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  1. Found the go fund me page that explains the man died from fatal injuries trying to navigate the canyon to get to the road. The female ha da severe ankle injury require surgery. I simply think they made a bad navigation error and got in very extreme terrain and had a mishap. According to the timeline on the page if they’d stayed with the car they would have been found an entire day earlier. Assuming it had gas they could have even run the ac periodically to stave off heat trauma https://www.gofundme.com/f/emily-henkel-alex-lofgren-disaster-relief
  2. So many things when wrong. After looking at the map they hiked in a direction that appeared shorter to paved road but extremely rough terrain. I know making the right decision is never easy in the moment, but staying with the vehicle or hiking down the road they drive in would have been better options. 22miles even in extreme heat could be done. Wait for night fall and hike hard all night and you could be there before sunrise. They should have had more food and water as well as a mobile emergency device like Erik posted above. It’s easy to armchair quarterback this now but when you
  3. I can’t figure why they hiked to a location that was unreachable but helicopter? Like was said above, if you have 3 days of water, why not hike down the road? Or did they?
  4. Yeah I hate people. It’s just like when “guns in bars” was passed. Drunk people have been having Wild West duels in the parking lots ever since, right?
  5. The gang activity in that high school is shocking. The feuding and shootings are not uncommon. I’d wager this young man was on the hunt for a rival. Sad waste of young life. Glad the office wasn’t more critically injured
  6. Bump. I’m shocked and the lack of these on the market
  7. Valid point. Gov Lee used cell phone data to justify to COVID-19 lockdown saying Tennesseans weren't staying home voluntarily. If that doesn't scare the #### out of you, nothing will. People scared of a vaccine implant and then carry a personal government intrusion device voluntarily everywhere we go.
  8. Looking for a camo Benelli. Can be any model but would prefer SBE II, however I don't want to pay $1500 for one, I'd just buy an SBE3. Will consider Super Nova or M2 depending on price
  9. This is often a common name for Saucer Magnolia due to the flower shape and size is very tulip like
  10. Can look more tree like or more shrub like
  11. I’ve seen saucer magnolias twice as tall as the one in the pic. Still consider a “small tree” in tree standards. It can be shrubby or have multiple stems but if managed can have single trunk
  12. It’s hard to tell scale of the flowers in the pics but it sure looks like a Saucer Magnolia. It’s a Japanese flowering tree. Biggest giveaway is how early they bloom. Always the first ornamentals to flower
  13. I had a TRP many years ago. Loved that gun, wish I still had it. Only sold it because I was poor and wanted a suppressor


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