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  1. For the second year in a row I’ve been fortunate enough to participate in the Shooting Hunger sporting clays charity shoot at Nashville Gun Club representing the Tennessee Dept of Agriculture. This year our team came in 2nd. Pretty cool for a bunch of hacks. It’s so much fun and a great time every year and the best part is the money goes to feed hungry people in Tennessee. If anyone is looking for a fun shoot check out their website for next years events. they have Middle and West Tn events with an East Tn hopefully coming next year in the fall. https://shootinghunger.com/
  2. I honestly think they just wanted a way out of spending a #### ton of money. Prior to Covid-19 gun sales had slowed and lets face it SCCY wasn't taking the industry by storm
  3. He's been given until the end of the month to show progress or its hard labor
  4. He'll get a .22 Cricket just like his brother, waiting on the day he's big enough to shoot it
  5. almost 2 weeks old now but Thankful for a new healthy baby boy
  6. supply and demand. Home construction and DIY shot through the roof during quarantine. Overall demand for lumber has exceeded the ability for production to keep up. Some home builders are reporting a 30% jump in overall house cost vs the original estimate due to lumber prices. Just think you were planning to spend $300k building a house and in 3 months time the cost jumps to almost $400k.
  7. most now wont even list a price. I think they've been getting flagged by the price alone.
  8. My man, good luck. The search for allocated bourbonz is a crazy one these days, and to get 2, you better buy lottery ticket the same day if someone comes through for ya. I'm pullin for ya
  9. They're more prevalent than most believe. Especially in that rolling karst, highland rim topography. Could be something completely different for sure but its not out of the realm of possibility
  10. The color pattern definitely resembles that of Timber Rattlesnake but that's just from the limited view in the small picture. It would be a relative small one though.
  11. I assumed it was closed months ago. I would love to have it but, "new baby" is prioritizing all expenditures at this point
  12. I'm sure it was nice and stable after long term storage in cargo sacks
  13. yeah thats a great river to fish. after that you'll be keyed in to wading the area as well. Lots of good trout streams in our area. Clinch, Holster, Tellico, all streams in GSMNP, the theres Hiwasee down south and South Holsten, Watauga up in Tri cities
  14. I love fly fishing. I will echo what @Handsome Rob said above. Don't spend any more money on gear or flies and spend that money hiring a guide for a full or half day. Then you can better understand what you might want or need moving forward. Where in East TN region are you located? Aslo Little River Outfitters is a fantastic business. I buy as much from them as I can. What rod and reel did you buy. That looks like an Orvis Mirage but cant tell for sure
  15. Mike is the man for the job, well worth the drive
  16. Id tie the rooster tail on the line and leave a long tail on the knot, maybe 6" or more and then tie the crank bait to the tail of the line how ever far back you need to achieve the look.
  17. I've seen maybe a dozen grouse in TN in the last 15 years. Mostly while walking timber stands in the Mountain of Morgan and Scott Co. I only see them when they busted up and scared the #### out of me
  18. It is definitely a bottomland species. You will find it other places but it typically likes wetter sites
  19. Bud beats me too it every time
  20. Thats for the specific subspeicies Southern Catalpa. The range of Catalpa speciosa (all species) is much more broad
  21. @Erik88 that’s for sure Catalpa. People who dont know call them Green Bean Trees or the old more common name Indian Bean.
  22. I put a several days in this year, got a few good photos even when the birds didn’t cooperate
  23. Finally got some good action on Saturday. Went with my buddy Jimmy near Crossville. Had 4 gobblers and a hen come in. We tried to double but the shooting lane was too narrow to get 2 birds in the open. So we got one down the. Went after another we heard gobbling earlier. We got on him but couldn’t get him to come in. Great day to wrap the season for me.

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