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  1. Since you appear to be right handed, I'd start with thumb pressures as you are driving the gun right, perhaps even a sympathetic squeeze of your thumb and right index finger or even "heeling" with the base of your right hand is an option as well every issue is magnified via 2 reasons, light weight and smaller size I'm not sure how far north of 5 Lbs your trigger is but anything over about 4.5 is fine or a software ( mindset/training ) issue
  2. Just ran a test last week using my Prescription lenses that focus me on the target and plain safety glasses which I end up naturally focusing on my front sight (lucky me) and different Fiber optic colors, Red,Green and Black At 25 yards I used a 10M air pistol target centered over an A zone of a USPSA target so I could have 5 shot group results depending on glasses and fiber color and a composite 30 shot target from a USPSA Production Division /GSSF Stock Division Glock 34 with a TTI rear and a Dawson front sight ( to replace the ,for me and my match load combination, too short TTI front causing hits some 5-6" high at 25 yds.) they all went into a composite group of 5 1/2" no difference as to target focus vs. front sight focus or Fiber Optic color. Hits were centered on the fiber optic (2" low @ 25 yds,) with no discernible "tighter" group per 5 shot string, possibly will file a shade off of the top of the front sight but will have to run it awhile before deciding as it is easier to remove than to put back the metal, there seems to be enough to do it and retain the top above the Fiber Optic rod. I started shooting Bullseye at 14 years old in 1983 and have shot most pistol sports over the years (never had the chance or the gear to shoot cowboy action) , I claim no system and no ninja skills. for me it didn't seem to make a workable difference and I believe there is more "low hanging fruit" for shooters to work on in general than where their sight focus is (target vs. front sight) . Hate me for it but most I have observed miss low because they lack follow through and like a 5 year old want to look over the sights to see where it went "the DiddIhitit?? syndrome" and miss low. I am satisfied that I can cross this question off my list so at the next match or range trip I know it isn't the glasses I used, or the color of the Fiber Optic Rod color, or even my sights that are the problem ( barring a mechanical ) and I will need to look elsewhere for the information the target is telling me why the shots aren't where I called them or believed them to be. even if they are low
  3. Also Dillon doesn't care of you are the original owner/purchaser I have an older 450 and they have helped me a few times and I even mentioned I was like the 3rd. owner at least... take your time, be detail oriented and keep a notebook handy to record every little thing so you know what to do again or what didn't work so well.. Sorry you got the press the way you did, but I am sure you will have it up and running in no time.
  4. LngRngShtr

    New Glock

    Lots of presentation dry fire, start slow at first both from and back to the holster and build speed until you lose the dot, then practice until that becomes comfortable and speed up again, use a par timer app to keep you honest if you don't own a timer or even a laser cartridge and something like the iTarget app but use some sort of a timer to gauge progress until you can work at speed with reliable results remember it is a perishable skill so practice becomes a regular maintenance for your NPA so you see the dot every time or know if you dont see it the likeliest way to move the gun ( up or down usually for most folks) We learned this the hard way back in the early mid 90's when the C-More Serendipity came out and the old "look down the tube" trick we used on the Tasco PDP3s no longer applied, now that you are trying to work a smaller screen than a Serendipity this skill becomes more important for competition and absolutely crucial if you plan to carry. Another trick we learned is which surface makes the best backup sight, since we didn't cowitness a racegun so you know what to use WHEN they fail ( and they all do/will in time) usually we would set up on a sandbag and lock the dot in and look down the slide,side of the sight etc. to find something we could use with the dot turned off and incorporate that into the training regimen, dots were a lot less durable back then and Murphy is still an optimist. Enjoy the new setup
  5. ACCORDING TO JOHN AT FNH CUSTOMER SERVICE: "The reason there is no expiration date on SS195LF and SS198LF lead free primer ammunition is because it is expected to last indefinitely if properly stored." I asked if sealed ammo cans with dessicant bags are "properly stored", and he said yes. So....according to John at FNH, SS195LF and SS198LF do NOT expire, and have indefinite shelf life. He also consulted with someone else before offering this statement, to double check i guess.
  6. I have some Falcon Bullets coming to me at the next match at Strategic Edge USPSA on the 20th. 125gr Conical FalCoats (Hi Tek coating,nice shade of red) I plan on pushing with 4.1-4.2 of WW231 for my Glock 34 in Production. $67.00/1000 no shipping Stan brings them to the match if you ask nice like.
  7. Red dots are a target overlay sight usually the focus is target based so I would say you want it to appear in the "distance focus" segment of your progressive,.. I have the opposite problem I am still trying to use Iron Sights and as long a I remember to change out to non Rx glasses I am ok if I forget I get Misses and NoShoots at the local USPSA match after about 12-15 yds.
  8. not sure how that would work on a tapered cartridge, with a 3mm oal difference the taper would be off, maybe the fine print would show 2 options for sale ? I use an EGW 7 hole gauge I bought off of Amazon which I have verified with spent casings and a caliper depth reading is tighter and shorter than my Glock 34,43 and S&W 439 chambers so "if it fits it ships" think it ran me $20.00
  9. I believe he did .. http://villains.wikia.com/wiki/Scorpio_(Dirty_Harry)
  10. beer can shim to bottom of front ring if the next one does it. we used to shim the back ring to get elevation. solid rings not those ZEE rings with the inserts. Maybe swapping the inserts front to rear would also help? ( variance in insert thickness to center line ) I hear Vortex has good customer service though.
  11. the good side is its an AR so re configuring to a rifle isn't impossible, yeah I hate this change minds with the weather stance the BATF has but until the courts do something solid, it is your option. and I just finished piecing together a .300 Black guess I could always store it away and get a can pinned and welded on if it comes to that.
  12. yep, get artistic and make an "Any gun for ($Budget.oo) coupon or a This coupon good for $XXX.00 to buy the carry gun of choice. Have fun with it because like said above the chances of picking the wrong one is likely and we wouldn't want any hurt feelings on either side. I prefer either a Glock 43 or a S&W 442 for small gun carry.
  13. a pair of 10/22s one a 1976 Mfg. date and a Savage-Anschutz 10D been told the "D" models are a bit rare only being imported in 1972 I have the Anschutz Iron sights and scope blocks for a target scope. and a 1885-1895 Marlin Ballard falling block half octagon barrel with double set triggers ring lever was originally a .40 cal CF converted to RF and sleeved to .22LR and wears a R.A. Litschert 10X Target-Spot scope
  14. Well full power (+P etc.) I am not sure of but all the old school Bullseye shooters who used .38 wadcutter converted 1911s or the S&W 52 which I have no trouble running work just fine, the angle going into the mag insures you don't get the old rim over rim like an Enfield Rifle, and theres plenty for the extractor to grab so I don't see why it wouldn't work at a higher pressure setup properly sprung of course..

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