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  1. The bullet was easy to remove with a light push of the cleaning rod
  2. My post wasn't very concise. The gun would chamber a round and the hammer was cocked ready to fire but when I pulled the trigger, the hammer wouldn't fall. The first two times that happened I was able to rack the slide to eject the live round but the third time it happened, racking the slide wouldn't eject the round. The thumb safety would not engage either. The only other thing I could think of was locking the slide open and sliding a cleaning rod down the barrel to push the round out of the chamber and out of the gun. I racked the slide while it was empty and pulled the trigger and the hammer dropped as normal. I loaded up another mag and it fed and fired fine.
  3. I did a detailed cleaning of the slide by removing the firing pin and extractor. I cleaned those and also cleaned the inner chambers. It was pretty dirty and took 4 q-tips to get them clean. Dunno if that may help a whole lot but it shouldn't hurt either I guess. Which brings up another question..Should a 1911 slide be taken apart (firing pin, spring, and extractor) be cleaned more often than a polymer pistol?
  4. I wonder if there is anything that I may be doing to cause the issue?
  5. How long is the wait time?
  6. I've been using Hoppes gun oil to lube the gun with. I use Shooters Choice gun grease on my other guns. I'll pick up some Tetra grease next time I'm out.
  7. Thanks. I'll check that out. I believe my Rock is a 70 series.
  8. I recently purchased a RIA Ultra 1911and have put 450 rounds through it to get it broke in. For the most part, the gun hasn't had any issues. There have been about 3 times where the gun seemed to go out of battery I think. The gun would fire and eject a round but once a new round was chambered, the gun would not fire. There was a round in the chamber and the hammer cocked back but it would not fire. The first 2 times I simply racked the slide to eject the round and put it back in the magazine and continued shooting. Today while shooting I had the same thing happen except that racking the slide would not extract the live round. I locked the slide back and used a cleaning rod to push the round out of the chamber and clear the gun. I wonder if I need to have a gunsmith do some work on it or hope that the issue resolves itself. Today I also had a round nosedive into the chamber and get stuck. I was using 200 grain Gold Dots. The first 400 rounds I have fed the gun have been 230 grain FMJs. I wanted to run some JHPs through it also to see how it handles them. I've read that I may need to get the feed ramp polished to help with that issue. Overall, the gun has been a joy to shoot and I haven't had many issues with the gun. I look forward to shooting it whenever I can. Being my first .45, the recoil isn't as bad as I thought. It's not any worse than my .40 Glock. The heavy frame helps absorb most of the kick. I just hope I can get the bugs worked out because I would like to carry the Rock as a EDC when desired. Anyone have any suggestions or ideas as to what I may need to do? Thanks.
  9. I am looking at getting a trigger job for my 1911 and was wondering if anyone knows of a reputable gunsmith in the Chattanooga area that can do the work. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
  10. It appears that Colt is making a new King Cobra model revolver. I saw an ad in Guns & Ammo magazine this past issue. Makes me giddy that they may reissue the Python and my fave...the Anaconda https://www.colt.com/detail-page/king-cobra-357
  11. That's a pretty piece of hardware. I'd love to own a 629 one day but may have to settle for the Taurus .44 mag..
  12. I have a Glock and Taurus polymer pistols but wanted a 1911 also. There's just something that about the 1911 that screams "America" to it. Granted my 1911 was made in the Philippines but I will eventually own an American made 1911. My choices would be Remington, Springfield or Colt. Any suggestions?
  13. There is a sign on the fence before you enter the range that says a valid hunting and fishing license. That's what made me ask about that.
  14. I wonder if this might lead to a domino effect? Some businesses might say "Hey Walmart can prohibit open carry then so can we." What's next? No guns allowed? It makes me wonder. Imagine going about your Saturday morning errands and every place you might normally go to (e.g. Bojangles, Lowe's, etc, etc.) has a gun buster sign on their doors. A carry permit becomes almost useless because you would have to leave your gun in your vehicle or face criminal penalties if you got caught carrying past a sign. I think the Walmart thing is the anti-gun's movement to eventually convince every business that guns are bad and people who carry them are a liability that isn't worth having their business. They know property rights trump gun carry laws and will find any way possible to circumvent lawful carrying of guns in public. Private property rights would be the logical first step. Maybe I'm wrong about all this but those anti-gunners are sneaky bastards.
  15. Hell it's a struggle to even get a WM employee to open the case for me to get the ammo they do have. I'll get mine from North Georgia Reloading or SGAmmo.com. They have good prices and better service too.

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