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  1. What's this "cure" y'all speak of? Sounds like heresy to me.
  2. I digs my N frame model 28 but I sho' wish I had another Smith of some sort, in a magnum, of course. Maybe an Airweight just for tits and wiggles, ya know?
  3. Mine is bad about flooding real easy which can make it a b90th to start but here's somethin' my small engine repair dude showed me and a lot of people won't notice and that's the damn mud dobbers will build a nest deep inside the muffler and block all air flow keeping them from starting. Screwdriver poked around in there might tell ya or ya may have to take it off and soak it a while to see. And make sure your carb diaphragm is in good workin' order. I've had my ol' Homelite 240 for 17 years and don't know how long my dad had it before he died and it always starts as long as I put Stabil in the fuel and it's always ethanol fuel. I did have to put a new ignition module on it several years back, though. Since then, no problemo.
  4. When I was a young teenager, a classmate's little brother was one of the bravest little thieves I ever saw. We'd be hangin' out on the side of the local store and when a police car would roll up and they went in for smokes or what have ya, this little bastard would jump in their car and steal a radio or worse before they came back out. Roll on to some years, later. Another person we knew by the name of Lisa Goforth (I think I remembered her last name right) came up missing. Some time later, they caught Robert (Richards) impersonating a police officer and he had been pulling people over but his last attempt didn't work out and he was nabbed. After an investigation, they charged and convicted him of murder in Lisa's disappearance, though they never found her body, even after several searches that he led them on. He was that messed up in the head, yet real good at foolin' ya, too. Last I heard, he was in, I think, Dyer county lockup and was stabbed to death by another inmate there, several years ago. Why he was there, I'm not sure. May have been movin' him to someplace else, at the time. So noooooo. Don't stop just because. Find lights and witnesses, if at all possible. They have to allow you that much.
  5. Zup. You'll find a lot of goofballs and smarty pants here. All ya could ever hope for. :wave:
  6. Sooooo.....would I be able to use a cane sword? Would a baton be cool? I hafta use a cane at times and would really like a cane sword to be legal. The old club rules are just ridiculous IMHO. Some bozo could claim a piece of 2x4 in the back of my truck is a club and cause me all kinda grief, if he wanted to, though, I do, "sometimes", have a whittled club back there. It came with the truck when I bought it from an old Mason.
  7. Tried a many a different kind and they all suck.
  8. Givin' up my Fenix PD35 would be akin to losin' my weapon. My Ruger, Fenix, Leatherman and Kershaw are more important than underwear in my book and have been seen wearin' only those and a belt before. You should thank God there were no pics.
  9. That looks nothin' like my youngest daughter. I call BS.
  10. Plan on havin' an Inox, CX4 Storm and a shotgun of theirs, eventually. I would really like to check out that compact, too. The only thing I don't like 'bout the 92/96s is that I have to change my grip a tad to hit the mag release and their grip is a little thick for me. I could swap it to the other side but that's somethin' I hafta think 'bout when usin' in a stressful situation. No biggy, though.
  11. Very Cool! Top was one of the first bands I ever saw as a teenager. Hope he calls to do somethin' on a album. If so, let us know when ya can.
  12. I'd like to test some myself to see if they'd replace my DRT for defensive ammo. If they'll get through Winter clothing and still penetrate 5-6" in all directions, that's gonna be a purdy damn bad wound area. Imagine what a 12 gauge slug of this would do. Sho' would like to try it on a big ol'buck. Would like to see how it does against windshields and car doors. The DRTs will go through 6" of solid wood, no problem but I've never tested it against a car situation, so I back up each of those rounds with a good heavy hollow point. If that's stuff is worth it, I'm gonna get after'm to make it in .357 mag., too.
  13. LOL! Had to share it on FB. :rofl:
  14. I've got the fever bad! Last 5 years I haven't been able to go much 'cause of family issues but I gots to do somethin' 'bout that this year or folks might start disappearin' 'round here due to my attitude. Really wanna try out that new 1,000 Acre Lake down in Carroll county and maybe hit Pin Oak and Reelfoot, too.
  15. Uhhhhh.......HELL NO! When I went to my huntin' spot, to get my blind down the other day, I found a ground nest that looked like an armadillo or somethin' dug up and ate all the little larvae that was in it. Pieces of nests all around the area from it. Glad "whatever" found it first before I did. I've had enough run ins with'm.


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