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  1. If you have an AR-15 wrench I think you can use that. I may try that when the new light arrives. The first time I replaced it I removed the action from the shotgun and used a small nail clamped in some vise grips as a makeshift wrench. It worked though...lol
  2. I returned the unit and got a refund. I got to looking at the one for the 500/590 and it looks like it might work. What's weird is that after looking at the different ones on their website,, the one for the Shockwave and the one for the Remington 870 look identical. The guns are not the same. The one for the 500/590 is made differently. I ordered one thru Midway since they had them on sale. Update to follow...
  3. I think it is a design flaw. I had the same issue with the first one I bought. The second one had the same issue. I may contact Streamlight about the issue but I'll probably get a refund first from the place I bought it from. The slop in the action is unacceptable to me. The stock forend that came on my Mossy has no end to end movement once the nut is tightened. It shouldn't be the any different with the Streamlight I think.
  4. In that pic I think so but I had screwed it all the way down earlier and it still did the same thing. It's like that small "rib" won't catch the nut and it slides past it.
  5. Can't remember if I posted this before but this is a cool tune. AC had made this song for the James Bond movie but it was submitted a day too late. The producers liked it but had already picked the theme song. This one would've been better...
  6. The one I bought is for the Shockwave which is what I have. Maybe I am doing something wrong? I don't have that tool you need to remove the nut from the action so I had to break the gun down and remove the action piece and remove the old pump ( with a tool I made) to install the Streamlight. Surely that wouldn't matter since it slips off the action tube whether assembled to the gun or not.
  7. This how it looks when first installed... This is what it does when sliding the action.. These are the "ribs" I was talking about. See how the one closest to end is very small? Another view of how it looks when first installed This is another pic of it after the nut has slid past the "rib" on the light
  8. So I bought a Streamlight TL Racker for my Mossberg Shockwave. After installing it on my gun, I noticed that it slides on the action tube quite bad. The first one I bought had that issue so I took it back and got another one. I got it home and it had the same issue. I started looking at how the inside was constructed and think I know the problem. There are "ribs" on the inside that allows it to stay on the tube. The rib closest to the fore end nut is very small and won't hold the unit securely on the action tube. I think it is either bad engineering or bad manufacturing. I'll send some pictu
  9. Stuff like this is the reason the pro 2-A lobbies need our help more than ever. They may be the only thing standing between us and losing our freedoms. Our last hope would be SCOTUS but I'm not really sure about them.
  10. I ended up going with the Big Dot sight for my shotty. It was easy to install.. It seems to be about as bright as my Ameriglo sights on my Glock. I went with the orange one.
  11. The only offer I got at the moment is 2.79% which is pretty good.
  12. Most likely 30 years but if they have a 20 year term that might be a possibility. I dunno how many places that offer that one. I've only heard from others about the 20 year one
  13. I am currently looking at refinancing my mortgage to get a better interest rate. I was also looking at borrowing against the equity of my home so that I can do some repairs. So far I've only contacted my old mortgage company whom I financed through when I first bought my house. The quote I got is a really good interest rate that is 1.75 points lower than what my current interest rate is. I've never done this type of thing before so it's new territory for me. Anyone on here have experience doing either/both? Thanks in advance for the assistance.
  14. https://newschannel9.com/news/local/bradley-county-landfill-shooter-sentenced-to-17-years-in-prison This article is not exactly about home intruders but more about the intent of the shooter. This guy was convicted of 2nd degree murder a few years ago. He had bragged to his coworkers that he would kill the guy if he spotted him. Sure enough, he ran into the guy and made good on his word. He even posed for a picture over the guy's body after the shooting from other sources I read. He is now serving a 17 year prison sentence. The guy he killed was unarmed but he made a "menacing glare" and t


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