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  1. I've seen maybe a dozen grouse in TN in the last 15 years. Mostly while walking timber stands in the Mountain of Morgan and Scott Co. I only see them when they busted up and scared the #### out of me
  2. It is definitely a bottomland species. You will find it other places but it typically likes wetter sites
  3. Bud beats me too it every time
  4. Thats for the specific subspeicies Southern Catalpa. The range of Catalpa speciosa (all species) is much more broad
  5. @Erik88 that’s for sure Catalpa. People who dont know call them Green Bean Trees or the old more common name Indian Bean.
  6. I put a several days in this year, got a few good photos even when the birds didn’t cooperate
  7. Finally got some good action on Saturday. Went with my buddy Jimmy near Crossville. Had 4 gobblers and a hen come in. We tried to double but the shooting lane was too narrow to get 2 birds in the open. So we got one down the. Went after another we heard gobbling earlier. We got on him but couldn’t get him to come in. Great day to wrap the season for me.
  8. lots of gobbling yesterday morning near Vonore. Couldn't get one to come in, so we went after the most vocal one only to have a coyote come running up and bust it off. I'm not sure if its evolved as much as if you get your ass kicked for shouting, you learn pretty quick to keep quite. Toms will certainly keep quite if a more dominant bird is around but they could still come looking. I've had birds come in and never make a peep. Even big birds sometimes just stay quiet
  9. I don't have personal experience but a Realtor I trust recommended Scott Umstead, 865-556-4911. He is in Knoxville but I'm sure he works blount county too. If that doesn't help I can ask some other folks.
  10. I grew up hunting squirrels in West Virginia. There everyone used shotguns. I started using a .410 single shot, then moved to 20ga and eventually got an 870 wingmaster 12ga for my 12th birthday. we would have to pick a few pellets out every now and then but not many, and we never had any in the meat after cooking. The biggest thing was my dad taught me to aim at the tip of their nose or just beyond to avoid too many pellets in the body. of course thats a good theory when they're not moving. Also to note, we had BIG squirrel up there Red and gray, sometimes crossed. The Tennessee squirrels are like runts in comparison
  11. haha, I understand how it goes. Both sweet gum and winged elm grow in wet bottomland areas so could in all reality be either one.
  12. I mean more prevalent across the region not necessarily on his property. Sweet gum saplings don't always present with wings that big, winged elm typically has more of a two-sided wing versus all around, but what I've learned from 15 years as professional forester that trees don't always look like they're supposed to and can vary from site to site. Leaves would make it easy, until then we'll just have to go with a photo that was taken with what looks like a potato.
  13. I still think its sweet gum, but could be winged elm. Sweet gum is far more prevalent so just playing the odds.
  14. That my friends is a sweet gum. Good call @mhmd

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