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  1. I can get them, but they will cost me $9.99 + tax per 100.
  2. I worked with a guy for 3 days the beginning of last week that has Covid-19. A second guy I worked with for one day. In the same office and they road around in my truck. They had symptoms the whole time. No masks. I don't have any symptoms and I tested negative. I had Covid during Christmas and New years last year. I have not been vaccinated. I guess we are going to test the nature immediately thing. Sample of 1. One guy reported me and my phone has been blowing up for contact tracing.
  3. I was training on a new system. I wanted to get done because it was my birthday and I wanted to birthday stuff. That's all I can say other than my Wife expected to be a widow soon after.
  4. I mix up dicalcium phosphate and trace mineral salt in the bucket of the tractor.
  5. Well I ordered a second thermal and I'm not divorced. N-vision xrf 50mm
  6. A buddy gets it from a farm center in Pulaski. Deer love it.
  7. That anxiety you feel when you pull the trigger on a $2500 rifle. Well...... 100 yards after 20 rounds. Changed the scope to an HD5 3x15 and ran it at 500, 600, 1000, and 1250. This is 1250 on a human silhouette. I've got about 70 rounds down range so I'm still learning the gun, but I'm not unhappy so far.
  8. I don't know how it's doing, but I'm still at work and it sucks. LOL
  9. The scope you should get really depends on what you're hunting and how you're hunting. I do a lot of hog hunting. Lots of shooting at running targets so I run a 35mm scope. Lots of field of view and a little bit of magnification. 18-25mm are good for thick woods or in rooms. Very little magnification. The 50-60mm have a bit of magnification. They are good for what you would consider typical day time shots. The singal shot at 300 yards at a critter. They all overlap a bit. I've made shots fome 1 foot to 350ish with my 35mm scopes and my buddy shoots running pigs with a 50mm. He starts having trouble inside 30 yards. This applies for all makes and models.
  10. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want a Flir breach. They just have bad customer service.
  11. Taking the scope off and putting it back on isn't a good idea. We scan with the guns. The guns are mounted on trypods. When we move we move with the trypod and gun as one unit. Before we hunt a new place, I map it out on onX hunt. Any structures are marked. We use this to map out acceptable shooting vectors. If we get an opportunity for a shot in a different spot, we check our location on onX and the target. If we are hunting out of state we let our host make that decision, however they sometimes get excited. Had a guy tell us to shoot towards his truck. We had pigs run between us and the truck and he wanted them dead. . We got the pigs but we didn't shoot in direction of the truck. Some of the guys in Texas use a scanner. It works good, but it's 47,000 acres. It's broken up over the whole county. We scan with hand held units as he drives down the road. The local game warden gets a call before we go out to let them know the area we will be shooting. That's the only place we go that does that though. It gets a bit expensive when you are running a 10k to 12k gun and also get a 3k scanner. I just popped for a second gun. This is a bolt gun and I'll be ordering a 50mm soon. It'll be set up for things other than pigs. If the coyote thing doesn't happen, I'll move the scope to the 28 nosler and use it for the 400 yard and over hogs we normally pass up on in Texas or a scanner.
  12. You can't get a permit for coyotes in TN. The permits are for other things. I know it sounds crazy, but if I see a coyote killing a deer at night....I can't shoot the coyote legally. I've watched it happen and had to walk away. Get the best scope you can afford. I shoot an N-vision NOX 35mm now. I would use a N-vision, Trijicon, or Pulsar. Get the highest resolution you can get. One of my hunting partners uses a $1900 pulsar and does well, but he's not as fast as me on identifying what's in the field. I've killed game at 400 yards, however under 200 yards is 99.9% of shots. Shooting Coyotes is a strange thing. I have a dog that looks just like a coyote through a thermal. So how do you know if it's a dog or a coyote? I ask it if it's a coyote. After watching it's body language, I literally say " are you a dog ". A dog will go bat s@=t crazy barking. A coyote will circle you. Once they wind you, they will watch you. Sometimes within 30 yards. (Depending on the moon) if they get hunted at night a lot, you'll get busted. It's better to let them go than to make a mistake. I've had people apologize because they were not sure on a set. My rule is that everyone agrees that it's a good shoot before we shoot. If someone is undecided, we don't shoot. The next thing is distance. You have zero depth perception at night. I run a Silencerco radius range finder. It's invaluable. Several thermals have range finders in them now. It's a game changer.
  13. I will tell you that I hunt with a thermal at night more than I hunt during the day. I haven't looked at the regulations for this year, but normally they say " no night vision equipment between sun down and sun up". Translation...sun up to sun down is good to go. If you want to hunt during the day, you're good. At night it gets a little interesting. We hunt in Texas or South Carolina about 5 to 7 times a year. Pigs and coyotes are fair game at night. We kill a little over 100 Pigs a year. In Tennessee, you'll need a permit for night hunting. I will tell you this, people will seek you out to hunt at night on permits if you are good at it. I was on 7 permits this year. You have to be absolutely above board though. It is a completely different world. During permit session, I hunt 3 times a week. We have to keep meticulous records for the TWRA. Next year will be interesting. Coyote hunting at night almost passed. The vote was 50/50. The guy pushing it is in charge this year and the next vote is coming up early next year. Coyotes at the moment are off limits at night unless they are attacking your livestock or pets. No permits for them. I can't stress this enough, learn to shoot at night if you do this. Shooting good with the sun is only the start. It's like learning a new language. PM me if you need any advice.
  14. In reality, 1/2 the population wouldn't last 3 months without electricity and bottled water. My wife and I have 5 kids in the house. I'm going to feed them one way or another. I've got about 6 months of food give or take at any given time. My Wife takes care of that. She is also in the medical field and can perform minor surgery. We have spring water on the property and grow food. Two of us are accomplished long range shooters. One is a damn good mid-range shooter (600 and in). One is in training. The problem is meds. I have a Daughter that need them to survive. We only get them once a month. The first thing I'd have to do it hit the pharmacy and the veterinarian. Fighting the guys that want painkillers would be an issue. It would only be a stopgap for her. Once the meds run out her time is up, but I'd have to do it. No choice. Security is the next issue. I have a house on a hill. Everyone has to come up hill from all directions. The house can not be seen from the road, but I do have a long driveway. I have a pretty good way of making that inaccessible though. All the people near by would be helpful at first, but wonder how the road got blocked. I make sure I have multiple ways to make power so i can charge batteries for things that will help keep us safe. For an emp, I keep equipment that will allow me to convert a vehicle. If all else fails,....... I'd be a bad guy. Plan and simple. My family comes first. Everything and everyone else is a resource. No one really says that, but most believe it in the back of their mind. However it would be the last resort for me and we'd have to be starving.
  15. If you want to hunt now, you need a hunter's safety course and a license. If you're hunting because we've collapsed, then you only need a gun and ammunition.
  16. I'd be all over the 450s if I was closer. Good luck with the sale.
  17. What's your euro mount run? I let a guy do one for me. He did it for free because he was learning. I just had to put the mop & glo on it.
  18. I have a Texas trip scheduled for October 1 and 2. We are also on stand-by for corn harvest. Should be any day now. Someone's also pulling me to go scout Montana one weekend.
  19. I'll also miss G. Gordon Liddy. Phil was a good guy. He was never unhinged and always willing to listen to the other side. I hate it for is boy. His son brought it home from a wedding. I hope he doesn't blame himself.
  20. I'll be honest with you....trapping is the funniest way to take care of this problem. The coworker you gift it to may not think so, but everyone else will think it's hilarious


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