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  1. Wasn't Gov. Haslam just arguing that the parking lot bill absolutely cannot apply to universities?
  2. [quote name='Oh Shoot' timestamp='1354743284' post='855389']Why should a student or non-student HCP holder not be able to have loaded firearm kept in vehicle? - OS [/quote] Better question is why should a college student or non-student HCP holder not be able to have a loaded firearm on her person?
  3. Thanks for the help OhShoot. I thought that might be it when I was writing it up so I deleted the entire quote and typed it out by hand, but I must have done it in a way that didn't remove the left code.
  4. I used the "increase/decrease indent" buttons and it didn't work. It worked on the Tennessean quote, but it wouldn't work on the constitution quote.
  5. The Tennessean is saying that it is improper for government to charge citizens a fee to exercise a right. By their own words and logic they should also disapprove of the HCP fee because it specifically says in the state constitution that bearing arms is a right. No they did not say "eliminate the HCP fee," but to not be against the HCP fee would be hypocritical and indefensible according to their logic. Writing to them is what one might refer to as "calling someone out."
  6. I tried several times to indent "That the citizens of this State have the right..." in this post but every time I previewed the post, posted it, or tried to edit it, the indentation was removed.
  7. Today's editorial is about public records and the Haslam administration's openness. Here is an excerpt: Haslam has "Given verbal support to efforts to charge fees to anyone who makes a request for public records, even though state law guarantees the right to public records." The Tennessean is against the requirement that a fee be paid to practice a right. Now I'm sure that all of you here, being responsible citizens, have read and studied the Constitution of the State of Tennessee and therefore know: That the citizens of this State have the right to keep and to bear arms for their common defense... Now I suggest that we all take a few minutes out of our day to let the Tennessean know of our sincere appreciation of their new-found stance on the right of self-defense and that we look forward to their editorial urging the state legislature to abolish the HCP fee and all other fees which infringe upon our rights. The Tennessean may be reached online or at Letters to the Editor, The Tennessean, 1100 Broadway, Nashville, TN 37203
  8. Open carried to Starbucks today as I purchased a white chocolate mocha cappuccino.
  9. We pay for imported goods with dollars. They send us a shipment of products, and we give them dollars. How great would it be if that was the end of it? We get all this useful stuff and all they get is useless pieces of paper in return. We could just print more dollars and receive infinite goods. But that's not how it works. You can't do a whole lot with dollars if you live in Asia. Something happens to those dollars...they don't get buried over there. Those dollars are used to buy American goods (increasing our exports) or they are used to purchase investments in America (growing our economy). They all eventually make their way back to our economy.
  10. Free trade is a good thing. The problem is that the negatives are highly visible, while the positives are not. If Levi's moves their production to Indonesia, a couple of things happen: 80 or some number of Levi's factory workers will no longer be employed in the manufacturing of Levi's jeans. Levi's products are now cheaper to the other 300,000,000 Americans. The lost jobs at the factory are highly visible. The local news runs stories about them losing their jobs. You can count the number of jobs lost. What you don't see is that because Levi's products are now cheaper to the other 300 million Americans, everyone else now has more money to save or spend on other things. The rest of America either becomes richer through more investments, or instead of having one pair of jeans they now have a pair of jeans and a steak. Now the rancher has to hire more hands to take care of his cattle and he has to buy more feed. He has to hire more truckers to get his cattle to the slaughter house. The restaurant owner sells more steaks. You may be saying, "Hey, that's not a lot," but add each of those transactions up across the entire economy and you will see the difference. There is a reason that pretty much every economist agrees that free trade is a good thing.
  11. Never mention signs. They might end up actually posting, thus ruining it for concealed carriers.
  12. According to an FBI study, significantly less than if they ran saturation patrols looking for swerving cars.
  13. THIS. Unloaded guns in the trunk. Ammo behind the seat.
  14. I never had that problem and carried with one in the chamber since Day 1. You just have to understand safeties and also realize that the only likely way the gun is going to go bang is if your finger gets inside the trigger guard and pulls the trigger. Yes there are freak accidents where a jacket zipper or something else somehow gets into the trigger guard, but that's like getting struck by lightning. For instance, the Glock has 3 safeties: Trigger safety: the trigger cannot be pulled unless a spring loaded safety is depressed. The safety must be physically touched to disengage, therefore g-forces from dropping the pistol cannot disengage it. Firing pin safety: between the firing pin and the loaded round, there is a hardened steel pin. It move up and out of the way only when the trigger is pressed. Drop safety: when the trigger is not pulled, the trigger bar blocks the striker from releasing. When you pull the trigger, the striker remains blocked up until the last moment when it drops down, allowing the striker to move.
  15. Those are federal expenditures. This is a state tax.

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