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  1. I use 30 grn. of BLACK POWDER FFFgrn.  and cream of wheat as a filler ( makes for better smoke ) and if you get a clean ring of lead after seating the ball I don't use crisco for the brass frame I don't recommend more the 20 grns of black powder . 
  2. Tennessee: 2013 Version of the Safe Commute Act to be Heard in Senate Committee on Tuesday The Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee will hear and consider the 2013 Safe Commute Act on Tuesday, February 5 at 3:30 p.m. in the Legislative Plaza Room 12. If enacted, the 2013 Safe Commute Act would recognize that hard-working Tennesseans’ right to self-defense does not end when they drive onto their employer’s property or into publicly accessible parking lots. Senate Bill 142, sponsored by Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey (R-4), would allow individuals with a valid handgun ca
  3. sorry to burst your bubble .... but there is no such thing as a veteran who has seen combat that does not have some form of PTSD some are just more sever as others . .... this from a Vietnam Vet
  4.   http://www.swiftvets.com/index.php?topic=KerryinVietnam   John Kerry's service in Vietnam lasted 4 months and 12 days, beginning in November 1968 when he reported to Cam Ranh Bay for a month of training. His abbreviated combat tour ended shortly after he requested a transfer out of Vietnam on March 17, 1969, citing Navy instruction 1300.39 permitting personnel with three Purple Hearts to request reassignment. So far as we are able to determine, Kerry was the only Swift sailor ever to leave Vietnam without completing the standard one-year tour of duty, other than those who were s
  5. Omar needs to read the " Dick Act of 1902 "
  6. None of the movie theaters in Florida are posted ,
  7. but a lot of Micky Mouse was writ-in as other
  8. But it looks like we are still stuck with Bob Corker !!!
  9. po-po said he was a resident of Col. for at least a year and the death total is 12 dead 10 at the movie and two at hosp and they are calling the rifle as an assault stile semi-auto rifle .a shot gun and two hand guns .
  10. Thanks guys on my way now ... put the gun safe in the Jeep and will be locking it in there before entry .
  11. The Holston Vally here in Kingsport has no postings on any of the doors .
  12. Dose anyone know if they are posted ?.. the wife has outpatient surgery there tomorrow afternoon and we are driving from here in Kingsport . and I would like to carry my peace . Thanks Walt
  13. only the Tennessee stores are posted in Ga. and Fl. they are not posted and the carry out is about the same as the eat-in
  14. We need a list of fingerprinting service, if people would start a list by city it would be nice
  15. I read this in the Kingsport Times this morning has anyone else heard of this ? " Faulk: 'Guns In Parking Lots' legislation will be back in 2013 "
  16. I transferred mine from Florida about two years ago and it took me about a month.
  17. that was mixed in with the folder of mine ( Over 300 ) sorry but its still a nice Bow the Brown is from Stony Creek over at Elizabethton , Tn. the watch band of mine is velcro should of caught it ! again sorry !
  18. any time you want to get together give me a shout .. I fish the SoHo, Wat, Stony Creek and the Pigeon on the fly
  19. A big Thank You Worriedman; you are surly appreciated for the work and time you have put forth on this . And I had almost forgotten how back woods Nashville could be .
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