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  1. Match .22 ammo was pretty easy to find until recently. Now the bulk stuff is selling for the same price or more, and the masses seem to have discovered the vendors that typically cater to the match ammo crowd.
  2. I actually have not shot it yet. Just got the scope mounted last night. I ordered a half dozen or so flavors of match ammo to see what it likes, but nothing has come in yet. Unfortunately, the only decent ammo I have on hand at the moment is Eley Target. Everything else I have is blaster fodder.
  3. This was my first firearm; a Remington Apache 77 (basically a green Nylon 77). My dad bought for me from K-Mart when I was 7. This is NOT a rifle, but I thought someone might like to see it anyways. It's a Tippmann M4-22 Micro Elite with a Form 1 can tucked under a 9" M-lok rail. Also has an Elftmann trigger. Needs a better optic, though. This thing is a blast to shoot! ] I just finished putting this one together; hopefully I can shoot it over the New Year's weekend. It's a Bergara B14R in a KRG Bravo chassis. Athlon Midas TAC 6-24x50. I was hoping to get into NR
  4. Gunbroker could help cut down on the gouging nonsense if they would require sellers to show Hazmat certification when listing primers.
  5. I snagged a 407K for my P365XL last week, and I liked it so much I immediately ordered a 407C to replace the Romeo 3 on my 22/45 Lite. I have astigmatism, and these are the first red dots I've seen where the dot actually looks like a circle instead of a star.
  6. I’m gonna be all over that .300blk JAKL.
  7. yes, slower handgun loads will typically hit higher (up to a certain point). If you want a lower POI, you can increase velocity. To me, the better course of action is find a load that you like and that your gun shoots well, then either get a different height front sight or an adjustable rear.
  8. The LNL is a good press. My biggest source of frustration with the thing has been the case feeder, which it sounds like will not be a concern for you. The primer pocket swager for the LNL is awesome. It loses points for versatility since it will only swage one caliber, but you can definitely take care of a bunch of 5.56 brass in a hurry.
  9. I have had good experiences with shipmygun.com.
  10. For me, the take away is that my G43 does not hold enough rounds. Either that or I need to practice head shots more.
  11. Tax stamp came in, so I was finally able to shoot PCC for the first time last weekend.
  12. Binary trigger is the first thing that came to my mind.
  13. My form 1 from March 6 came in yesterday, while my buddy is still waiting on his from last October. Not sure he screwed something up or if I just got lucky.
  14. TTAG was able to replicate it without too much trouble: TTAG test
  15. Media are reporting that the rifle was an SKS. Interesting that even the dems' beloved AWB would not have prevented this dude from buying an SKS.


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