, which I did, and that helped other people (dealership, manufacturer, suppliers, etc.). I also used some of the money to increase my 401k contributions, which will help out in my future. I figured with the extra money, I would enjoy something now, and be responsible and plan ahead for a better future.
  13. A couple of years ago I was in the same boat. I had played out all the good stuff, and there was nothing new that was worth a listen. Then I discovered a new to me genre of music that changed everything. If you like old classic rock, like Led Zeppelin, and Bad Company, well, they are still making it but now they call it "Electric Blues". These artists never get any air play, and you gotta go looking for them. But if you spend the time, you will be rewarded. Here are a couple of bands to get you started: Joe Bonnabassa, Ana Popovic, Buddy Guy, Coco Montoya, Danny Bryant, Erja Lyy
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