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Community Answers

  1. EKMO is an external machine that exchanges oxygen and CO2 in your blood. Most often used during transplant surgeries or in cases of significant lung damage(this case) or heart weakness. it means his lungs are experience severe disease or damage that are not allowing them to effectively exchange Oxygen and CO2. He can develop hypercapnia which is basically CO2 poising and becomes fatal.
  2. Yes, an available Machine is the issue. I imagine they are trying to go to Vanderbilt but need open beds and availability. This is a truly bad sign. He can only be on EKMO for so long before they have to pull you off. Some can make it but some do not. I’ll be saying a prayer for Phil. Don’t wish this on anyone
  3. Pretty sure our whole family had it for about week and a half. I was pretty down with it. Chest and head congestion. Ended up with sinus infection. Of course clinic did the Rona test and of course it was negative. Kids and adults both had pretty significant symptoms
  4. This isn’t a good sign for Uncle Phil. Hope things turn around
  5. I think this was meant mostly in jest but in case it was not. We all understand how politicized this has been and I don't want big brother mandating anything, but I can assure you turning the TV off will have no affect on how severe your case of COVID can be. I figure Phil is the prime example.
  6. Again, I'm fully supportive of your right to not vaccinate, but the immune response from the vaccine is much stronger than antibodies from contracting coronavirus. And the research is still weak on how long they last from exposure. I'd get a shot if its been 6months or more since you were sick.
  7. I think that risk analysis factored in a bunch of false negatives on the side of the vaccine, is my point. I guess I’m just jaded and can’t see why there is so much fear of the vaccine. Odds are much higher of dying from Covid at age 61 than any complications from the vaccine.
  8. Not being in Nashville I don't hear much of his show (didn't really when I did live there) but happened to pick it up back late June. And he spent the better part of an hour railing on the vaccine and how we done KNOW that its safe because its not fully FDA approved yadayadayada. I hope folks will realize before its too late that this is a deadly disease and the best way to live is get a vaccine, set all the political bull #### aside. I'm all for you right to choose NOT to get it, but I think too many people are being swayed by bad logic and political rhetoric that's not founded in rational thinking
  9. I need to take survey of my ammo but I probably have some hunting supers i could do at least a partial trade. I'll check and send a PM
  10. I know a guy who just moved from Knoxville to Texas to lead trial rides at the Bronco Off-Roadeo course there near Austin. He's a very discerning off road enthusiast and he says they are really great and capable off road vehicles. Its a true contender for the Jeep in the "off the lot off road capable options". If the fords have any level of better reliability than Jeep they'll see good sales
  11. in my opinion the best bbq in the US doesn't come from any of the cities on that list. It comes from the places you find when you think you're lost in the middle of nowhere. Places like BE Scotts in Lexington TN or Trollinger's outside of Paris. We were in Florence AL one time and the group decided to get BBQ and we drove past 4 commercial looking spots with bright signs to get to a small little building with a tiny sign over the door and inside looked like it needed a good mopping. We clearly made the right choice. It was really great btw if anyone is ever in Florence; Dick Howell's BBQ
  12. This makes me sad. I will be praying for y’all and hugging my fur babies close tonight
  13. I didn't read this whole thread because I'm lazy, so forgive is this is repetitive. I sold my G20 only to purchase a G29. I love it. I love 10mm. If I were owning simply for shooting purposes I'd have kept the 20 but it was a bit too big to carry for my needs. I will buy another G20 in the future just because one cannot have too many 10mm guns
  14. Its not for lack of desire, I'd say most appreciate the quality and value, they just lack the discretionary funds to actually purchase. But this goes for Anything over $1000. We see 1911s, ARs, etc sit for months priced at $1200


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