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  1. excellent! I guess I'm going to have to make time to get into the accuracy lab and build that mount! (my brother mark (aka old radar tech) calls it the 'mad scientists' club"..either way, I see a locking rack being machined and installed for the trunk monkey!!
  2. when will this bill become active law? what date? On a plus side, I can see a rifle rack being fabricated for the roll bar on my jeep, for my m1 carbine....
  3. That is FUNNY! :) you win the internet for today
  4. I find the whole argument ludicrous. Nature abhors a vacuum. ANY life that refuses to defend itself is culled at some point in time.  The Natural right to self defense has pre-dated governments and indeed exists outside of government. It is an immutable and universal law, recognized in the Talmud, the Bible, in Lex Rex (1644), the Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights, and even that decision is illuminated by the Federalist Papers numbers 28,29 and 48. I will not go where I cannot defend myself.
  5. Thanks for the heads up OOOH! I DID call her out. I told her she denigrated her father's MOH by LYING in order to sway a senator's views on gun control when she wasn't a part of that state. I also acknowledged her father's service.
  6. I don't know about you folks, but this ticks me off. I found this video online: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GmR-bN59Vu0 it's a video of a woman, claiming to be from Bristol, Tn. who is schizophrenic and owns firearms. She is thanking Sen. Corker for his vote on gun control. Now, That made me a bit miffed, so I decided to do a little digging. There is no Heather Whaley in Bristol Tn or Virginia.  So I did a little MORE digging. Loe and behold, I found a video of miss Heather B Whalepoop giving testimony in Conneticut, on Gun control, where she claims her father was a ranger with the congressional medal of honor. See attached video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfH13c-YlZ8 I then, in order to ensure that it was her, looked up her bonafides and found that she does indeed live in Redding, a suburb of Danbury Ct. Heather Whaley 55 Mill Plain Rd 26-2 #26-2 Danbury, CT 06811 (203) 628-7988 Do you folks think that she should get away with perpatrating fraud in order to further her agenda? THIS is what we're up against...they're willing to lie, cheat and steal in order to disarm Americans. Addendum: a further search of medal of honor recipients does not find ANY Whaley in their system. The only CMH winner from Ct, was a Hector Santiago. Unless they moved there after her dad retired, She's lying about that too.  
  7. After reading quite a bit and talking to some folks..I've changed my mind. I actually like the bill. Unfortunately, after eating crow with Jon Lundberg, he told me it's DOA.   I learn something new every days folks.
  8. for those folks in the north east tn area: district 1 you may go here to voice your displeasure : http://www.sullivancountygop.com/State.html
  9. If you think that you're smart enough to pick your senator instead of leaving it up to them, you might want to call your state representatives and ask them about this bill: http://www.capitol.tn.gov/Bills/108/Bill/SB0471.pdf    
  10. Isn't that just quaint.  this reminds me of a quote made by Herr Himmler.  If you want to carry weapons of war, join the SS or the SA!" The thought of armed mobs also bothers me, but I can assure you, if I'm carrying a long gun or a one hand gun, I am anything but confused.  If it bothers you that we, here in Tn. value both our freedoms and our God given rights to carry such items (I've yet to see a mob carrying these arms 'running around' and causing mayhem as you suggest) then perhaps you should forget what you remembered when growing up in Ohio. A state that is so far removed from the color of the constitution as to be unloved by many of us here. In other words,  we don't give a dang how they do it up north mister. (plain redneck english for those of you who don't cotton to the more polite and polished forms of speech).
  11. LowBb, you got the idea of the bill right..you're understanding it.   Now think about this. How many veterans who deployed to combat zones have received a numbered but "completely anonymous" mental health questionairre that they filled out. If you filled that out, it's still in your records, for good or ill. (I tossed mine in the trash can-don't trust them folks".. I am extremely uncomfortable with anyone who has the ability to remove my rights in an extralegal manner.  I've noticed that our legislators are passing laws that look good on the surface but they absolutely suck if you're a thinking man that examines them.
  12. Tennessee legislature has SB789 out of Judiciary. This bill strips the rights of citizens to own firearms if a psychiatrist deems them incompetent, without ANY Ajudication by a court of law! It also allows them to raid your medical records to do so. you know they'll be looking at veterans! I applaud the idea of stopping folks that make threats, but the devil is in the details, folks. you may want to take a look at the bill itself and call your state representative.  
  13. guys, keep in mind that Carrey's opinion holds no sway here in rural america. all he's done is alienate a potential money source.  I will now, no longer watch any of his movies. I won't support someone who can't even follow the constitution. This isn't a hard thing to do. he can think anything he likes about me and mine. he can't whip us and he can't change our minds. :rock:
  14. so did I! thanks guys!! I'll be saving mine from now on.
  15. http://coloradooncefiredbrass.com/pricing.html  They still have most popular calibers, last I looked..I say MOST.  
  16. That's just funny!!| My hospitality ends on the front porch after a glass of sweet tea, if I don't know you.  "A message to Francisco":  While many of us in the gun culture trust each other implicitly, for a total stranger to ask to come into our homes and photograph ourselves and our arms is beyond the pale. it's like one of us asking you to let us photograph your wife's underclothes.   In other words...it's not considered polite and is provocation for suspicion.  In some cases, doing something like this is hazardous. So..uhh..no.
  17. that's ok, it's only a matter of time, OS. they can't help themselves. it will be there before long.
  18. yeah, be like the marines! they traded in their plastic fantastic futura blasters for a bunch of those "old antique guns". spent 22.5 million on em.  can anyone venture a guess as to WHY they did that? I'll give you a hint: God created marines in order to kill bad people. it only makes sense that he'd give them an innate knowledge of the best tool to use to do that...
  19. yeah.. I'd have to say no...you can't beat that 2nd rear axle when it comes time to climb up a hill or through mud. it's like a half track with wheels. It might look all cute, like a big pickup truck..but a real Deuce and a half is an awesome machine. Congrats on yours, she's a beauty!
  20. Liberals always follow a set script. why? because marxism is a set script.  There are a finite amount of ways to introduce tyranny into a free nation. the 2nd amendment counters them ALL. The best way to weaken a country who's citizens own firearms it to limit their arms, limit their firepower so that they can be subdued more easily.  I will not comply with any magazine ban. heck, I won't comply with any registration and I can't wait to do my taxes this year. when they ask me if I have health insurance I'm going to cordially invite them to attempt self impregnation. (yes, I will writht GFY, draw a box next to that and then put a check mark in it. some things, a fella will abide to get along with others. Some things he'll put up with to make his wife happy.   Some things, you'll have to kill him over.
  21. You know wha'ts rediculous? I saw small pistol primers for SIXTY ONE BUCKS A 1000!!! that is insane.  I walked out of gunslingers, over in kingsport. they had ammo of various calibers..and I know why! they want  your first born along with your wallet for it. it's probably not their fault but dang...it's retarded..I reload so it's cheaper for me to shoot my 308 and my garand and m1 carbine than it is to shoot my 22 pistol!!
  22. actually, many of the government 'drones' are about as big as a glider and they fly about 4 miles high. if it's a rifle, it had better be a MANPAD (surface to air missile) that's cleverly disguised as a rifle. Otherwise, the only way to stop a drone is to jam it's telemetry (which at this point, if you're worried about spurious transmissions and the FCC, your priorities are off) or like the guys said- lase the target to interfere with it's camera systems. If it's an armed drone, like a predator or a reaper, either jam its telemetry (hard because they use broad spectrum frequency hopping gear) with blanket noise, or hide, they can't shoot what they can't see. (we hope) this tyranny thing SUCKS! why can't they leave us the hell alone to pursue a nice day on the range?  
  23. guys, when folks like that talk, you should listen REAL hard to what they say and to what they don't say.  The colt CEO intimated that it would make no sense for either STAG ARMS or for MOSSBERG to stay in the state either: translation- if you make us leave, we'll take mossberg and stag arms with us.... that some serious mojo they're wielding!! If our governor were smart or we had someone here that rubbed elbows with the dummy, (a smart politician? sorry for that typo) they could put a birdy in his ear to go up there and make a pitch for their business.


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