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  1. XxthejuicexX

    My M&P-15

    How do you like that optic?
  2. XxthejuicexX

    Printing Doesn't Matter - Until It Does

    I just wear digital camo everywhere I go.
  3. XxthejuicexX

    Printing Doesn't Matter - Until It Does

    Meh. I still believe most people have no clue what's going on around them. I also don't believe in carrying the little single stacks or mouse guns everyone loves. I can carry my 19X inside the waistband appendix carry pretty well. I will say you can see the mag sticking out sometimes if I am wearing a tighter Polo but I usually dress to carry so that's not a problem to often.
  4. XxthejuicexX

    P365 primer strike

    Good luck with it.
  5. XxthejuicexX

    Homeowner shoots/kills two intruders

    I did not know Knoxville was getting bad. I've been through Chattanooga trying to dodge traffic and wished I had not turned down a few roads before.
  6. XxthejuicexX

    Homeowner shoots/kills two intruders

    Such a great Quote.
  7. XxthejuicexX

    David Hogg is coming to FedEx in Memphis

    I don't agree with the death threats but I also don't agree with yelling about taking the rights away from millions of people due to the actions of one. Did he and his classmates go through a terrible event, yes are they subject matter experts, no. You can't govern with emotion and you sure can't let these people dictate policy change. They have said it out right they want a ban, not " Common sense " gun control, a ban. To hell with him and his friends, go fix Chicago or Detroit and make change there.
  8. How many of your 162 Post are just in this ad? I think this thing drags out just to see how long it will run.
  9. XxthejuicexX

    Meet or don't meet

    Yeah, that whole area has Murfreesboro traffic beat I believe.
  10. XxthejuicexX

    Meet or don't meet

    Don't get it. Had a guy on another forum reply to the sale of my john boat I had that he wanted it. I PM'd him told him I could meet him in Smryna and then a day later he replies in the post that he sees that I am in Murfreesboro and he ain't dealing with them Murfreesboro drivers for nuthin. He lived in Hermitage.
  11. I sale guns part time and get my display guns pointed at me all the time, does not bother me. It's empty and has a trigger lock on it. Now you pull a gun out of you purse or pocket we got problems, and yes it does happen.
  12. We have them in the Smryna store, it's been about 2 months now. It's not a bad price compared to shipping and transfer fee.
  13. XxthejuicexX

    My new VZ. 61

    Nope. He only had one and needed some cash.
  14. XxthejuicexX

    My new VZ. 61

    I picked up a nice VZ.61 Scorpion from Czechpoint today in 7.65mm BR also known as .32 ACP for $350.00 with three boxes of ammo. I shot it last Wednesday and fell it love with it. This will get to hang out with my Evo 3 all day long.
  15. XxthejuicexX

    Selling guns without hustle

    Yeah, lets get you signed up and see what ya got. I've been in a gun buying mood lately

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