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  1. Thank god, this was a screaming deal that was gonna test my wife’s patience
  2. I actually think its an ultralight not an Accumark, that was my mistake. My uncle purchased it and quoted the $2499 new price. I agree with all the other statements and appreciate your input
  3. Yeah, they told me the biggest issue is moisture and you can co trail that with a dehumidifier. I was the same as you in thinking that it should go inside. I’m not worried about theft as much as child safety and general nosy guest safety. If someone wants something they’ll likely get it if they have enough time. Adding a switch to the hole alarm is a cool thought I may do. Bolting them down is the biggest theft deterrent as event the less expensive safes need to be laid down for easiest access. We could put it in the master closet but would have to remove some custom shelving and not sure that
  4. Probably be 950# ish. I’d pay the company to deliver but do you think it would risk damaging the stair treads?
  5. So I’m looking to purchase a gun safe and need some opinions. The Safehouse in Knoxville recommendation was to put the safe in the garage and bolt to concrete. They said that safes inside a home are often total losses in a catastrophic fire. Placing the safe in a garage gives the safes fire rating a fighting chance at saving your contents. That’s all well and good, but I hate the idea of going out in the garage to access guns or valuables. the house is two story on a crawl space. The downstairs is all 4” red oak hardwood floors as is the common areas upstairs, and the upstairs bedroo
  6. It’s a sign of the current state of the market. Huge demand low supply. Manufacturers learned in 2012 they don’t have Toni crease capacity as the demand will level off eventually. Prior to Covid and election year the firearms and ammunition market was pretty soft.
  7. FYI, It appears that only the version with CR123A batteries is 26% off. With final shipped price of $61.13. The rechargeable version shows $90ish at checkout.
  8. This is an absolute beauty. Wish I had the spare cash. GLWS
  9. That's my fear as well. If you're not shooting long range or elk, or elk at long range most don't want that beast of a caliber
  10. Thanks for the input, I agree. I’m finding the same thing looking around. Yeah, sad part is I think he paid almost $900 for the scope new
  11. That's certainly a good option and I will check. I'm not sure. I've been looking at Armslist nationwide and it seems these guns are being listed for less than they are asking.
  12. Short backstory, my cousin passed away last year of colon cancer at the age of 45. He left behind a wife and two young daughters. He was an avid hunter and his father was able to sell most of the guns he had with the exception of this one. I assume due to its high value most locals looking at adds in the bulletin board just aren't looking for this quality and expense. So my question is, where would you all expect it to sell price wise. I'm thinking about purchasing the gun myself to then resell. This would get the money to his wife and kids that need it most and then I could resell and n
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