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  1. We've had Death Panels for years, they are called Insurance Companies..
  2. Was dunned by PayPal on 7/20/2020 but your website still lists me as a non-premium member. To whom do I send what ?
  3. First show in Knoxville since February @ the EXPO center on Clinton Hwy...
  4. Have a 44 cal brass frame replica 1858 cylinder-enclosed revolver.. also have some FFg powder & .440 lead balls . What I don't know is the amount of b/p to charge the chambers. The balls weigh 184 -186 grains . Any idea where to find info ? Thanks !
  5. Any of you have a suggestion or idea where I could find magazines for a CZ 75 around Knoxville ?
  6. All new PPU - 60 rnds Soft Point (150) grain / the rest is 174 gr FMJ. Asking $120.00 for the lot . FTF in Knoxville or @ next RK show .Pm me & will reply .
  7. Found a 9mm cartridge case @ the range today with a series of dark flutes all the way around it . A first for me, what kind of pistol has a fluted chamber ? I'm curious.
  8. MAG(nificent)!!! A true bit of joy ! Hope it doesn't spend too much time in the vault. What vintage is it ?
  9. Went to the RK show in K'ville today with '53 vintage Enfield #4 Mk 2 that i've wanted to sell for $400. Several guys were interested but no one had $ or wanted it enough to pay. I did a complete circuit of the floor & went to lunch with a friend. After lunch I returned to the show & a feller offered to swap even for a Swedish Mauser ...I said OK t, the bore looks good and it had a marking disk on the right side next to a small plaque bearing metric bullet drop dope or some such..Or was I the Dope ? Bought some ammo (not cheap) and hope to take 'er to the range when the weather permits ! A new caliber for me too. Any one have any suggestions ? Pictures later (I hope ).
  10. Them open-frame revolvers are a hoot to shoot ! Let us know how much you enjoy it..be sure to wear some eye protection when you take 'er to the range.
  11. If you got out for less than 4 Franklins you SCORED BIG ! If not, you copped a FIND.. 80's pistols from W Germany were engineered by the most risk-avoiding folks on the planet. Straightforward Dumkopf-proof single-action pistols , viz.,the HAWES 357 mag revolver, etc. Hope you are happy, I am envious. Thanks for the Heads Up !
  12. From what I have seen the 7.7 Japanese & the British 303 are the same ,except the 303 is a rimmed base cartridge ! So it figures any load for a 303 Enfield would probably suffice.
  13. The 7.62 x 54R is the oldest smokeless powder round still serving duty ! Speaks well for reliability ! What nation decided on 30 caliber first ?
  14. Pretty close to $300 after sales tax & TICs. No discount for cash.Need new tires on car, wife says. Ah well..
  15. Saw one of these in a local pawn shop today .. Any comments about the gun ? Am not familiar about it's predecessors except the revolver(s).No external hammer, slide release on left side for right-handed person seemed smallish to me. Anyone have anything to say ? Thanks, /?

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