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  1. have not seen anyone mention a p22 from walther yet. not really a target 22 but fun to plink. I have a couple thousand through mine and it runs like a champ. but I would say the MKii is as good as a target 22 gets also for a bit of reading there is RimfireCentral.com - Rimfire Community!
  2. you traded guns with someone and went down to a boat ramp with him? I shoot at Stones River in Antioch, A few places out in Cookville, and on my land DeKalb co. But I split my time between Nashville and Smithville.
  3. if i was going to buy a cheap 1911 for a shell, to replace just a few parts on, or just to beat up, it would be a rock island. also i think the roll marks on the r1 look cheap/overdone/tacky, one of those three. or all of those three.
  4. DMT, The problem definitely isn't going shooting, she is just categorically against carrying. She loves to shoot; but says she would never carry.
  5. Good choice. I've been trying to get my wife to get her permit but she has some kind of disconnect from the range now and then with me to carry by herself, anything you did to get her interested? I am guessing with mine its just going to be time gutting used to guns.
  6. John

    Colt WTF?

    whats even more shocking is that its sold out.
  7. John

    Pistol Conundrum

    I'd be another vote for the g19. It just has more versatility, 9mm can be had at a decent price, and if you want to carry in the future it works well for that too. everyone else kind of summed it up, big thing is fondle them and make sure you like the grip angle etc. Just make sure you leave yourself room in the budget to buy a lot of ammo and get to the range and practice practice practice.
  8. yep MKIII is by far the worst to strip in anyway that I have.
  9. John

    If you had...

    This + even more ammo...
  10. If you are ever out in DeKalb Co. check out: Sues Taxidermy & Deer Processing Sue Varney #615-337-9730 $60 and up. I brought a good sized doe there this past season, and got a taste of all the options, I came in hungry and left full. Got my meat and couldn't be happier. Unfortunately we have been eating the heck out of it and I am trying to save the last of it for when my brother comes to town.
  11. wow, congrats that is a beautiful hog. i'm pretty darn jealous.
  12. my number one I really want to hunt is a javelina. don't laugh at me. if we are talking about inside tennessee a bobcat would be a dream come true. realistically my goal this year is to shoot a turkey. I have never been turkey hunting. this is really my only my second year getting into hunting, I love dove hunting this year and I got my first deer this year. Turkey season in April if I can find some land to hunt on a turkey on. (if you are in mid-TN and need someone to build fences, dig a ditch, anything you need PM me ).
  13. John

    Kel-Tec PMR30

    Anyone buy one of these yet? the only post on here is a bit old. 30 rounds sounds fun, I guess I would prefer .22long but I am thinking about picking one up for plinking fun, I just have not seen any reviews from an end user. Any info would be cool. thanks guys.
  14. I feel for you, I am having a lot of the same problems, my best suggestion is to develop a relationship with a land owner, maybe this year offer to help mend a fence, dig drainage, etc. and perhaps next year they will be comfortable with you hunting on their property. I have been helping someone with their land out in DeKalb Co. and hopefully in the future he will allow me to hunt on his property.
  15. Did you get a good deal at Dicks? I happen to have a good sized gift card but I hate to go in there, seems like I stand around at the lodge for 20 minutes and get some snippy college kid instead of any actual service. Also I can't look anything up online as to firearms, I may have to make the trip to a store sometime soon.


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