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  1. I wish I could have been there to join in the applause.  Good for you.
  2. He was apprehended, just a bit charred when they got their hands on him.
  3. The package store I frequent welcomes us to come in with our guns.  He likes to see what we got new or show off one of his new ones.  I will always buy my liquor there.
  4. My wife's and mine comes up for our first renewal this August. We took the class together.
  5. I'll have to admit the election really depressed me for a day or 2. There are already articles of large companies getting ready to start laying off people due to Obamacare. Another coal company is laying people off because the plans to close many coal fired plants by 2014 leaves them no place to sell their product. I hope I can keep my company doors open for another 4 years. They are barely open as it is.
  6. I would have no problem with this being changed based on the severity of what felony they committed.
  7. I don't know what the guy actually said to you as it isn't listed in the op, so it would be hard for me tell you what I would have said. If he sat down after I did, I would tell him he could move somewhere else. It is my right to carry and I have a permit to do so. Let's end this discussion now so I can enjoy my meal with my child. If he smarted off again, I would let him know that if someone were to come in causing trouble, I would be sure to point out to the perp that this guy here has a real problem with anyone carrying a gun and would like to talk to you about it. Also, if someone starts to shoot your way, I will make sure I don't do anything to protect you. Any more comments then I would have to tell my son to cover his ears.
  8. [quote name='BrasilNuts' timestamp='1352472477' post='842431'] Well, here's what I would do. Lets try a little test. Wear your gun IWB tuckable holster and time your draw. Then... Put your gun in your car trunk and time your retrieval. Whichever one is the fastest is what I'd go with. [/quote] +1
  9. I'll just keep hitting F5 on the forum to see if any of you need help with the riots if Romney wins. We can have a gool ol' plucking party. Just imagine all the fun and fellowship we could have. Sipping on a cold coke, getting to know other members, plucking off a few rioters. Tongue in cheek of course...
  10. One thing for sure. All the intimidation and pushing of the rules comes from the Democrat side. I hope all of you vote and I hope the rest of the country gets a little common sense in them before they pull the lever.
  11. Sorry for your loss and congrats on having someone get your story straight. My best to you and your family. Rockin' it with SS3.05,Ikream 2.9, Licorice CM10 and Tapatalk
  12. Great deed you did today. Sent from my AT100 using Tapatalk 2
  13. This kind of crap really makes my blood boil. Hope they catch them.

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