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  1. I never said it wasn't. I just said the idea that doctors and researchers would withhold viable medical treatments to make more money is laughable. Our advancement in cancer treatments alone in the last 20 years is a herculean effort. Have you seen this country lately? No one needs to withhold anything to ensure high demand for medical care is sustained, we eat, drink, and drug our way into plenty of need.
  2. Is this a serious question? Ever heard of HPV vaccine? It’s gonna save millions of women from cervical cancer in the coming generations. “Cancer” isn’t just one thing. It’s hundreds or thousands. As the husband of a physician it’s pretty offensive (not really I don’t care what y’all do or do not believe) that people think that cures would be suppressed for money. They amount of universal collusion it would require to keep that farce going is virtually impossible. Much like the idea that Covid-19 is a ploy to manipulate humanity. I just don’t believe that many people can all agree
  3. I don't have the patience to read this whole thread but I feel confident people are being scared by hyperbole and misinformation. I can understand why we don't trust the government on the surface as its failed us too many times but I don't think we should apply that skepticism to the point of folly. We you say "we don't know the long term ramification of this vaccine" you haven't researched it very much. This is not new technology, its acutally over 30 years old. They've been researching this vaccine mechanism for a very long time. "So why haven't we had this type of vaccine before
  4. Well I said I would take one the moment it was available. Here it is.
  5. Im actually shocked that anyone in fentress county hasn’t seen any hogs. We used to manage 25,000 acres up there and it was flat out covered with hogs. One neighbor farmer killed 35 in one weekend. as for Tennessee as a whole we have plenty of hogs but nothing compared to some other southern states especially Texas. A few years ago TWRA took hogs off the big game species list making them illegal to hunt. Now you can still kill them on private property and such but the biggest problem was commercial hunters and guides were transporting wild hogs all of the state to make a profit. So d
  6. yeah that's complete horse dung. Old boars can be very gamey and not very good to eat or even old sows can not be very good. But like @MacGyver said the younger or midaged ones are pretty good. I knew a guy in Crossville that loved to hunt them so much he had more meat than he could eat so he would give me sausage patties. They were so lean you would have to add a little oil to the pan when frying, but they were delicious.
  7. My wife is a physician and she got hers last week. Her hospital is very similar to what @btq96r outlined above. One note on the question about mobile hospitals is even if they have the need they likely don't have the staffing to support one without using the national guard (which is possible) but I just don't think most states are to that critical state just yet. I agree with hospital front line staff getting it first as they are the most important defense at keeping most people alive, covid or non-covid related. The vulnerable population are close to follow and we should see an incr
  8. Yeah those tops are very heavy, I can imagine taking them off was a huge pain. But now they have aftermarket soft tops which are super cool IMO
  9. Man that is one clean 4runner. Might be too clean for what I need haha. I'd take a 22RE any day, but I will likely avoid the 3.0. It was an option in some 1988's and all 1989's and those years are less desirable for that reason. Many have swapped a 3.4 into those and had great results. My preference would be a 1985 that had both 22RE and solid front axle but those are getting hard to find in todays market
  10. hahah, so we have 3 garage spaces a double car in the back and a single car towards the front. All the crap is in the single car garage. But soon I will be building a workstation and cabinets in front of the GX so no doubt the accumulation of crap will begin in this garage.
  11. I think they design is cool and I'd buy one if money were no object. Reality is though I'd have to trade my Lexus GX460 for one and I'm not sure I'm willing to do that for a year 1 production. I'll probably just keep the GX and buy and 1st Gen 4Runner as a toy to keep me happy. That's today's prediction, tomorrow may be different haha
  12. Any water below a damn like Norris will fish well all year. The water comes off the bottom of the reservoir so is mostly consistent temp aside from the solar heating in the summer. You won’t get may fly hatches so nymphing is the ticket. I can’t speak to the French broad but any freestone stream that holds trout will be slower in cold water temps (below 50), but fish still gotta eat, they just don’t move far so you gotta out that fly right in their face. So finding spots where trout will hold is very important. Like pocket water, riffles to the side of rocks, anywhere were food is fu
  13. It breaks my heart to read his messages here about being ill and scared and to now know he didn’t make it is truly saddening. I met Mike a few times in person and always enjoyed hearing his stories of the music industry. RIP my dear friend my prayers are with his family now
  14. I bought a .30 YHM Phantom M2 QD and love it. I use it on everything that’ll fit down the tube. .22, .300BLK, .308, .223. Yes it’s not as quite as dedicated .223 but it’s good enough, as Rotten mentioned above .223 is loud no matter what you do. Most of the suppressor use is with .300blk just because it works so damn well. I have a bolt gun and it’s silly quiet. If I buy another it will be a dedicated .22 just because they are inexpensive and will save lead build up on my .30 cal


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