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  1. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    I know right! The things we do for more money. The days of running the woods and chasing timber are gone, but such is life.
  2. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    Leroy I've always considered you wise, so I took your advice and have one of these on the way Thanks to @willis68 for a good deal
  3. That It for Butch?

    yep, I was just talking to a guy and said "his ultimate success is unknown, but he's as good a gamble as anyone out there"
  4. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    My preference overall, and has been for a long time, is non-serrated knives for my edc. I can't remember a time where I needed serrations and didn't have it.
  5. That It for Butch?

    I honestly think this is a really good hire, especially considering how it started. This is like a phoenix rising from the ashes at this point. I think he has a big upside and the potential to assemble a quality staff and really succeed. of course, time will tell about actual measurable success, but he is a really good coach and developer of talent
  6. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    For sure. I do like a tailor style suit but I avoid the "nut hugger 2 sizes too small" look. I also hate the high water dress pants look. I shouldn't see your socks unless your sitting down
  7. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    haha, I agree this needs to be the new accessory of choice
  8. One funny A** Turkey vid.......

    I agree. I've met some really dumb turkeys but none that far gone. I'd say that farmer is feeding them on the regular
  9. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    I really like that knife, and have also considered a traditional pocket knife like a case. But I'd still like the ability to stab someone in the neck if the need arises I appreciate the heads up on the pants wear, definitely something to keep in mind when making my decision, dress clothes are not cheap.
  10. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    I've actually considered that idea. I find now that I carry a lot of things like my cell phone, an ink pen etc in my coat pocket vs pants pocket. This could be very viable option
  11. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    thats a pretty slick little knife, I'll look at picking one of those up for sure, regardless if I EDC something else
  12. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    I really like this option as well. I like how thin the handle is when open. Overall lenght is a bit longer than the Runt but still pretty manageable. 2.56oz wieght is pretty light
  13. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    So I didn't realize how truly small the runt actually was. The pictures are deceiving. I sketched out the dimension on paper a got a picture of its actual size. This may be the route to go. I actually like the Runt Tuxedo w Ivory 1.95oz is really light.
  14. New Job,New dress attire, new knife needed

    Yeah it'll be clipped
  15. So I've taken on a new job recently and will be doing business development for the Forest Industry all across the state. With that comes a directive that I need to wear business attire, ie. shirt, tie, sport coat, or a suit. I have carried my TGO Protech TR4 ever since the day it came in the mail, and I absolutely love that knife. It is, however, a little bit cumbersome and heavy in lightweight suit pants. So what are the recommendations for an equal quality knife, maybe smaller and definitely somewhat lighter that won't feel like my pants are sagging? Price is always a factor, I'd like not to spend a fortune (over $200) but looking for a good value. It doesn't have to be automatic open, but that's a plus

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