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  1. Any recommendations on the proper grease/oil to lubricate the inner bolt work for a safe? The handle is a little tough to turn and the bolts may need some TLC.
  2. Does anyone know of a range in or near Chattanooga that allows shotguns with both shot and slug loads? I believe Prentice Cooper allows slug only rounds but I'd like to try out some buckshot and other shot loads as well.
  3. I looked at the Mossberg 500, Maverick 88 and the Shockwave. I wanted a more compact shotgun for home defense. I don't hunt or skeet shoot.
  4. What's the recoil like? I'm looking at getting the mini shells for home defense. I ordered the adapter needed to accommodate the ahells
  5. I bought a Mossberg Shockwave today and am pretty excited about it. I've seen mixed reviews about them but mostly positive ones. Does anyone on here own one? If so, what are your thoughts on it? I got the 18.5" barrel version. I had originally wanted the 14" one but didn't do my research on their different barrel lengths when I bought mine. I assumed they were only one length but they aren't. Maybe I can buy the shorter barrel and magazine tube if they sell them if I really want the shorter version.
  6. Those look awesome. I kinda gravitate towards the black leather. How long does it typically take to craft one?
  7. I have a PT111 which I believe is almost identical to the g2c. I had heard there were some issues with the plastic guide rod assembly. I replaced mine with a stainless steel on from Lakeline Industries. It runs like a champ. Below is their link if you're interested in one... https://lakelinellc.com/shop/stainless-recoil-assembly-for-taurus-pt111-g2-stainless-finish/
  8. Bought a RIA 1911 and am looking for suggestions for a holster. I am looking for a leather one with a thumb break which would rest between the hammer and slide when fastened as I plan on carrying it cocked and locked once I get accustomed to the gun.
  9. Today at my wife's work, a patron came in open carrying a firearm and they asked him to show them his carry permit. He told them that he forgot to bring it and they told him to leave. She told me that a law was passed this year that allows a business to ask a permit holder to show them their permit when they enter their establishment if they know or suspect they may be packing. I may be wrong in assuming this but I was under the impression that only LEOs can request a permit holder to show them their permit. I'm not familiar with businesses being able to do so. I know that a businesses can prohibit guns on their property with signage but if they allow firearms can they ask for proof?
  10. From reading the proposed law, it seems that those of us who already have a HCP that includes a photo I.D. and have paid the initial and/or renewal fees (especially lifetime permits) that we would be considered "enhanced" permit holders and would be grandfathered into that class???
  11. This bill seems like a gimmick. It seems they just want more money to do what you could already do or at least most of it. I thought you could already carry your gun or guns in any manner you wanted. I could be wrong though...
  12. Not in this video but I had him bring a safe into my house and he used those wooden pieces to slide the safe into a back bedroom. He and his son would push it so far along and then place more wooden pieces along the path. It was kinda like making a train track to guide the safe to its destination. They got it where I wanted it to go and once it reached its final destination, they placed it on the floor and leveled it to make sure the door wouldn't bind when it was opened. The PVC pipe trick shown earlier should provide the same results also.
  13. Here's a video by Aaron Parker that may give you some tips for moving you safe.

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