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  1. Thanks ! Got in touch w/Glock support this morning and got a reply this afternoon --Kevin @ Glock said though model 21 barrel may fit there were internal parts that would lock up the pistol if I did so . (1911's work fine if I wanted a longer barrel.)
  2. Have an old model 30 (45 apc) that works fine- was wondering if the model 21 45auto barrel would fit & function ?
  3. I was told years ago that the reason dogs find foul (no pun intended) smells attractive is to help mask their canine scent for hunting purposes.. Perhaps ?
  4. I got a set of 38/357 Lee carbide dies from Midway last week - The carbide die was the FL re-sizeing die. They're not RCBS or Hornady but they will work better than un-obtainium.
  5. I believe primers are made in 2 sizes - large & small, right ? So is it possible to use small rifle primers in a small pistol cartridge ? Could you enlarge the "flash" hole to compensate for the power difference ? Or is it too dangerous ?
  6. Found a few 20 rnd. cartons of ammo with a label on one them - Some say it's heavy ball - I'm just curious is it Yugo Romanian Albanian Polish or Czech ? Will try to post picture. Thanks !
  7. I have a few tins of #10 and #11 percussion caps..I can't see any difference in their size-some of the #10's have a red colored primer and others (made by another company) have a green tinted primer. The # 11's are various as well. Though some of the 11's claim to be "magnum power". The Remington #11's are green / the Winchester # 11's are red. Is this normal ?
  8. My THANKS to all that replied, I'm grateful that TGO is available !
  9. OK , this should qualify as a handgun topic.. I have an early 80's vintage standard 22 cal Ruger. I've generally used CCI standard velocity ammo or sub sonic target ammo with it. My question is how can high velocity harm the mechanism as the barrel is less than 6 inches in length and I doubt the bullet can reach mach 1 in less than 6 inches or that the propulsive gases from detonation would reach a dangerous level that harm the gun. Or is there something about HV ammo that could over stress the mechanisms of 22 cal target pistols ? I'm not referring to hyper velocity ammo like Stingers and such, just plain old HV 22 ammo that is 1240 fps or so.
  10. Oh, the safeties, it has not only a slide mounted lever safety , it has a magazine dis-connect safety .. without the mag in the frame the trigger won't pivot/slide to the rear.. As for accuracy, it's reasonable for social distances and beyond. I was using early 50's com-bloc surplus ammo and a half box of PPU Mauser 30 cal. that I got for my CZ 52 last year at the Smokey Mtn. Gun Collectors Show (There is one scheduled for mid-January// next month !).
  11. Got a NIB M-57 pistol recently (7.62 x 25 caliber) and took it to the range yesterday.. One failure to fire due to 68 yr old ammo. Pulled the hammer back after waiting for a moment & re-tried .Success ! I am pleased with it so far. Anyone have any experience with the M-57 ? Wish I'd gotten one when Classic had them (cheaper)..The one I got had spare mags . Also shoots 30 Mauser ammo that is dimensionally the same but 1 mm longer cartridge case.
  12. How about 400 rounds of brass cased Remington 9mm ? I live in Knoxville & am willing to meet you half way between our locations at a Cracker Barrel or something similar on a Saturday morning ..PM me if this would be OK for you..
  13. We've had Death Panels for years, they are called Insurance Companies..
  14. Was dunned by PayPal on 7/20/2020 but your website still lists me as a non-premium member. To whom do I send what ?
  15. First show in Knoxville since February @ the EXPO center on Clinton Hwy...
  16. Have a 44 cal brass frame replica 1858 cylinder-enclosed revolver.. also have some FFg powder & .440 lead balls . What I don't know is the amount of b/p to charge the chambers. The balls weigh 184 -186 grains . Any idea where to find info ? Thanks !
  17. Any of you have a suggestion or idea where I could find magazines for a CZ 75 around Knoxville ?
  18. Found a 9mm cartridge case @ the range today with a series of dark flutes all the way around it . A first for me, what kind of pistol has a fluted chamber ? I'm curious.
  19. MAG(nificent)!!! A true bit of joy ! Hope it doesn't spend too much time in the vault. What vintage is it ?
  20. Went to the RK show in K'ville today with '53 vintage Enfield #4 Mk 2 that i've wanted to sell for $400. Several guys were interested but no one had $ or wanted it enough to pay. I did a complete circuit of the floor & went to lunch with a friend. After lunch I returned to the show & a feller offered to swap even for a Swedish Mauser ...I said OK t, the bore looks good and it had a marking disk on the right side next to a small plaque bearing metric bullet drop dope or some such..Or was I the Dope ? Bought some ammo (not cheap) and hope to take 'er to the range when the weather permits ! A new caliber for me too. Any one have any suggestions ? Pictures later (I hope ).
  21. Them open-frame revolvers are a hoot to shoot ! Let us know how much you enjoy it..be sure to wear some eye protection when you take 'er to the range.
  22. If you got out for less than 4 Franklins you SCORED BIG ! If not, you copped a FIND.. 80's pistols from W Germany were engineered by the most risk-avoiding folks on the planet. Straightforward Dumkopf-proof single-action pistols , viz.,the HAWES 357 mag revolver, etc. Hope you are happy, I am envious. Thanks for the Heads Up !
  23. From what I have seen the 7.7 Japanese & the British 303 are the same ,except the 303 is a rimmed base cartridge ! So it figures any load for a 303 Enfield would probably suffice.
  24. The 7.62 x 54R is the oldest smokeless powder round still serving duty ! Speaks well for reliability ! What nation decided on 30 caliber first ?
  25. Pretty close to $300 after sales tax & TICs. No discount for cash.Need new tires on car, wife says. Ah well..


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