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  1. What would've been real funny is if he could've had R.Lee Ermey as a guest and he would make a painting while talking like he did in Full Metal Jacket...
  2. He was a cool dude. So laid back and made painting look easy. I was reading his bio one time about his stint in the Air Force where he had a leadership role and would have to yell at people. He said once he left the service, he told himself he would never raise his voice to people again.
  3. lock n' load

    Sota Arms

    Got a friend who's brother bought a Sota Arms AR-15 at a gun show. I have never heard of them. From what reviews I've read about them, they seem kinda of hit or miss in the quality department. Anyone here ever heard of them or has one? Are they any good? Thanks.
  4. I think a dash cam would be a good idea but I do have a question. I assume most if not all come with a microphone to record audio. Let's say you are stuck in the middle of a situation and while assessing the situation you utter some ill or choice words about the situation or the people causing the mayhem to either yourself or a passenger. If the situation were to require deadly force to save yourself or a loved one, I would think the audio may discredit the use of force because you showed some type of negative "bias" or "ill-will" prior to using force. I don't know if most people would remember that their words are also being recorded and think about what they say while a situation unfolds. What's y'all's thoughts?
  5. So sorry for your loss. It can be as hard losing a pet as it is a human relative. They are family. When the world seems cold and cruel, our pets are always there to show us unconditional love. To them we are their world. It takes time to heal before looking for a new pet /friend/family member. When the time comes, I think sometimes they will find us first. My boxer Sami turned 6 not long ago. We got her when she was 8 weeks old. Today she is starting to show some gray. I dread to think of the day when she leaves us. Edit: I do want add that I hope you can take some comfort in knowing that her final moments she felt love and safety in the arms of her hero. She was able to slip away to the Rainbow Bridge knowing that one day you'll meet again
  6. I think SC has a duty to notify LEOs law if you are licensed to carry and are armed.
  7. As Johnny Cochran used to say...If it doesn't fit, you must aquit
  8. Sadly many have relied on Hollywood to get their "facts" and "history lessons". Kinda like the "wild West" They like to throw that term up when it comes to guns. If they made an accurate movie on the "wild West", it'd probably be the most boring movie ever. There weren't shootouts every 5 minutes. Yeah there times people did bad things but not the frequency that Hollywood portrays it.
  9. https://www.wsmv.com/news/man-charged-with-attempted-murder-after-attacking-couple-with-machete/article_366f643e-9879-11ea-86a4-d3b6d8cb7567.html Glad the perp is in jail. Hope the couple recovers from their injuries. With people acting crazy, it pays to stay armed and remailn vigilant..
  10. The anti-gunners eat this stuff up because it gives them even more reason to want the government to restrict the 2nd amendment. I don't like this whole situation either, but marching down the street armed to the teeth isn't going to accomplish anything either. Sometimes I wonder if some of those same protesters are really anti-second opponents trying to help their cause.
  11. I guess most of you have seen this. I'm all for 2nd amendment rights but these people are just hurting our cause I believe.. https://www.foxnews.com/us/armed-anti-lockdown-protesters-march-north-carolina-order-subway
  12. This is just another downside to open carry. It can cause unwanted attention. It's not worth the hassle of debating or arguing with a business over their views of carrying a gun into their business. If they don't want me to carry there then I'll just go somewhere else.They should at least post a sign as to avoid any misunderstanding.
  13. I got rid of FB 5 years ago. It was fun at first but then some people I was friends with starting posting anti-gun, liberal, social issues stuff that made me mad and an argument would ensue (I can't scroll past something that I disagree with apparently..lol). Then I'd post stuff to make them mad..lol. I kinda enjoyed the fireworks for a while but it became like beating a dead horse and I got tired of it so I deleted my account. I don't miss it very much.
  14. You may not be in that situation. I did get swindled by Verizon one time when I switched from AT&T. I bought a phone with unlimited data. When I'd gotten home I was looking through my bag and found a Jetpack which is like a mobile hotspot that they had snuck in there. I returned to the store thinking they had gave it to me by mistake. They said no it was mine. I asked if it cost anything and they also said no. I found out later that it wasn't free and they added a line to my service and I'd have to pay $15/mth for the jetpack service. I didn't have a need or want the thing but I was stuck with at that point. I could either pay the early cancellation fee or keep the thing and pay for it for 2 years. I did the math and it would've been cheaper to just pay the fee. So I did that. I'm still mad about that and it's been two years ago.
  15. I almost got talked into a tablet for ,99¢ from the AT&T store but after hearing I would have to add an additional line and pay $10 extra a month I passed. It would probably be better to get one outright from Bestbuy, Amazon, etc then deal with the phone companies. They are sneaky like that..

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