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  1. Man accidentally shoots himself, wife in church

    Ehh, 10mm would have left nothing but a smoking crater in the ground.
  2. Man Smashes Own Ar.....

    Just what I was thinking. It was hard to hear what he was saying because he was being drowned out by all his Virtue signaling. I'm going to just keep all mine locked up in a big black box.... black guns in a black box.....that's not a hate crime right? Can I say that... I'm so confused these days.
  3. Magpul AK folding stock

    I really like my Zhukov S. I'm a tall guy and the Warsaw stocks just make it awkward for me to shoot.
  4. Looks like they got another store...On Target this time.

    WOW. Nice people at Guns n More but good lord.
  5. Anyone have experience with a Century M74

    I met the guy tonight and looked it over. I pulled a 5.45 round at the house and tested the barrel with it. It stuck in there and did not move at all. This gun looks like it may have been shot a few times. Everything looked great on it. Rivets are nice and clean, Bolt carrier does not show wear, sights are straight and the Trigger is amazing. I swapped him. I will have to post pictures later. I feel really good about the rifle, I'm going to the range Thursday.
  6. Anyone have experience with a Century M74

    Wanted to bump this up today. Going to reach out to the guy today to look at the gun.
  7. Anyone a member at akfiles.com

    I want to thank you guys and who ever the member on Akfiles is. This fixed my issue, I spent a few days working on it and spoke with TWS customer service, which is awesome. They say this happens in very few rifles but recommended a way to correct it. It did not work for me but this guys did. Thank you again!
  8. Anyone a member at akfiles.com

    You guys are AWESOME!!! I hope this solves my problem.
  9. Anyone a member at akfiles.com

    http://www.akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=291572 Mbm1024 Thank you for the help guys. The great PSA debacle continues..... even though this is not their fault.
  10. Anyone a member at akfiles.com

    I know, weird question. I have been waiting to be approved over there so I can review a thread. It's been about a week now and no movement on my approval. What I am trying to do is see if someone else is a member so I could send them a link to a post that has pictures on it I need to see. I installed a TWS gen 3 cover on my PSA and now the bolt carrier is sticking at the rear and wont come forward without some extra help. One member has worked through the same experience and has pictures of what he did to correct the issue but like I said I can't view it yet because my profile is not approved. If you are a member and willing to go out of your way and help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks guys.
  11. Hey guys. I have the opportunity to trade for a Century arms M74. I've wanted a 74 for a long time so I am really considering it. I am wondering if anyone has had experience with these and if there was a barrel issue like the Tantals had. I can find some stuff online but nothing that makes me feel warm and fuzzy about trading for it.
  12. 50 Cal Ammo Cans

  13. 50 Cal Ammo Cans

    No, We put a pallet of them out Tuesday night. I was told they were going on sale, might have not heard that it was a black Friday thing. Sales start on Wednesday so it made sense to me with them going on Tuesday night.
  14. 50 Cal Ammo Cans

    They are on sale at Academy right now for 10 bucks each.
  15. for-sale Vortex Strike eagle 1-6x24 w/AR-BDC & Mount

    Bump. 300.00 for the scope and mount. I put it on my AK tonight and do not like it.Need to fund my EOTECH.

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