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  1. I fish up there occasionally. I'm a tailwater guy. When I can't fish the tailgaters (schedules, etc...) I will hit the mountains. Right now, the water is cold enough for trout on the lower section. It is a usually a wider area down lower. As it heats up, you have to go higher elevations to find the trout.
  2. I fished the South Holston this weekend and had a great two days! BWO were popping off sporadically and there were occasional rises. Great river!
  3. I know this picture. I may or may not have a connection with that hat.
  4. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha thanks dude.
  5. Ahhhhh fly fishing. I don't post on here too often anymore but I logged in and found this jewel of a thread. I'm obsessed.
  6. Got my first one last week! 10 inch beard and one inch spurs. [URL=http://s898.photobucket.com/user/Crosshairs11/media/e36e2373-d691-4752-8108-298a61c712e6_zpscpeopvht.jpg.html][/URL]
  7. I will take the Glock mags if available! I carry an old 30. 
  8. The meeting was split. They said it was up to each homeowner. They didn't say I couldn't, but they didn't say I could. So I decided to just move on. No harm in learning the legalities anyway. 
  9. Before you all think im just gonna go cowboy on my neighbors property, they are having a neighborhood meeting this week and the problem with the deer and how to handle it. My friend will mention he had a hunting buddy (me) and gauge everyone's views about it. If the entire neighborhood doesn't agree with this strategy theb I would never do it.
  10. Quick question. My buddy has an acre lot in a subdivision. He has lots of deer come into his property and eat his flowers. Can I hunt them? It's in Knox county...I would do bow only.
  11. Thanks everyone for the help! I will report back when I make a decision! For now I will will be using my worn out Walmart camo.
  12. East and middle Tennessee mostly. Deer and turkey.
  13. I'm looking at upgrading my camo. Is the under armour stuff really worth the price? I don't mind paying for top of the line stuff as long as it's top of the line in function. What brands are good? Bad? Thanks so much. Note: I currently use a camo system from Walmart so most higher end systems will be an improvement.
  14. Yup. Have them draw an A1c. 
  15. I pass WD everyday. I'm honestly surprised that place is still in business. They have always asked too much for everything, not just ammo. I have not, and will not, purchase anything from them. There's nothing I want bad enough to warrant me using them especially when Bill's Outpost is just down the road. 
  16. Legit, unsarcastic question. Where is your club? That sounds awesome.
  17. Reread my post hoss. I said TRAINING after getting your permit is money well spent. I didn't say you had to spend $1500 to get it. I will stand by my comment that training is money well spent. And...there are other scenarios where drawing and hitting a target would be difficult if you are hurt, trapped, etc...it's good to get training in all different scenarios. Not just shooting a target.
  18. Apparently I forgot I already put my name in. Whoops! Sorry.
  19. May not be cheap, but for 5 days of high quality training, it would be worth every penny. There's little you can do that's better than training after you get your handgun carry permit. People seem to think that since they completed a simple carry class they can handle all situations with lightening fast response. Truth is these classes provide you the tools to train under a simple and consistent design so you can develop muscle memory in a effective way so if you are ever presented with a situation you can handle it as effectively as possible.


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