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  1. I’m interested but my CCW has expired. You still willing to sell? I have plenty of rep around here. You can ask anyone
  2. I'll be in Cleveland Friday Nov 22 for a meeting. If we could coordinate where it wouldn't be terribly inconvenient for me, I'd be glad to mule them back to Knoxville. I'll be at the USFS Forest Supervisor's Office, 2800 Ocoee St. N, Cleveland, TN 37312 from 10am-2pm approximately. So if you can arrange to meet prior to or just after my meeting just let me know
  3. Processed batch sold remaining has a mix of crimped primers. Free if anyone wants it
  4. Yep as hughd quoted those are most likley Shellbark
  5. Accurate no 9 - 1lb jug, sealed - Free, no shipping
  6. 1,000+ .223 Processed Brass - $75 650+ once fired non-processed, crimped primes - Free
  7. If going off trail is his MO then he needs to learn to read a TOPO map and compass. Its not hard
  8. You're not going to hinder the fruit production of the trees by removing some mid story competing trees. I'm back in Knoxville now, maybe one day before the leaves all drop I can come out and we can look at what's in the stand and some steps you can take to clear around them.
  9. use them in place of anything you would traditionally use a banana foe, ie banana bread
  10. I like his perspective at least. I agree that many people by 25 have been afforded very few opportunities to chose or even discern right from wrong. I'm sure the guy knew it was wrong to break into 14 homes (probably many more) but when faced with desperation people often chose wrong. I like that he was aimed and ready yet made verbal contact with the intruder, he was ready to defend his home but gave an option. If someone breaks into my home and we have the choice for them to leave vs a gunshot scene in my living room, I sure hope they leave. I'm not too shortsighted to see that there is risk in this approach and if my kids or wife are home it changes the scenario for sure. I'd love to see a video of Sturgill visiting this guy in prison. We can all sit and talk about what could or should be done, but actually doing something to make a positive impact in someones life is a massive difference.
  11. I was referring specifically to after dark
  12. The biggest reason people get lost for long periods is often they walk in circles and don't know it. Beaman park isn't big enough to be lost for more than one day. I can see getting dark and loosing your bearings but when daylight rises you should walk outta there. Any cardinal direction would put you at a home or road within a few hours of steady pace. Now its heavily wooded and can seem intimidating to just bushwhack straight cardinal direction but that's what needed to be done to get out. The biggest fault is what you perceive is "north" even after looking at a compass can be deceiving when you have ridges and valleys and creeks. You have to pick a spot in the distance go to that spot and then use the compass again to pick a new spot. I often wonder how folks get off trail so easily. Pay attention and if the trail goes faint, turn around and retrace your steps. This is akin to being situationally aware for safety at Walmart. You can't day dream and know where you are in the woods.
  13. We've been dealing with these issues for years in knox county. many neighborhood pets been taken. There are rules about hunting within certain distances of homes, so that may limit your ability to shoot them. Of course you can shoot, shovel and STFU. Have you talked to TWRA? What part of the county do you live in? Coyote hunting his open year round with no limit. You can hunt at night but cannot use predator calls or center fire ammunition. So you can used a shotgun or 22mag if you can locate them

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