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  1. interested if the first deal falls thru.
  2. It turns out the channel had a high spot. A little dremel work and now it cycles like a champ and the accuracy is impressive. A sincere thanks to everyone for their input.
  3. I haven't checked that...I'll get the calipers.
  4. Will do...Thanks. I was just wondering if anyone has had a similar issue.
  5. I purchased a PF940CL a few weeks ago that I finished out and put a Brownells slide on. Both the lower and slide were finished out with OEM glock parts. Now I have a problem with failure to go into battery when shooting....sometimes it's after the first shot...sometimes the 3rd or 4th. I have a factory Gen 3 G17 that I've swapped barrel, slide, etc trying to identify the problem but not alot of luck. I've used G17 mags and G19 mags. I'm shooting ball ammo. From the looks of it, the round is hitting at the bottom of the ramp. Any ideas?
  6. I put antisieze on it and have pressed it almost all the way in, so I guess I'll try a little heat on the trunnion. It only has about 1mm left to go.
  7. Purchased a de-mil Romy kit with a new barrel from Classic Firearms awhile back. I've got the riveting complete and now I'm pressing the barrel in with a Toth fixture. I can't get it to go in any further though it seems to still have a little ways to go (maybe a little over a millimeter) I'm ready to hand it off to a competent AK gunsmith in or around West Tennessee before I completely screw something up.   Any suggestions?   Thanks in advance.  
  8. Good deals to be found in the clearance area of Kroger also.
  9. Maybe not so much hoarding as much as folks arming themselves.
  10. I'm going out on a limb here....Carl couldn't do it and Carol saves Lori. Wasn't Carol practicing a cesarian on a walker earlier?
  11. Anybody think possibly Carl couldn't go thru with it?
  12. Anybody had any bad experiences with Tapco plastic mags?
  13. +1 on their Customer Service...I broke the tip on my 17 year old Leatherman tool, I sent it in for repair and got it back in a week with a new blade. PLUS it was cleaner than it had been in 10 years!
  14. jero100

    luger questions

    Actually I think this 3 crown stamp classifies it as a German Navy luger. Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong. I believe you're right about it being a parts gun...the serial # ends with a "43", several parts are stamped with a the "43" but several aren't as well.
  15. jero100

    luger questions

    What has me curious is why there is no band on the barrel at the front sight? Possibly shortened barrel?
  16. jero100

    luger questions

    I found out a little thru google. Can any of you gurus tell me a little about this gun?
  17. Does anyone know of a store in the Memphis area that carries these? Pak-Lite's Official Website - Pak-Lite's Official Website
  18. Do you think the last line would be the # of rounds?
  19. I had a friend that picked this up at a yard sale ridiculously cheap. 7.62 X ? [/img][/img][/img]
  20. The minor diameter would be about .575" leaving about 1/16" wall thickness at the lowest point of the threads. Kinda thin but should be ok for a brake I guess....unless you drop it and it lands on the brake.

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