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  1. My question was one of skepticism as this would not be the first member(reporter) looking to get media bites from gun toting rednecks in Tennessee.
  2. this is what I get for going to sleep I guess
  3. What's the goal here? You want us to lobby against an entity you are unwilling to name? If you get corroboration from someone here what are you going to do with that information? I'm curious as this is your first two posts on the forum and appear to be from out of state.
  4. I can respect the “let’s wait for more details” but on the other hand I can’t think of any scenarios where he should have fired a gun without identifying his target. I guess if he went downstairs and in the disarray of turning the alarm off there was a negligent discharge, ok. But even still I just can’t wrap my head around how this happens
  5. This is exactly the states stance but shutting down secondary liquor sales doesn’t net the state one more dime. The tax was paid on the initial sale, there are no liquor store buy back plans or “used liquor store salesman” around. So I can’t see how two people both of legal age to buy alcohol can’t do so without government intervention. If the government wins this “no private sale war” they will essentially cut their tax revenue as demand will drop and liquor store prices will go down as well. The secondary potential value of these bottles is what’s driving the market and overall sales, not the drinkablilty of the whiskey. I’d wager many fewer people willing to shell out $500 for a bottle without the option to resell for 3-4x that amount.
  6. So when I type a reply using the mobile browser on my iPhone 12 pro in chrome the keyboard won’t drop away to view the “submit reply” button. Usually hitting the “done” button will drop the keyboard and go back to full screen. Not sure if this is a Chrome issue or IOS or TGO. Nothing critical just an annoyance at best. cheers
  7. Oh I would bet a large sum of money that’s most certainly the case. Still can’t imagine a scenario, even with the alarm blaring, that’d I’d shoot my 16yr old daughter
  8. Wow that’s devastating to have to witness. Glad no lives were lost but that’s a large burden to bear for any family. Prayers for them. Let us know if there’s a donation option or gofundme setup. I know I’d contribute to help them get back on their feet
  9. If the intruder is your 16yr old daughter how did you perceive a threat l, at all? You didn’t even asses the situation, just came out of the bedroom guns blazin’? This is incredibly sad and disgusting all at the same time
  10. I have 2oz left from my PVW15 from that year. Things went ballistic after that. But of course what makes yours so special is it’s th e last year of Stitzel-Weller
  11. I’ve killed every deer I’ve ever shot with my 99e. I’ve carried other rifles but never seen anything to kill. So maybe it’s my lucky charm.
  12. I’m seeing that older Lot B aren’t driving too much of a premium. Saw a 2008 listed tonight for $1400. So probably could expect $1100-1300 realistically if you really want to cash in, send me a message I’d be glad to help you out.
  13. Killed it with a Savage 99e .300savage to boot . Folded like a wet dishrag. I thought about making a post about how continually impressed I am by the .300 savage round. Wish it was more popular so I could find more ammo
  14. Could also look at your tax bill. Do you pay city and county taxes or just county? I know Knoxville city police have been in my neighborhood but I do not pay city property taxes so anything I’ve got is going to the sheriff
  15. What’s the (almost) holy grail bottle you mention, don’t hold back now we want to know
  16. This would only be the case if the uncle couldn’t legally sell the gun making it straw purchase or sale. If the uncle is legit legally allowed to buy and sell I wouldn’t see much risk in it. Hell I’ve bought guns from older guys knowing I didn’t want them just to make their lives easier. As long as each time the gun changes hands it’s legal to legal and use a bill of sale it’s pretty low risk. Especially if you don’t talk about it on the interwebz. If he’s have come in here saying he had X gun for sale and left the whole uncle story out of it most buyers wouldn’t have a clue honestly.
  17. I’d 100% spend some reasonable amount of time trying to get RIA to fix to replace that. I feel confident it can be remedied at home but I’d make them try it first
  18. I hadn’t killed a dear since 2010 when my wife started med school and our lives got crazy, then with little babies around and her work schedule never could make time. Got on a lease this year and went one afternoon on Tuesday before thanksgiving. Not huge but the ole buck fever wouldn’t let me pass him. Hope to go another day before seasons out
  19. For some this is a literal impossibility. I love how TGO is the bad guy when all he had to do was purchase it from his uncle. Hell his uncle could gift him the gun and then he could gift his uncle cash. Use a bill of sale and it’s good to go
  20. 90% of secondary bourbon is sold through facebook now. Those groups really set the market. I'll see if I can find a comparable price. 2021 Lot B is selling for about $1100 so Id say its more than that for the older year. With that said, I'll give you $500
  21. Here's hoping they can pull on 1 of 2 in Houston. Losing Charlie Morton was very evident on Sunday. Having to play two back to back bullpen games is less than ideal. Between Ian Anderson and Max Fried we should be able to pull one of these wins. I'm staying optimistic anyway
  22. I'm very excited for this World Series, love my Braves. I'm curious though, is MLB gonna move the games out of GA because of voting laws? Bunch of hypocritical peckerwoods
  23. Yeah, i'd say its easier to conceal than the 19 due to reduced size. I don't really notice the weight. I have both a leather OWB and a kydex OWB that I carry it in. Now full disclosure I work outside and concealment isn't a huge concern on most days. But I think with proper clothing the OWB kydex is a great edc option with reasonable concealment.


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