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  1. Just wondering .... How many undead do you figure you could buzz thru before you have to refuel??
  2. That's awesome! Where did you get that stuff??
  3. If I remember correct the Savage Model 110 series is the long action model (30-06, .270, 7mm MAG, etc) and the Savage Model 10 series is the short action model (.223, .308, etc). I own a model 10 in .308. Great gun. You are correct in that they are under-rated. As always, YMMV.
  4. Nice comparison. Who makes the .22LR conversion slide/barrel assemblies for the 2 Glocks? It looks like the heavier weight ammo (40+ grain) seemed on average to perform better than the lighter stuff (36- grain). Any idea why?
  5. A wise man once told me "I'd much rather have a bottle in front of me (drunk??) than a frontal lobotomy (zombie??)!!!" Haha!!!
  6. Does the CO2 version make it sting less?? LMAO!!
  7. CordovaToter


    Looks pretty sweet! Like everything except the manual safety. Not sure why they thought they needed that. There's not one on the LCP so why add it to the LC9?
  8. Do they sell an 'Athletic Supporter' for them that can be used during Three Gun??
  9. You are really (almost) comparing apples to oranges here. I have both the PF-9 and the PT145 PRO. The PF-9 is one of my favorite carry guns. So thin and light it just disappears under almost any shirt tail. The PT145 is a great gun but not nearly as easy to conceal. The grip on the PT is much more comfortable to hold than the PF-9. It's also bigger which for a slim guy like me makes all the difference for concealed carry. The butt of the grip is what prints most often for me in IWB or SOB carry. Also, whereas I can fit the PF-9 IWB holster fairly comfortably in my regular waist pants, I always feel like I need one more waist size up to fit the PT. At the range .... no comparison. The PT is much more fun to shoot. IMHO they are (almost) two different animals. The PF-9 is an almost special purpose conceal carry gun that isn't all that fun to take to the range whereas the PT is better shooter that can be conceal carried but is really more suited to OWB carry. That being said, it's still tough to match the 10+1 rounds of .45ACP that the PT offers. As always, YMMV.
  10. It really is pretty ridiculous that there is not a public range around M-town. The shelby farms range wasn't anything special but is was there. Had a shotgun area also. Unfortunately it was closed due to 'budgetary constraints' .... A.K.A the shelby farms conservancy people wanted the guns out of 'Their' park.
  11. My PF-9 is still my favorite carry gun. Every now and then I grab my G27 thinking I 'NEED' to carry something 'better'. Truth is the G27 isn't as comfortable for IWB and the PF-9 just disappears and I almost forget I'm carrying it. The slimness is just hard to beat in a 9X19. Not to knock the Taurus line, I own 3 versions and the Millenium PRO in .45 ACP is a fun gun too shoot. Just a little too large for a thin guy like me to carry around without giving myself away. Just my 2 cents.
  12. CordovaToter

    bersa BP9CC

    Check the Bersa Talk Forum. There are pics of what they are supposed to look like. From what I can tell they look more like a PPS than the std Bersa Thunder .380 series. The .40CC version sounds kind of interesting also.
  13. Ditto that. I also have both and depending on where I'm headed and what I'm wearing usually dictates which one I carry. While I love my PF-9, sometimes having my 27 gives me that warm fuzzy feeling you only get from a GLOCK :-)
  14. All great points. Holsters are definitely a personal preference. Only suggestion I would make is to get something comfortable. If it isn't or you think it 'Sticks out like a sore thumb', you won't wear it. FWIW, I like to wear a lefty IWB for small of back carry even though I'm a righty. For a slim frame guy like me, a standard strong side IWB feels like I'm carrying a 2X4 on my waist and I constantly think the grip of my piece is sticking out and 'giving me away'. Also, with the lefty IWB holster, I can use it as a righty OWB just by switching the location! As always, YMMV.
  15. Welcome to the State of Tennessee! Just want to throw in my two cents on this and suggest the Kel-Tec PF9. You wont' find a thinner, lighter, more compact and easy to carry 9mm IMHO. It's not the most enjoyable range gun (without the mag extension) but if you are looking for something that really disappears under even light clothing, this is it. This is what I carry most often and it's also what I used to qualify for my TNHCP. Good luck with your search.

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