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  1. Lumber_Jack

    TFA, Awareness of Bill Lee

    I personally have zero desire to carry a gun in the state capital. Now those that work there deserve better but I'm not going to let that decision be the litmus test for Lee's future agenda. Lee states he believes in "less government", we'll see
  2. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Absolutely! I like whiskey before maybe while waiting or after the meal but hard to beat wine with dinner.
  3. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    You’ll know peat when you taste or smell it. These highland malts don’t have any peat smoke. I’ll have to give this one a try. With scotch since it’s typically reused casks, time in the Barrel makes a huge difference. Hence why you love the 18 and think the 10 is swill
  4. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Never had this one. I've had the 12 and 18. Report your thoughts when you crack it open.
  5. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    I don't shop at Toddy's, haven't since college. But in his defense he is right. Facebook groups have driven demand to the point of lunacy. If a store employee puts a hard-to-find bottle on the shelf, 2 million people know about it within 15 mins. Then someone who doesn't know the difference in Weller SR and Makers Mark drives 45 mins just to grab the bottle because they think its the holy grail, making it hard for his regular drop-in customers to get what they want. Now that's no excuse to rant at you for that, all you did was drop in a buy a bottle of bourbon. I prefer the Old Weller Antique 107 to the Special Reserve but WSR is definitely worth $29
  6. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    The Old Forester 1920 is the best release in recent history. Very good. If the proof is too high just add a bit of water. That goes for anything listed below that's barrel proof or cask strength. don't let the high proof scare you, it's easy to add water. I use a proof calculator to get it exact. Other things to try, EHT Taylor Small Batch, (don't pay over $45) Any Old Forester Whiskey Row options High West Bourbon 4Roses Single Barrel Barrel Strength Old Ezra 7yr Barrel Strength 1792 Single Barrel or Full Proof Belle Meade Reserve Cask Strength Bookers Russells Reserve (single barrel or 10year) Michters Single Barrel If you like Rye Pikesville Willet 4yr Sazerac Rye EH Taylor Straight Rye MIchters Single Barrel Straight Rye
  7. Lumber_Jack

    It happened in 1981

    MTV Unplugged was such a great series.
  8. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Ive spent $100 on worse. I really love the 15 year. Thanks to @Mike.357 I paid that for the whole bottle. That was over 4 years ago. Even harder to find now
  9. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    As good as any. I bought a bottle of Old Grand Dad bottled-in-bond. 100 proof pokes through the slurry.
  10. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Anybody get anything good during the bourbon "hunting" season?
  11. I saw a news story on this last night. The cops apparently gave several orders for the Security guard to drop the weapon. He did not. Now maybe he feared if dropping the weapon would actually endanger his life from the guy on the ground, I don't know. But I know this. If you are armed and holding someone at gunpoint, you better have a plan to lay that gun down when the cops show up or you could easily suffer the fate of this gentleman. There were witnesses who felt the cops reactions were way too severe and premature. I hate to put blame on the officer without knowing more details but to me, it seems that's where it belongs right now.
  12. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    best thing to do is rip the seal off and get that temptation out of your mind. I'm of the mindset that unless you need the money, the bourbon (or rye in this case) is better than money
  13. Lumber_Jack

    The Whiskey and Spirits Thread

    Let me know when you open it, if your willing I'd be down to trade samples. I have a couple of things that would be equal value. I don't spend enough on the regular to get these bottles usually. Just a thought great pickup
  14. Did I miss a post about this? https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.foxbusiness.com/features/veteran-owned-black-rifle-coffee-company-to-invest-6m-in-tennessee-expansion.amp
  15. Lumber_Jack


    semantics (mine are boots)

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