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  1. It's just a belt fed upper. No different ATF-wise than any other upper receiver. People waited years, like almost ten years, having already paid Ares for the belt fed upper before they finally shipped. But of the people who have finally gotten them, they seem to run pretty good.
  2. I'm from Nashville and was in Knoxville today so I stopped by the show. You Knoxville guys have NOTHING to complain about. Today's show was 4-5 times as big as anything we have in Nashville. Of course stuff was high, but that's just par for the course these days. At leat y'all have more high priced junk to look at than the 4-5 rows we have lol.
  3. Your Yugo under folder has a 16" barrel. It's a title 1 firearm. If you want to put a stock on your M92 you have to pay a tax on it because it is title 2, or an NFA firearm just like a machine gun.
  4. I just dyed my M92's wood "Russian Red". The unfinished wood looks bad on them I think. As soon as In Range starts taking work again mine is getting the SBR treatment.
  5. I had a problem with an OBR that I ordered and they made it right within days. I also received the gun a few weeks earlier than the lead time they quoted. I don't care what you think about Mark personally, but they make top notch products.
  6. Found these last week. [IMG]http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii290/jasongar8/6839984A-91CB-442F-B412-86B00DBEF98A-1358-000001927DF7F8A0.jpg[/IMG]
  7. Picked up a bottle of Elmer T. Lee yesterday. Very good stuff. Hard to beat for the money. I'm desperately looking for some Pappy or Rip Van Winkle in middle TN if anyone has any leads. People were waiting at Midtown Friday morning at 5 for the release. Theirs sold out in 26 minutes.
  8. It is 26 acres with a old busted down house. The whole place appraised for $169,000. They are asking $210,000...
  9. Just got back into hunting his year after not hunting anything since 2009. I have been really enjoying it. I've killed a doe and my biggest buck ever that was a wide 8. Got the text last night from another guy who hunts the same farm I do and the landowner is trying to sell the place and doesn't want anyone hunting on it anymore. So depressing. Anyway, just wanted to vent. Happy Thanksgiving! I am very blessed and thankful for what I have. I'll find another place hopefully.
  10. That's why I said he "may" have to get one. I didn't know for sure and was being "better safe than sorry".
  11. You can use any center fire rifle Chad. You may have to get one of the little 5 round AK mags to be legal. But other than that you should be good to go. The 7.62x39 is comparible to .30-30 ballistically.
  12. I never really worry about the wind. Don't wear scent lock style clothes either. I've just never had a problem getting winded by deer. Some have stopped and looked my way, but haven't had any turn tail and run. I do hunt 10-15 ft off the ground. You my have bigger problems hunting off the ground.
  13. [IMG]http://i267.photobucket.com/albums/ii290/jasongar8/157A2BDE-8D38-47D4-9683-8A65CDAFEA5C-2487-00000465098B5295.jpg[/IMG] Got this 8 pointer one on Thursday in Davidson county. It was almost 0800 when a doe came trotting through with him and another buck about 40 yards behind her. The other buck had a longer main beam from what I could tell, but his whole right side was broken off. I shot him at about 40 yards. I was using 100 grains of 777 powder and a 250 gr. T/C Shockwave bullet.


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