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  1. Absolutely, I'm in Germany right now and spent the day yesterday in Bastogne touring the WW2 museum and memorial. It's amazing the sacrifices made by that generation and the lasting gratitude from the people of Belgium.
  2. I use the Midway bag too, excellent value if you can catch it on sale.
  3. I may have missed it Steve but will these be 154cm or S30V?
  4. Until I got my damascus Magic I carried a Hinderer XM-18 3" every day. Now they split time.
  5. I'm torn on this one Steve. Love the logo, though.
  6. That's a really nice setup. How do you like the Proof Research barrel?
  7. Definitely worth a day if you have any interest at all in knives.
  8. Looks nice. Care to share the details? Is that a Vortex Razor on top?
  9. Perfect, it's been too long since I've been to Dolomite-land. I should have the upper soon- I'll give you a shout. Thanks.
  10. I'm on board, I just need to talk Fitty into renting me that lapping tool he made
  11. We made five in a row but have missed the last two. Looks like I'll probably miss this one too unfortunately.
  12. Fitty I just finished watching your Precision Rifle series. Seriously incredible work man. Thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  13. How the hell did I miss this? Thanks!
  14. If I could find one of those Rugers at non-ridiculous pricing I wouldn't need to build the AR lol.
  15. Anyone built one? I've got a little bit in my gun fund and am looking hard at one of these. Was looking at a F-1 Firearms upper/lower and BCG, a Luth-AR stock and a Ballistic Advantage barrel. Kind of undecided after that. Any suggestions?
  16. Not sure how this weekend looks for me. If I can make it work I'll send you a message. I picked up 1k primers at Proneshooter today so I'm good on those for a while but didn't get any powder.
  17. Hey Grunt, I'm a member at ORSA and live about 15 minutes away. I'd be happy to meet you up there one day and show you around. It's truly the best deal around for the cost. I also do a good bit of hand loading and am close to needing some H1000 and some primers. When are you looking to place an order?
  18. Thanks, I got the EBR-1 MRAD reticle and I do prefer the FFP. As far as the groups, I'm going to try load development with OCW for this one. My shooting buddy swears by it and with the cost of shooting this thing getting a pet load developed a little more quickly sounds good to me. For anyone not familiar with OCW here's the skinny: http://optimalchargeweight.embarqspace.com/
  19. I recently picked up a Savage Model 112 Magnum Target in 338 LM. I took it out to ORSA today for barrel break-in. I shot 10 rounds of 250gr Lapua Scenar, using Lapua brass and 91 grains of H1000. Projectiles were set with a .025 jump. I wasn't shooting for accuracy or even truly to zero the scope, just to get a feel for it and break the barrel in. After just 10 rounds I can confirm a few things: 1) It's impossible not to grin when you shoot this thing. 2) The target accu-trigger is super-responsive. I don't have a gauge to measure the pull but it feels like a factory setting of 1lb-ish. 3
  20. Got mine today Steve, it's a beauty. Thanks!
  21. Major Kong


    I picked one of these up from Dave Severns a couple of years ago and can attest to everything you've said about it. It's a fantastic pistol for the money.
  22. I've already got a 30 oz yeti, I'd definitely be interested in a 20 oz with the TGO logo.


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