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  1. Back on topic. Freedom will always come with a price ......... True patriots and heroes are willing to risk everything. How many we have amongst us is hard to say - but they are out there and will show up when the time of need arrives. I'm afraid of what lies ahead for our future as a country - but I will stand tall, with my head held high, firm in my beliefs that this is the greatest country in the world. Because the people like you and I are what make this country great - not our government. When the time comes, we will show the world what it means to be an American. When we've fina
  2. Wow! Very impressive ........ One of the best setups I've ever seen - period! It appears Chucky is on watch as well ......
  3. Oh, and one more note ........ If I even question one of my loads, I stop, back up, go over all of my data, and will (have) pull all of my loads and start over. It's always better to be safe than sorry. If your going to reload a lot, you can't beat a good puller either. I used to use a kinetic hammer style - but now I use the RCBS puller die on any application it will fit and have multiple caliber collets to go with it. It's saved my hinnie a few times on rifle loads and is well worth the investment.   B
  4. As a rule of thumb, I usually start out around 10% under suggested max load and build up from there looking for signs of pressure until I get a good combination of accuracy/pressure good enough for the range. The only difference are my 38SP/357 paper loads which are very, very light anyways and 22-250 at which I started and stayed at 36gr of RL15/Varget using 50gr Vmax based on a ton of feedback from many varmint hunters. The many shooting/reloading forums found today are priceless for reloaders.   I believe I did read somewhere that the Max loads of today are a bit lower than years ago
  5. I was born and raised in MI .......... SW MI as a matter of fact. It's sad to see what has, and still is, happening to my home state ......   The unfortunate thing for Michiganders is that the majority of residents and districts that are typically Non-Union are often "represented" by the much heavier unionized districts such as those surrounding Detroit. The area I grew up in, Grand Rapids/Holland area, was mainly Non-Union - but was a major part/component supplier for the big 3 and almost every other automotive manufacturer in existence. When most people think &qu
  6. Yup, I installed a lot of generators for folks because the power grid was going to certainly fail, along with all of the computer systems in the world ............. that's got to qualify for "out of the norm".
  7. I don't see a problem with people questioning what they see .......... and I'm proud to be a member here and other forums where people voice their opinions and we all get a chance to agree, argue or debate - in a mostly civilized manner.   What should shame you is the current leadership of this country!
  8. I watched it ........ the whole thing. I'm not trying to downplay the situation by any means but not only the way he wiped the "tears" seemed odd, I told my wife during the live broadcast that it seemed very strange that he was reading every single word (word for word) from notes and was constantly staring at the paperwork. I know he normally uses a telle-prompter - but this was different. It would seem that if you were truly speaking to the nation and it was coming from the heart, which this situation should surely deserve, you would do just that - face the camera and speak from inside your s
  9. My heart goes out to the families .......... this is very, very sad for everyone. Band together Amigos - we'll need to stay strong to defend our rights against acts like this. Unfortunately, this type of gun violence will never end .......... but the legal gun owners will always pay the price.   I wish one of those teachers could have defended the class with a firearm - this just blows my mind that someone is capable of something so evil.
  10. What blows my mind is my home state of Michigan and the heavy automotive and supplier industry. 2009/2010 they have a complete meltdown in the automotive, banking and housing market affecting nearly every resident. Many residents lose everything. Countless families leave the state. The only thing I have to compare to it is what I know of the Great Depression. Automakers go belly up, countless automotive suppliers go belly up and Big Brother comes to rescue the UAW. GM stock becomes worthless during a bailout scheme (that all taxpayers get to pay for), which in turn, renders countless retire
  11. Sorry to hear that ....... been there, bought the T-Shirt, Sweat-Shirt, Pants, Hat and socks 2009 back home in Michigan. The wife was laid off first and then I got hit 3 months later ........ domino effect during the great automotive crash. We didn't even work in automotive - but just about everyone and every business was affected and suffered in some way. It really hit our state hard and many friends and family lost everything. Many people like us moved to another state just to find work. We lost our jobs, our house, our savings, life-long friends and neighbors. We lived off credit car
  12. Nice ....... and that is the hard part. Figuring out a decent balance between wants and needs to keep the weight and costs down. Here's what I did ........ Buy my first AR in 5.56 Buy a crap-load of ammo Buy more Hi-Cap Mags Buy a set of BUIS Sights Buy an Optic Buy an Optic Mount Buy a Rail to mount more options Buy a High End Light w/pressure pad Buy a High End Bi-Pod Buy a Long Range Scope Buy a High End Quick Release Scope Mount Buy an Eotech Buy an Eotech Quick Release Mount Buy a Collapsible Stock Buy a Better Collapsible Stock Buy another upper in 458SOCOM Buy Am
  13. [quote] Senator Dianne Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines and Pistol Grips [/quote]I can definitely understand the pistol grips ........ very, very dangerous. They alone are responsible for countless killings and should be outlawed! How rediculous! I'm so sick of this crap. I wish the great leaders of this country would put this kind of effort into something a lot more helpful like ridding our neighborhoods of illegals, meth-heads, drug dealers, rapists, thugs and child molesters. Oh, wait a minute ....... what am I thinking? Those are the majorit
  14. I know many of us feel the same way, but I will never give up. I'll not quit the fight until my last dying breath. Our country and those who have in the past, and continue to fight for our rights and freedoms need every single one of us to stand and continue the fight. Never surrender!
  15. [quote name='EYEMAN' timestamp='1352323392' post='841318'] Normally, I am optomistic, but when we have a population of a country that shares the same morality and ethics of our present leader, we are in deep trouble. I concur with the message I saw on a bumper sticker the other day. It read "Obama or America - you can't have both". [/quote]My wife just told me about seeing that same thing. I love it!


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