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  1. Honestly, you don't have to be military. PTSD can get anyone. My military ambitions ended with me face down in handcuffs in the front yard hoping I wasn't about to be charged with murder. That was 2 days before I was supposed to sign up. It was considered justified and no charges happened. I've seen some really messed up things and it didn't bother me in the least. It was to the point where I worried that something was really wrong with me. I had co-workers that had to deal with the same things and they start wondering as well. Oddly I was dealing with what we thought was a 5 or 6 year old girl that had be rolled up in plastic. The plastic was 4 feet long and had long blonde hair sticking out. I opened it up just enough to find out it was a large dog. I would think about that one some times. What got me is almost losing my youngest Daughter. For about 3 weeks of that is was stone cold. I don't know why. My Wife who is a very unique person had trouble. The other 3 children had trouble. She came out of it and we found out we will out live her. About two weeks later is when I started having trouble. I get up every morning at 4:30 and check my Daughter for a pulse. My Wife can't be the one. The best friend I've ever had is a Lieutenant Colonel. He told me I have PTSD. He is aware of most my life. We've been friends for 38 years. I told him admitting that would dishonor people in uniform. He basically told me I was full of s$#t....the hardest MFers he knew talked to someone once a week or they burned out....and to stop be a b$$%ch about it. Problem is, I'll never talk to anyone. Can't. Won't. So I get s#÷t face drunk with my buddy a couple of times a year and we tell stories. Stories the kids can't listen to, but my Wife always does.
  2. I've had to go in the bathroom so I could catch my breath. My Wife has also. I just deleted the rest of this because nobody needed to hear it.
  3. https://www.hodgdonreloading.com/reloading-data-center
  4. I mean honestly, I'll send you a manual. I haven't used them in years. You can get on Hodgdon's web page and get the information for free.
  5. Quick load is your friend. Mag primers have a thicker cup and will handle more pressure. There is some debate as far as hotter or longer duration flame. It depends on who you ask sometimes. I will leave it at that.
  6. Off to work. My driveway will probably be the most dangerous part. LOL
  7. Always listen to old man stories because 1: They are reliving a time they'll never get back. 2: You'll be making their day. 3: You may learn something. 4: You'll be old one day.
  8. For some reason I wasn't asked to work this snow. I'd be nice to ride this one out. I've never played in the snow with the younger kids.
  9. I like the area. I work there sometimes. Unfortunately you wouldn't want to be in the areas I work so this is a useless post. LOL. Congratulations on the new place.
  10. Agreed, but that’s all to get you to talk. Most people think they are smarter than the police and they want to prove it. Cops know this and exploit it.
  11. As someone who has sat in an interrogation room across from a homicide detective, I will tell you that you do not have to speak to them.
  12. Not me, I'm hopelessly in love with my wife of 22 years.
  13. Jesus Christ on a cracker...this call is loud. I'm so...going to download files and use it to mess with people at work.
  14. Isn't that what we do in places like Chicago?
  15. Go shoot an F Class match. You don't need a sponsor for that, and you may find someone that will sponsor you for a membership.
  16. I've been to gun stores that had well over 40 lbs without containment.
  17. Driving at 5:00 this morning was fun.
  18. Great, hot bunking tonight.
  19. Ran through a mag and an 11.5" full auto.


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