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  1. This made me laugh out loud. I'm about a year out from having my BS in Psychology and Counseling (read: I've already written a ton of essays and papers) and you should see the amount of citing that has to be done. About every other sentence has a "(xxxx, date)" after it. Which doesn't bother me. Once you get several dozen of those going, it pads the paper length pretty well!
  2. 17 pages... all these photos... and not a single internet cats photo. Sigh.
  3. It does that to me all the time, using firefox. Not a cache issue, either. So who knows. I just always login, and then click the "Forum" tab exactly like you mentioned. Then I'm recognized by the forum and can do whatever. Has always been that way for me, and I just learned to deal with it. lol. Not much help I know... but you aren't alone in that issue.
  4. Their videos are cracking me up... I'm digging the sound of this group. Definitely going to have to snag a cpl of their CD's.
  5. Haven't heard any of their earlier albums (or songs), as I just stumbled onto this one, but like the sound. Good song and even funnier video. Any of you listen to them?
  6. At this point, I'd recommend a really well-trained, pissed off, K9 (rottweiler, doberman, malinois, etc) left inside the trailer when no one is there. Guarantee you that the intruders won't make repeat showing after the first encounter with the new family member. If they're dumb enough to not stop entering when the barking starts.
  7. Manual labor. Hey, you're with her for a reason... 3 kids or not... that number isn't going to go down any. ETA: Maybe you should forget the gun sign and warn them about the 3 kids... might be more effective.
  8. Sure it is... it's called engagement + marriage. Then you get a new "roomie".
  9. Everyone needs to relax and let the Admin actually address the problem. He's out of pocket for a few hours, but will look into it this evening. Stop the hacker theories, malicious advertisements, and everything else being tossed out, joking or not, before things get carried away.
  10. Those bastards steal your watch too??? Sorry, couldn't resist.
  11. Lifted this from Dave Sevigny's facebook update... linked to the Glock page...
  12. Verbal Kint


    A movie you have to watch to truly appreciate. The Ice Pirates (1984) The Ice Pirates - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  13. Verbal Kint


    Space herpes, again.

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