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  1. Yes. I experienced the issue with various brands of fmj ammo also. The failure has occured with both the WC and the ACT mags. I'm not sure what poundage the recoil spring is however.
  2. Yes. Before I sent the gun off, I detail stripped the slide and cleaned the channels out with a Q-tip. It took about 4 to get it clean.
  3. I guess I just need to get a different gun
  4. I read on another forum that I may need to get an extended magazine release that holds the magazine tighter in the gun. Anyone think this might be a possible solution?
  5. I looked at the follower and couldn't find any dimple on it. The only magazines I have are the stock magazine and the WC magazine I bought. I've had the issue with both magazines.
  6. Update #2 I sent my gun back to RIA two weeks ago to have them check the gun out. I explained what it was doing and they sent me a return label to ship the gun back. The gun was only gone two weeks and I got it back yesterday which was pretty quick to me. They indicated that they tuned, cleaned, lubed and tested the gun. They never indicated what they tuned. I fired another 100 rounds through it and again had a failure to go into battery on the last round. This happened with the stock magazine that came with the gun. Now I am looking a several options. Option A: start replacing parts with aftermarket parts (extractor, recoil spring, etc) and have it tuned by a gunsmith to see if that fixes the issue. Option B: trade the gun for an American-made 1911. I think trying to upgrade parts will end up costing as much if not more than buying a better gun. I've read good reviews about RIA guns and I still want to think they make good guns. Maybe I just got a lemon. I think they have a good customer service system with how quickly they handled my situation but unfortunately, it didn't seem to work for me.
  7. What about this one? https://www.keltecweapons.com/firearms/rifles/rfb/
  8. I'll try that and see if it is the cause. I always heard and read that WC makes good stuff which kinda surprises me that it happens with that mag. I bought it as a backup because I'd read some reviews that the stock one isn't very good. If it continues to happen after using different mags I'll try to send it back to RIA to check it. Only problem is I have shot some ammo from N. Georgia Reloading which most likely voids the warranty per RIA. I may have to take it to a gunsmith if all else fails. Every brand of ammo I have shot has experienced a FTGTB. I even had it happen with Gold Dot ammo. Other than that I really like and am possibly falling in love with the 1911. The grip angle is way better than the other guns I have. The weight of the full size frame makes recoil very manageable. I really wish I'd gotten one sooner.
  9. Range update... I've been to the range the past 2 weeks. Each trip I shot 100 rounds through the gun. Last week I shot Winchester white box and this week I shot Federal ammo through it. Both 230g fmj. I again had 1 out of battery issue both times. Both issues occured on the last round out of my Wilson Combat magazine. I also had a round nosedive in the chamber with the WC mag and the gun jammed. Other than those 2 issues it fed fine. The ACT mag that came with the gun didn't do that. After each shooting session I thoroughly clean the gun. I also applied some Shooters Choice grease on the slide to see if it would make a difference. Could the magazine possibility be the issue?
  10. The bullet was easy to remove with a light push of the cleaning rod
  11. My post wasn't very concise. The gun would chamber a round and the hammer was cocked ready to fire but when I pulled the trigger, the hammer wouldn't fall. The first two times that happened I was able to rack the slide to eject the live round but the third time it happened, racking the slide wouldn't eject the round. The thumb safety would not engage either. The only other thing I could think of was locking the slide open and sliding a cleaning rod down the barrel to push the round out of the chamber and out of the gun. I racked the slide while it was empty and pulled the trigger and the hammer dropped as normal. I loaded up another mag and it fed and fired fine.
  12. I did a detailed cleaning of the slide by removing the firing pin and extractor. I cleaned those and also cleaned the inner chambers. It was pretty dirty and took 4 q-tips to get them clean. Dunno if that may help a whole lot but it shouldn't hurt either I guess. Which brings up another question..Should a 1911 slide be taken apart (firing pin, spring, and extractor) be cleaned more often than a polymer pistol?
  13. I wonder if there is anything that I may be doing to cause the issue?
  14. How long is the wait time?

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